Aug 28, 2014
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Inputs Insights

RSS By: Davis Michaelsen, Pro Farmer

Inputs Monitor Editor Davis Michaelsen adds his perspective into the happenings of the inputs markets.

Market Rally To Go 'Live' Monday

Mar 07, 2014

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We are having way too much fun these days. I have been at my post here at the Inputs Monitor for going on two years. We have followed trends and retail price moves in farm fuels and fertilizer and have done our very best to help growers make sound decisions. The Monitor is off to a great start and there is much more for us to do. Starting in June, we will have two full years of pricing data and can begin to establish a running fuel and fertilizer price average. That's exciting.

There is a lot going on here at the Pro Farmer offices... these folks are always thinking, always looking for ways to level the information playing field for farmers, ranchers and Ag marketers.

Chip called me into his office several weeks ago and asked me to close the door. He offered me a seat and we chatted a little. "Davis," he said, "how would you like to be on the radio with me?" We do all kinds of radio and TV bits for AgDay and AgriTalk so I said, "Sure, what do you need?" Chip said, "This one's a little different... are you ready for this?"

untitledHe went on to explain that he had been hatching an idea to run a 1 hour daily radio show right here from Pro Farmer, and if they could get it running, would I like to be a part of it? Abbot to Chip's Costello -- Les Nesman to his Johnny Fever -- with him as always is Garth -- Tonto to Flory's Kemosabe. That's exciting.

Flash forward to today, and Chip's office, once a redneck's dream-den, now looks more like a high tech radio studio with all kinds of buttons, flashing lights and cord after cord. They even installed a cool 'On Air' sign outside Chip's office.

We are two weeks into rehearsals and our first live broadcast is coming up on Monday, March 10 at 2pm CT. Market Rally is the culmination of Chip's long career as a market watcher. The knowledge and associations Chip has gathered over the years give this show plenty of meat on the bone and everyone from farmers and ranchers to Wall Street traders will find insights they cannot find anywhere else on their radio dial.its waynes world 517x290

The show will include interviews with floor traders, farmers, Ag thinkers and economists and your phone calls. The goal is to provide perspective on what is moving the market from the tried and true Flory view. My role is pretty simple... read the news and try to keep Chip's blood pressure within reasonable limits when ethanol comes up. Side note -- We used to have a blender in the kitchen here at the office, but Chip threw it out the widow one day. I guess we should have called it a "non-octane related margarita maker" rather than a blender -- live and learn.

Abbott and Costello 9396This is a very exciting opportunity for me, but what is really exciting is the access farmers across the nation will have to Chip's insights on a daily basis. I will continue in my current position as the Editor of my beloved Inputs Monitor, but for one hour each weekday, my focus will turn to Market Rally and I hope you will tune in.

I will also pipe in at the end of each show with the tweets of the day, collected from listeners. On Twitter, send your tweets to MRRChip and watch the sparks fly. My dad always told me that whenever an opportunity presents itself to be the first to volunteer. As I slowly gain knowledge from Pro Farmer's experience and the wisdom of our members, I look forward to another chance to support the American farmer, and to pull my weight among the thinkers in my cohort.

ChipWebAt speaking engagements, I have opened my talks with an expression of what a thrill it is to be counted among the Pro Farmer crew and the challenge to add my best efforts to Market Rally is a privilege not lost on me. But all that aside, we are having a lot of fun these days getting ready to go 'live'. I hope you will join in the excitement Monday, March 10 and every weekday after that from 2 to 3 o'clock central time.

For a list of stations, visit and click on the 'Radio' tab.

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