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Sep 19, 2014
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July 2013 Archive for Machinery Pete

RSS By: Greg Peterson, AgWeb.com

Learn how to better manage your machinery investments from Greg Peterson, a.k.a. "Machinery Pete." He's been researching and analyzing machinery auction prices for more than 20 years.

1995 Ford L8000 Grain Truck: Sold $55,500

Jul 26, 2013


Wow, good used grain trucks are hot sellers right now.

Don't believe me? Watch the Youtube video above. A 1995 Ford L8000 grain truck with the following "Specs" sold for $55,500 on a farm estate auction yesterday (July 25, 2013) in Carthage, IL:

SPECS:  8.3L Cummins 505, Allison 6-spd. auto, Reiten 18' aluminum grain bed w/ Scott level lift LL2000 hoist, 60" sides, cargo doors w/ grain gate, Shurco roll tarp, air brakes, 11R22.5 rear tires (very good), 138,327 miles

That's the 2nd highest auction price I've ever seen on a Ford L8000. The only higher sale price was $56,000 on a December 7, 2012 farm auction in southeast Nebraska for a 1993 Ford L8000 grain truck with only 40,678 miles, twin screw, 20' aluminum box. So just 7 months ago. Like I said, good used grain trucks are "hot" sellers currently.

The Youtube video also shows a 2010 CaseIH 225 Magnum tractor with 460 hours selling, as well as a 2008 CaseIH 245 Magnum tractor with 1,000 hours. One of the other interesting items on yesterday's west-central Illinois farm auction was the 2009 CaseIH Turbo 330 vertical tillage tool. It was 25' and sold for $39,500. Here's how that stacks up against other Turbo 330's sold at auction the last few years:


Machinery Pete Auction Prices on CaseIH Turbo 330's
Make Model Year Cond. Price Date Area* Size
CaseIH 330   Good $28,500 2/7/13 NEIN 25'
CaseIH 330   Exc. $41,500 2/15/13 SCIA 25'
CaseIH 330 2009 Exc. $39,500 7/25/13 WCIL 25'
CaseIH 330   Good $40,500 2/2/12 NEIN  
CaseIH 330 2010 Good $32,000 8/28/12 NWWI 34'
CaseIH 330 2009 Good $42,500 7/28/11 NESD 36'
CaseIH 330 2008 Good $34,000 8/10/10 ECIL 25'
CaseIH 330   Exc. $49,000 12/17/09 SWKY 34'

* Area sold: SWKY = southwest Kentucky, etc. Data by Machinerypete.com

CaseIH330Turbo IL

2009 CaseIH Turbo 330 25' vertical tillage tool sold for $39,500 on west-central Illinois farm estate auction July 25, 2013




CaseIH 245 Magnum Tractor Prices

Jul 23, 2013

 CaseIH245 IL

2008 CaseIH 245 Magnum with 1,000 hours on July 25, 2013 farm estate auction in Carthage, IL

Like red equipment? Thursday's farm estate auction in Carthage, IL is for you.

A sale by my friends at Sullivan and Son Auction (www.sullivanandsonauction.com) features tons of late-model, low hour CaseIH farm equipment, including the 2008 model CaseIH 245 Magnum pictured above with 1,000 hours. So what's this tractor worth? Here's a list of a few other CaseIH 245 Magnums I've seen sold on recent auctions:



Machinery Pete Auction Prices on CaseIH 245 Tractors
Make Model Year Hours Cond. Price Date Area*
CaseIH 245 2008 1385 Good $120,500 2/12/13 WCIL
CaseIH 245 2010 1015 Good $123,000 2/7/13 NEIN
CaseIH 245 2010 800 Good $125,000 2/7/13 NEIN
CaseIH 245 2010 950 Exc. $125,000 2/7/13 NEIN
CaseIH 245 2007 2144 Good $96,250 2/5/12 Bigiron.com
CaseIH 245 2007 467 Good $128,500 2/14/12 WCNE
CaseIH 245 2010 782 Exc. $137,500 12/14/12 NWIL

* Area sold: WCIL = west-central Illinois, etc.

So looks like in that low $120K range is what similar ones with 1,000+ hours have been going for. I would qualify this a bit however, as there have SO few nice farm auctions (retirement or estate sales) around that these type sales have been producing significant premiums the first 1/2 of 2013. So wouldn't surprise me to see sale prices cut a bit higher on Thursday's sale. We'll see.

Here are few other highlight items on Thursday's farm estate auction in Carthage, IL:

CaseIH225 IL

2010 CaseIH Magnum 225 CVT with 460  hours



2011 CaseIH 5088 combine with 376 engine hours


CaseIH3406 IL

2011 CaseIH 3406 6R-30 corn head


CaseIH3020 IL

2011 CaseIH Terra Flex 3020 25' platform


CaseIH1240 IL

2009 CaseIH 1240 12/23 no-till planter


CaseIH330Turbo IL

2009 CaseIH Turbo 330 25' vertical till


CaseIH690 IL

2011 CaseIH 690 5-shank Consertill disc ripper

I told you there was a lot of really nice RED equipment on this auction :-) We'll plug the sale prices into our "auction results" database immediately after the sale Thursday. Stay tuned.



It Ain't All Shiny

Jul 19, 2013

I'll be honest. I'm not the neatest guy in the world.

Ask my wife. She's put up with my semi hoarding, never toss anything tendancies for 24 years now. Maybe that's why I'm always so awed by farm operations and machinery sheds kept spic and span, neat as a pin. As I've written, bloged and talked about for years now, farm auctions featuring these meticulously kept and cared for equipment always produce very strong sale prices.

Then there's the other end of the spectrum.

Farm equipment that hasn't seen the best of care. Left outisde. For decades. Trees and shrubs growing up and through the rusted out iron. Even so, I'm no less drawn to farm auctions featuring this type of equipment for sale. As I like to say..."it ain't all shiny out there."

This morning I got looking at pics of farm equipment for sale on an August 1, 2013 farm estate auction in Glenwood, MN (west-central Minnesota), a sale by my friends at Henslin Auctions. Let's say this stuff has..."character." Here are a few pics:
















I'm just as interested to find out what all these items sell for as the big, shiny new stuff. Same principal applies...whether you're looking to buy, sell, trade or appraise a rusty old piece of junk, or a 1-year old used combine...what's it worth? Is it worth $350? $375? $280,000? $285,000?

Two weeks after this August 1st farm auction featuring a bit "rougher' equipment, Henslin Auctions (www.henslinauctions.com) will experience the other end of the iron spectrum, selling shiny, big, low hour equipment items on their August 15th farm auction in Princeton, MN. On that sale is a 2011 John Deere 8285R tractor with 246 hours and the ILS package. Here's a pic:

JD8285R Henslin8 15 13

Variety is the spice of life. Can't wait to find out what all this stuff goes for.



Most Unique Tractor I've Seen

Jul 13, 2013

Talk about ahead of their time.

Yesterday I stopped in Garner, IA for a closer look at a 1957 Custom Built tractor and self-propelled forage chopper made six decades ago by the Schmitz brothers (Vincent, Jim, Dale) from near Clear Lake, IA. The brothers ran a custom farming operation serving a 50+ mile radius in northern Iowa and needed something to handle a variety of jobs for them, like picking corn, plowing, shelling and blowing forage.

So they built their own solutions.


1957 Custom Built Tractor. Rear end made of (2) Farmall F30's



Custom built self-propelled forage chopper from mid 1950's

Through our Machinery Pete Facebook page, I got connected with Bill Olson from the Ventura / Garner, IA area. Bill actually bought the 1957 Custom Built tractor at an auction back in 1972....for $1,500, and used the tractor for many years before just recently selling it back to Bobby Schmitz, son of Vincent Schmitz, one of the original builders. Bobby had the tractor restored into its present beautiful condition.

Now it's turning heads on the summer parade circuit in northern Iowa.

Bill Olson was kind enough to meet me in Garner, IA yesterday and talk through the history on both the custom built tractor and self-propelled forage chopper. Bill talked, I listened....and shot video of course for this Youtube video so you can learn more about these amazing machines:

America...what an amazing country we live in, don't you think? Hard working, ingenious folks, all throughout this great land of ours, willing and able to MAKE a better way. The Schmitz Brothers from Clear Lake, IA, Vincent, Dale and Jim, maybe weren't recognized back in the late 1950's for their amazing custom built farm tractor and self-propelled forage chopper they made, but their handiwork has stood the test of time. Getting the job done, a better way.

Hats off to you boys. A job well done.

CustomBuilt1957Tractor BillOlsonJaNeil Molly

Bill Olson with wife Janeil and granddaughter Molly in front of the 1957 Custom Built tractor they bought in 1972 for $1,500 and owned for many years



Bill Olson next to the custom built self-propelled forage chopper made in the mid 1950's by the Schmitz Bros. from near Clear Lake, IA



Vincent, Dale and Jim Schmitz made this custom built self-propelled forage chopper in the mid 1950's and used it to do custom farming throughout north-central and northeast Iowa for many years


Chopper BillOlson IA

The custom built self-propelled forage chopper drives in the annual Clear Lake, IA 4th of July parade


JD Planters on North Dakota Farm Auction Sold to Online Buyer From South America

Jul 10, 2013

You never know these days.

Where buyers might come from at a machinery auction. Case in point: a July 1, 2013 farm retirement auction in little Northwood, ND, population 941, in the northeast corner of North Dakota. (2) older John Deere planters and a Farm Fans grain dryer sold to an online buyer from South America.


Auctioneer Harley Camperud had this auction on www.Proxibid.com with "live" internet bidding. Clearly it paid off as the whole sale was very strong in terms of auction sale prices, including a 1998 JD 9400 4WD tractor with 4,900 hours sold for $74,000. But it was the items heading to South America that caught my attention:

JD7300 ND  12500 SouthAmerica Proxibid

JD 7300 12R-22 planter sold for $12,500 to buyer from South America


JD7100 ND  4K toSouthAmerica Proxibid

JD 7100 8R-30 planter sold for $4,000 to buyer from South America


FarmFansCMS10E ND  600

Farm Fans CMS 10E grain dryer sold for $600 to buyer from South America

Auctioneer Harley Camperud has been in the business for 47 years and knows these days the key is to spread the word far and wide on all your sales. But South America...for a pair of old John Deere planters and an old grain dryer? Yep, that's where they're headed. Camperud told me there was another online bidder from near Afghaistan on this July 1st auction in northeast North Dakota.

Amazing times we're living in, don't you think?

For more auction pricing information, visit www.Machinerypete.com.




New York Man Collects Low Hour Deere Tractors

Jul 04, 2013

It's a trip I knew I had to make.

From my home in southeast Minnesota out to western New York to visit a guy I'd been bumping into at machinery auctions all over for years. Kevin Sykes from Oriskany Falls, NY. Kevin and his brother Keith have amassed an impressive collection of super low hour, unique and rare John Deere tractors from the 1970's up into the 1990's. I'm talking LOW hours folks.

I finally made my trek to Kevin's farm after shooting a farm auction June 24, 2013 in northeast New York for our new Machinery Pete's "Auction of the Week" show coming to RFD-TV this November. Here are a few pics from Kevin's machine shed of dreams for green lovers:





4440 1

Late 1982 JD 4440, PS, with 1,400 hours

4440 2

Front view of 1982 JD 4440 with 1,400 hours

4440 4

Kevin bought this 1982 4440 from an elderly farm couple in southeast Minnesota years ago


4440 5

Closer look at the 1982 JD 4440 with 1,400 hours


JD4440 6

"Originalness" is huge factor as Kevin scours North America looking for Deere tractors

4055 1

1992 JD 4055 2WD, PS, with 238 hours...asking $100K


4055 2

Kevin bought this 1992 JD 4055 2WD tractor from a farmer in Tennessee years ago


4055 3

Low hour green brothers standing next to each other


4055 4




Pair of rare JD 4240 factory open station, PS tractors



Pair of rare JD 4430 factory open station, PS tractors



Late 1972 JD 4320 PS tractor Kevin built to specs of very rare experimental JD 4320 PS Deere made



Yes, Kevin & brother Keith do own a few "newer" John Deere tractors too

I wrote and blogged this past winter about another very famous tractor Kevin owned...a 1991 JD 4455 MFWD with only 33 hours on it. Yep, 33 hours. Kevin sold the 4455 this winter. How much did he get for it? $155,000. Quite a story behind that 4455 and it's sale. Here's a Youtube video I posted this winter with the scoop:


This is why I've loved covering auctions for the past 23 1/2 years folks...you never know what you'll see or what you'll learn....or what unique tractors and/or people you just might run across. Hope you all have a safe & happy 4th of July!


JD 8330 Tractor Sold for Record Price on Iowa Auction

Jul 01, 2013

Low hour used tractors continue to sell for red hot prices on farm auctions all over North America.

More proof came Saturday (June 29, 2013) at the southwest Iowa farm auction I covered. The sale was near Lenox, IA. A 2008 JD 8300 tractor with only 277 hours sold for a new record auction price of $210,000. Here's Youtube video I shot at the sale with my comments dropped in: 

From 2007 up through 2011 I only saw (1) JD 8330 tractor ever crack $150,000 at auction, that being the 2009 model 8330 with 526 hours sold for $154,000 on a 12/10/10 farm auction in northeast Missouri. Since early 2012 how many JD 8330's have I seen sell over $150K?

Seven. Here's the list:

Make Model Year Hours Price Date Area*
JD 8330 2009 1022 $152,200 3/22/12 ECMD
JD 8330 2009 970 $151,000 3/22/12 ECMD
JD 8330 2009 1070 $151,000 12/6/12 SEIA
JD 8330 2008 1102 $157,000 2/22/12 WCNY
JD 8330 2007 850 $167,000 8/24/12 SWMN
JD 8330 2006 694 $167,500 4/27/13 WCSK
JD 8330 2008 277 $210,000 6/29/13 SWIA

* Area sold: SWIA = southwest Iowa, etc.

Pretty massive jump in price there on Saturday's southwest Iowa auction, don't you think? $42,500 over the previous record high auction sale price of $167,500. But folks, I've been seeing similar record sale prices smashed on really good condition, low hour used tractors for quite a while now. One thing I've got my eye trained on currently:

The growing sale price difference based on TYPE of machinery auction. These farm retirement and estate auctions with good equipment are producing these premium sale prices, record smashers like the JD 8330 on Saturday's sale. Meanwhile auction prices on the larger consignment and dealer auctions have been drifting a bit "softer" here late Spring 2013 into Summer.

Stay tuned.

Here are a few pics of some of the nice JD 8330's I've seen sold at auction the past 18 months:

2009 JD 8330 with 1022 hours sold for $152,200 on 3/22/12 farm sale - east-central Maryland

2009 JD 8330 with 1,022 hours sold for $152,200 on 3/22/12 farm sale in east-central Maryland

2008 JD 8330 with 1,102 hours sold for $157,000 on 2/22/12 farm sale in west-central New York

2008 JD 8330 with 1,102 hours sold for $157,000 on 2/22/12 farm sale in west-central New York

2007 JD 8330 with 850 hours sold for $167,000 on 8/24/12 farm sale in southwest Minnesota

2007 JD 8330 with 850 hours sold for $167,000 on 8/24/12 farm sale in southwest Minnesota

2008 JD 8330 with 277 hours sold for $210,000 on 6/29/13 farm sale in southwest Iowa

2008 JD 8330 with 277 hours sold for $210,000 on southwest Iowa farm sale on 6/29/13.


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