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Sep 16, 2014
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April 2014 Archive for Machinery Pete

RSS By: Greg Peterson, AgWeb.com

Learn how to better manage your machinery investments from Greg Peterson, a.k.a. "Machinery Pete." He's been researching and analyzing machinery auction prices for more than 20 years.

Highlights from Iowa Farm Auction Today

Apr 29, 2014

Lexion740 IA  184K nosale 

Interesting day today (April 29, 2014) covering a farm auction in south-central Iowa (New Virginia, IA).

I saw continuation of a pair of trends I've been seeing in the used equipment market for a while now. First, VERY strong buyer demand for good condition used hay/forage equipment. Last week I saw a new record auction sale price on a New Holland 256 hay rake on a farm auction in east-central Wisconsin ($3,500). That same sale also saw a record auction price on a New Holland 488 haybine ($10,750). One new record set on the Iowa auction today and another close call. The record price came on a pair of Gnuse forage wagons which sold choice for $10,500 each. The near record came on a JD 3950 forage chopper, which also sold for $10,500.

Money flowing from the livestock & dairy sectors here in early 2014.

The other trend I noticed today? Late model combines and 4WD tractors struggling to go for what the sellers hope they'd bring. Today's sale had a 2010 Claas Lexion 740 combine (pictured above) with 1,000 engine hours. It was a "No Sale" at $184,000. Another "No Sale" on today's Iowa farm auction was the 2012 JD 9560R 4WD tractor with 437 hours...it was a "No Sale" at $261,000. Word was the owner was needing close to $300K on it. 

Here is a Youtube video I just posted showing these items selling on today's sale:

Here are a few more highlights from today's rainy, overcast sale:

Schuler 5020 spiral mixer wagon, 1 year old: $24,000

Schuler5020 IA  24K


2008 JD 8530 Tractor with 1,500 hours: $205,000

JD8530 IA  205K


2011 Krause Dominator 18' disc chisel: $26,500

KrauseDominator18foot IA  26500


Hagedorn 276 Hyd. push manure spreader: $18,250

Hagedorn276spreader IA  18250


1999 JD 8300 MFWD Tractor with 4,156 hours: $75,000

JD8300 IA  75K

Stay tuned for more auction sale price highlights and trend analysis based on auction sale price data as it pours in from around North America.






JD 4010 Tractor Sold for $18,900 on South Dakota Auction Saturday

Apr 28, 2014

JD4010 SD  18900 

"Originalness"...is that a word? I don't know. I just know that "originalness" is a very valuable characteristic when it comes to used tractor values. Case in point, the John Deere 4010 diesel tractor with 8,143 hours (pictured above) that sold for $18,900 on a farm retirement auction Saturday (April 26, 2014) near Huron, SD.

The 4010 tractor actually sold for $17,000, but the fenders, 3pt. arms and weights brought an extra $1,900...so $18,900 together. I've seen 501 John Deere 4010's sold at auction the past 18+ years and only (2) have sold for more money. One 4010 on the annual Polk Auction Labor Day collector auction in northeast Indiana on 9/4/10 for $20,000 and a rare restored 4010 diesel "High Crop" also for $20,000 on a sale in south-central Iowa back on 7/30/05. 

This was a farm retirement auction for Bob Glanzer. The day prior to the auction, on our Machinery Pete Facebook page (www.facebook.com/machinerypete) I had post about the nice John Deere 9400 combine for sale. In the post thread a neighber, Kirk M., had this comment about Bob and the auction:

"Exceptional equipment, Bob takes pride in everything he owns, it will show in the auction results."


The "originalness" factor is so key, isn't it? Locals know Bob, know how very well he cared for his equipment over the years. So that John Deere 4010....$18,900. Bob's main tractor on the sale was a nice John Deere 4555 MFWD with 9,555 hours. Not super low hours, but very solid tractor. Here's a Youtube video Meyer Auction Service shot for us showing this tractor sell on Saturday's auction for $47,500:


Here are a few other sale price highlights from Saturday's Huron, SD farm retirement auction for Bob Glanzer:

1993 John Deere 9400 combine with 3,500 engine hours: $36,000

JD9400 SD  36K 


Case 595 manure spreader: $6,750

Case595spreader SD  6750


Wildcat 8600A snow blower: $7,600

Wildcat8600A SD  7600


Brent 740 gravity wagon with roll tarp: $8,900

Brent740 SD  8900


Antique belt-driven drill press: $6,100

DrillPressAntiqueBeltDriven SD  6100


Scotchmen 4014-CM Iron Work, like new: $9,300

ScotchmanIronWorker SD  9300





Allis Chalmers Tractor Sold for Record Price Saturday

Apr 13, 2014

AC4W305 ON  71K pic2 

Kemptville, Ontario farm retirement auction yesterday (April 12, 2014)...1982 Allis Chalmers 4W-305 4WD tractor with only 1,675 original "1 owner" hours, 3pt. and PTO, sold for a new record high auction sale price of....$71,000.


But what I found just as or more interesting than the new record auction sale price was the story of both the tractor's history and the story of the buyer. But before I touch on those angles, first let's hear from one of the men who sold the tractor on yesterday's sale, Stewart James with James and Hill Auction Service, LTD.

"In 43 years in the auction business we've never had as much interest in an item," said James. "We had phone bidders from Colorado, Pennsylvania and Michigan and we had three bidders on the ground. When it came time to sell it...it got so quiet."

"The bidding started at $25,000, then boom, boom, boom. The bidder from Colorado had a 12,000 acre farm and told us if he got the tractor it would straight into his museum collection and never be used again."

TRACTOR'S HISTORY: it was bought new back in 1982 from a local Ontario dealer, after the tractor had been transferred from a dealer in Buffalo, NY. Original new sale price of the 1982 Allis Chalmers 4W-305? $91,000.

The buyer of the tractor was Kevin Wilson, a young farmer from about an hour away in Vankleek, Ontario. Kevin farms 5,200 acres with his father Ian and brother Gary Wilson. Kevin's grandfather Bob Wilson ran an Allis Chalmers dealership from the late 1950's into the early 1970's. Grandpa Bob's dealership went by Bob Wilson Sales. Here's a pic of Bob Wilson (far left) back in the day receiving a sales award from Allis Chalmers territory managers.

AC4W305 BobWilsonpic 

Here's a pic of Kevin's father Ian Wilson as a young lad standing in back of an AC WD-45 on his father Bob Wilson's dealership yard:

AC4W305 IanWilsonpic

Despite the family's obviously strong historical ties to Allis Chalmers tractors, Kevin said nostalgia wasn't the only driver behind the $71,000 purchase of the 1982 4W-305 on the auction yesterday:

"I'd say 60% of the reason was for nostalgia," said Wilson. "But we farm 5,200 acres, we grow soybeans, corn and wheat. We have been looking for a 300 HP tractor for a long time. We had a local dealer come out and show us a new one for $450,000, but I'd like to pay off the tractor in my lifetime."

"We didn't want to spend half a million dollars for a tractor to pull a ripper."

Kevin also relayed another common theme I've been hearing more and more from buyers of very nice condition, low hour older tractors the past two years...."my brother Gary is very good working on our equipment and we won't have to hook this tractor up to a computer to fix it."


I asked Kevin how the day unfolded yesterday and his emotions bidding on a such a rare (Allis Chalmers only made 400 or so 4W-305's) low hour tractor.

"We didn't expect it go for what it went for. We thought maybe an Allis Chalmers dealer or two may be in on it. We didn't make our first bid until $61,000."

Someone in the auction crowd yesterday actually shot video of it selling...here's that video:

"We are very happy," said Wilson. "You get what you pay for. On the drive home yesterday we stopped for coffee and got to laughing about bidding against someone who wanted to put the tractor in a museum."

Wilson told now he and his brother and fathere are on the lookout for one more Allis Chalmers tractor, a 4W-220. Anyone know of any around?





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