Aug 30, 2014
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Our Vegan Adventure

RSS By: A Good Laugh

Share the joys, disappointments and cravings two protein loving farm kids, David Jones and Carrie Isaacson, experience as they embark on an adventure to discover firsthand what it is like to be vegan. Follow @carrie_isaacson and @david_jones for more!

The Grocery Shopping Excursion

Jan 16, 2012

Well, David is already whining. This does not bode well for the rest of the week. We first hit up the local health food store, where we purchased blackbean burgers, vegan bread, tofu and some vegan crackers. I also found myself a vegan chocolate chip cookie, which I pretended tasted OK. David also had his first run-in with vegan cheese and milk alternatives. He handled it a lot better than I imagined he would, but he was still clearly upset.