Aug 27, 2014
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Outdoors on the Farm

RSS By: Chip Flory, Pro Farmer

Comments and insight to the show from Chip Flory, host of “Outdoors on the Farm."

Feedback from "Critter Control"

Jan 14, 2011


Chip Flory

Thanks for the feedback on trapping!

I've received a few e-mails following our "Critter Control" show. I ran traps with Outdoors on the Farm pro-staffer Steve Burda and I'm really impressed by the supportive e-mails I've received. The bottom line of most of the messages was to not shy away from telling stories like we did in this episode. And don't worry... we won't.

And, no... Steve wasn't kidding when he said there's a trapper in most towns across the country. And if there isn't one in your town... there's one close enough that they'd be willing to come and help you manage your critter population. Steve mentioned stopping in the coffee shop to find out who might be trapping in your area. Some other places to check are the elevator and, or course, small-town outdoors/bait shops.

Steve also said to not be afraid to stress the rules on your farm. If you don't want traps within 200 yards of the house yard... tell them. And don't assume they'll know to shut gates... tell them to make sure gates are shut all the time.

One of the things Steve and I talked about when we were taping the trapping show was "dog-proof" traps. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to include it in the show. These are leg-hold traps with the pan down inside a short tube... either round or square. These are usually used for raccoons... they're curious critters and if you put a dab of bait at the bottom of the tube, they'll reach in and get caught. Dogs, however, can't get into the tube -- that's why they're called "dog-proof." These are the traps Steve uses if a landowner wants him to knock-down a coon population close to the house yard.

And if you are wondering if Steve ever got into the adult beaver, check out this picture! Steve's foreign exchange student Luis is holding a 48-pound male. Oh... and that's Steve with another kit.

IMG 1297


And just to prove I did help Steve take care of the fur he caught while I was running traps with him...

IMG 1302

Don't forget...

  • If you can't watch on RFD-TV every Thursday at 7:30 a.m. CT or Saturday at 10:30 a.m. CT, you can always watch the shows here on the web site.
  • Sign up for the turkey hunt with me and country music artist Justin Moore. (Guys... this is going to be a hoot. We'll keep your travel time to a minimum, put you up in a great place and make sure you're sitting in a great spot when the sun comes up! The food will be great, too -- and we'll do our best to be "good company" for a couple of days!

And most importantly, keep on having fun outdoors on the farm!

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