Sep 19, 2014
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Outdoors on the Farm

RSS By: Chip Flory, Pro Farmer

Comments and insight to the show from Chip Flory, host of “Outdoors on the Farm."

Really Cool Things Are Happening!

Mar 23, 2011


Chip Flory

Really Cool Things Are Happening!

First, the coolest thing! My buddy Paul Farral over in Prophetstown, Illinois, called earlier this week to introduce me to Jerry Boise and Terry Day. Their local National Wild Turkey Federation chapter is hosting a special needs youth hunt during Illinois' youth turkey season the first weekend of April. A couple of calls later and they've opened the door to Outdoors on the Farm to be a part of this very special weekend! Youth Pro Staffer Tom Flory and I will be there for the hunt. One of the really cool things about it is this hunt takes place all on private ground! They had to spread the nine hunters out over four counties to make it happen, but they found the farmers/landowners that are willing to open up their gates and let these hunters and their families in for a very special weekend. Tom and I can't wait to be a part of this. And I should also mention each hunter will be paired up with a mentor for the hunt.

You'll have to wait until the second season of Outdoors on the Farmer starts this fall to see the full story, but I'll try to get a picture or two to share with you from the hunt.

Second thing... the ice is out! I got a really cool text from my buddy Fisher Bisinger. He's the son of Jim Bisinger -- the landowner/farmer/sportsman where we did the doe hunt in episode 9 in the first season. For the second season, we'll be back on Jim's farm to do a little fishing. In fact... a lot of fishing. I think it's one of the coolest fishing shows we could do... we'll fish the same farm pond in all four seasons and get some tips from Outdoors on the Farm biologist Scott Rolfes about what you need to do to make sure the pond and your fish stay in good shape through the different seasons. Anyway... here's the text I got from Fisher: "Caught 4 bass. Biggest one was 3 pounds!"

(I can't wait to get back down there and do some fishing... might have to set up a combo turkey hunt, fishing trip. We've done that one before!)

Finally... I've been looking for a picture from one of my fishing trips to Canada to share with you guys. (Don't even ask the name of the lake... I'm not telling.) I finally found it. It's a nice northern, but it's my all-time favorite picture of me with a fish. (The shirt says it all, don't it!?!)


Don't forget...

If you can't watch on RFD-TV every Thursday at 7:30 a.m. CT or Saturday at 10:30 a.m. CT, you can always watch the shows here on the web site.

And most importantly, keep on having fun outdoors on the farm!

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