Sep 1, 2014
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Outdoors on the Farm

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Comments and insight to the show from Chip Flory, host of “Outdoors on the Farm."

What does an outdoors host do for vacation?

Jul 20, 2011


Chip Flory

What does the host of an outdoor show do for vacation?

He goes fishing and leaves the cameras behind!

I just recently returned from a vacation with most of the family and we had a great time. Instead of going north, this time we decided to head south. A very good friend of mine offered up his lake house and Lund fishing boat on Grand Lake in Grove, Oklahoma. After hearing his fish stories for the past couple of years, we had to take him up on it. The only thing that could have made this trip better is if Emily could have made the trip with us. Instead, she stuck around the Detroit, Michigan, area working on her summer internship. She did, however, find a little time to get away and meet one of her role models in the outdoor world. Check out this pic of Emily and "The Crush" host, Tiffany Lakosky.


While Tom, his friend Hunter (Wichita, KS), Sue (my wife) and I were headed to Oklahoma, Tiffany and her husband Lee were in the Detroit area, so Emily went to the meet-greet and ended up making friends, getting some great pictures and even got to spend some time with Lee and Tiffany's dog. She had a great time... it kind of made up for the fishing she missed with the rest of the family down in Oklahoma.

On to the fishing report...

I don't have any pictures to prove this one, but Tom turned into the "Crappie Slayer" down at Grand Lake -- at least for one afternoon/evening. While nobody else was putting crappie in the basket for supper, Tom caught enough to feed us all. It's amazing what you can accomplish with a float, a split-shot and a gold hook, isn't it?

We did head out with a guide on the second morning we were on the lake. The reason is simple -- we didn't know the lake at all and we wanted a chance to get into some of the bigger large mouth we knew were swimming around the area. If we'd searched enough rock points and studied the electronics enough, we probably could have figured it out. But the cost of a half-day trip with a guide (Ivan Martin Guide Service -- tell him where you got his name!) that gets you right to the fish... tells you the kind of spots to look for around the lake and didn't mind too much when we pulled up to the same point early one morning is WELL worth the expense. If you've spent the money on the tackle, the boat, the gas to get to the lake, the bait -- whatever you're spending money on to get to a new fishing spot, don't blow it once you get there by getting too stubborn to hire a guide to show you where and how to fish! If we hadn't of done it, we MIGHT have found the fish later in the week. The way it worked out, we had plenty of good fishing after spending just a few hours with one of Ivan's guides.


This was a nice chunk of a fish... I caught several like this during the week... and we never really pushed hard to catch the large mouth (or Black Bass as they're called down there!).


Hunter Payne was with us on this trip. Here he is with one of several fish he caught on the first day out. (I know, you'd think with a fish like that in his grip he'd smile a little, wouldn't ya? I mean... look at the smile on may face in the picture above!)


Tom was a consistent performer on the lake... he was into the black bass, the white bass and fed us a mess of crappie one night. And notice this is a different boat than when we were out with the guide. That's how it works on lakes that are new to you -- hire that guide for a few hours early in the trip and use what you learned to put fish like this in the boat for the rest of the week.

One last thing. We had three different fish meals on Grand Lake... crappie, white bass and catfish. The water was hot... really hot. Like 90 degrees or better down about 3 feet from the surface on the first couple of days there. (Then we had a rain that cooled down the surface a bit.) I've had fish out of hot water before and it sometimes just isn't the best. This was a completely different story... all three fish meals we had were awesome. (Might have something to do with the cook... but we'll give some credit to the lake, too!)

Don't forget...

If you can't watch on RFD-TV every Thursday at 7:30 a.m. CT or Saturday at 10:30 a.m. CT, you can always watch the shows here on the web site.

And most importantly, keep on having fun outdoors on the farm!

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