Oct 2, 2014
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Overtime with Mike Adams

RSS By: Mike Adams, AgWeb.com

The AgriTalk broadcast is done for today, but the conversation continues. AgriTalk host Mike Adams shares his thoughts and opinions on the news of the week and invites your feedback.

A Call for Unity

Aug 02, 2013

While the biofuels and livestock industries battle over the Renewable Fuels Standard, perhaps both should stop and see the possible bigger fight looming.  Many are already wondering how we will feed a growing world population, and a report from the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota offers an answer that should concern both industries.  The report suggests that the world's billions could be fed if we eliminate crop use for BOTH biofuels and livestock production.  While not making the recommendation, the report will no doubt be used by opponents of both industries.  Agriculture has spent too much time fighting civil wars and not focusing on the world war being waged against them.  Time and resources should be combined by ag groups to get their message out instead of attacking each other.  Sometimes it is hard to see the big picture while focusing on the smaller ones.  Differences between the two sides pale in comparison to the potential pitfalls both could face from an uninformed and misled public.  The livestock industry is already fighting that battle. No need to take on another one especially with someone who can be a valuable ally in the bigger struggle. Both sides have good stories to tell.  It makes no sense to drown out their own voices by shouting at each other.

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