Sep 20, 2014
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Overtime with Mike Adams

RSS By: Mike Adams,

The AgriTalk broadcast is done for today, but the conversation continues. AgriTalk host Mike Adams shares his thoughts and opinions on the news of the week and invites your feedback.

Is Pharming Meat the Future?

Aug 10, 2013

The development of meat in a laboratory from animal cells may be a glimpse into a future that some will welcome and others will find hard to accept.  Obviously the price of over $300,000 for a hamburger is prohibitive and the taste may not be to a lot of people's liking but those things will probably be addressed.  If so the bigger question will be whether consumers will embrace such technology.  Those opposed to current meat production will welcome the new product as an animal free food.  They will promote it as a safer, more environmentally friendly and more humane food source.  Whether true or not, this will have an appeal to some.  If advancements such as longer shelf life are developed then the appeal will grow even more.  For many of us this may seem hard to imagine.  We are used to meat production as it is and the thought of eating something from a test tube doesn't seem right.  The "yuck" factor is too great for us. Perhaps we should have seen this coming and been better prepared for its arrival.  Agriculture has embraced technology as a way to more efficiently provide food for a growing world population.  Perhaps this is the next step.  Of course this won't happen overnight if at all.  Time will tell. Still we would be making a mistake to think it couldn't happen. Future generations may accept lab produced meat the same way many of us accept current meat production.  Predicting the "yuck" factor of future generations is tricky business.

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