Sep 15, 2014
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Overtime with Mike Adams

RSS By: Mike Adams,

The AgriTalk broadcast is done for today, but the conversation continues. AgriTalk host Mike Adams shares his thoughts and opinions on the news of the week and invites your feedback.

When Just Doing Your Job Makes Headlines

Mar 22, 2013

I guess it has come to this.  It is now news when the Senate debates a budget on the floor for the first time in four years.  Despite the fact that the law says they are supposed to have a budget passed each year, this chamber of Congress has chosen to ignore and defy the law repeatedly.  It is another example of one set of rules for our politicians and another for the rest of us.  Many officeholders run as candidates "of the people" who understand our issues and concerns.   This is another example of the difference between reality and perception.  From healthcare to retirement we have a different set of rules for those making the laws from the ones held to the laws.  For all the negatives that go with holding public office (and there are several) there are also some very nice perks.  Most of us don’t have jobs where we can give ourselves a raise and decide when we have to show up for work. We often hear how Congress can’t get an issue resolved (regardless of its importance) because of an upcoming break or election.  Deadlines seem to have little meaning to our elected representatives even the ones they set for themselves.  These are the same people who tell us we need to cut back while they preside over multi-trillion dollar deficits.  Washington’s track record gives me no confidence that sending them more money will fix very many problems.  While I don’t expect the police to show up at the Senate building and start arresting Senators for breaking the law, it shouldn’t be too much to expect them to obey the law.  News is often defined as something out of the ordinary so sadly I guess a Senate passed budget would qualify as news.

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