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Sep 18, 2014
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Quest for Better Yields

RSS By: Kip Cullers, Farm Journal

Follow Kip Cullers, a Purdy, Mo., farmer known for his bin-busting soybean yields, Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie and Farm Journal Machinery Editor Margy Fischer as they travel to Brazil to learn more about the country's soybean production.

A $1 Million Cow

Feb 07, 2013

 In traveling across Brazil, you see a little bit of everything. And often, there are things I see that are surprising. Here’s a picture with a cow valued at $1 Million. The cow has 18 laborers who tend to it every day.


On the contrast, here’s a cow hooked to a sprayer for field work. Cowmechanical

Winter 2013 Travels

Feb 06, 2013

 Recently, I traveled in Parana near Londrina. There I attended a field day for Belagricola Retail, which is a co-op in this region.

IMG 0727

IMG 0726

IMG 0716

belagricola field day



Brazil Crop Update Nov 2012

Dec 07, 2012

 Field Report from Kip Cullers:

In late November I traveled through Motto Grosso and also had a trip through the southern states of Parana and Rio Grande Do Sol.

In Motto Gross it was a dry, and they got planted, but the soybeans planted in September lost some stand count. It has been raining and if it continues to rain, they’ll have good yields. They’ll want to harvest those soybeans around January 15, which I think they’ll be in the field later than that and that’ll delay double crop planting.

Here are some pictures from my travels, a cotton bale at one of the world’s largest farms and soybean field as we’re driving down the road.

 BrazilCropUpdate (5)

BrazilCropUpdate (4)

BrazilCropUpdate (2)

BrazilCropUpdate (3)

BrazilCropUpdate (1)

BrazilCropUpdate (8)

BrazilCropUpdate (7)

On my trip to the southern states, we were in sugar can, coffee and orange crops. Everything looks pretty good. The corn is starting to tassel. 

Brazil Travels Continued Through Summer

Aug 21, 2012

Here are some pictures from one of Kip Culler's most recent trips to Brazil.

He travels to the South American country more than a dozen times a year to learn about its agricultural production. This includes sugar cane and oranges, pictured here, as well as watermelon, coffee and row crops.

Kip oranges

Kip sugarcane giant

Sugar cane grows to be rather tall, but this is unusally tall for the crop!

Sugar Cane 50 Days After Planting

Mar 31, 2012

Kip Cullers reports from a sugar cane field in the state of Sao Paulo. This crop was planted 50 days ago, and this farm was the highest yielding in Brazil in 2009.



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