Sep 21, 2014
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Winter Field Management

Jan 25, 2013

Featured Agronomist: Dave Haines, Southern IN,

Winter field management is key when preparing for planting season. If not properly managed, weeds can overtake a field during this time making it extremely difficult to maintain a clean field come planting season. Dave Haines, Technical Agronomist for the Channel® brand, explained that winter field management starts right now. Haines answers a few common questions growers have been asking in preparation for the winter months.

Question: What should growers be doing right now regarding winter field management? Specifically, weed management?

DH: Growers should already be taking measures to control weeds in their fields. In my area, marestail has been a problem in soybean fields. Growers should use Valor® herbicide, tank mixed with Roundup® agricultural herbicide and/or dicamba or 2,4-D to manage weeds until planting season when a spring application can be used. In corn-on-corn environments, weeds have not been as big of a problem due to the herbicides available. because it is hard for the weed to compete with an established corn plant. Corn residual herbicides are very effective for controlling glyphosate resistant weeds, however, it is still crucial to manage all weeds before they reach four inches in height. It will be harder and more costly to control if they get any larger.

Question: What are some challenging weeds growers should be planning for in the spring?

DH: Growers should be aware of glyphosate-resistant weeds including marestail, palmer amaranth, and waterhemp. These weeds have become resistant to glyphosate, and need to be controlled using multiple modes-of-action including residual herbicides instead of relying only on glyphosate alone to control these weeds.

Question: Should growers be planning their 2013 weed control now and what tips do you have?

DH: Growers should absolutely be planning their 2013 weed control now. Weed pressure will vary by field so they should focus on a field-by-field approach. They need to be aware of each weed species they are trying to manage so they know the correct product and rate to apply. Its always a good idea to read the herbicide label to ensure that all application requirements are followed.

It is never too early to begin planning for the 2013 growing season. Winter field management should begin now so that growers have enough time to make the correct decisions for their weed management plans.

For more information on what you should be doing to manage your fields over the winter, contact Dave Haines ( from Southern Indiana or your local Channel Seedsman.

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