Aug 30, 2014
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Keeping cows well. Driving the profitability of dairies. Ensuring a safe, healthy food supply. Zoetis is on a mission to help you practice Dairy Wellness every day. We’re excited to introduce, a new website that connects producers and veterinarians to up-to-date information on current management practices and tips from our technical services team.

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Oct 03, 2013

At Zoetis, we make it our priority to help you practice Dairy Wellness every day. That’s why we’ve created It connects you directly to valuable dairy management resources and experts to help you do what you do best — keep your herd healthy and your dairy profitable. is a one-stop shop for tools, resources and videos to help manage your dairy. Every aspect of dairy wellness is covered, including:

  • Fresh cow performance. We know this is the most vulnerable time for your cows. Turn to Zoetis for help ensuring your cows reach their peak production.
  • Reproduction management. It’s no secret that pregnant cows drive success on your operation. Find out how to keep your cattle’s reproduction on track.
  • Milk quality. Isn’t producing high quality milk the goal of any dairy operation? Find ways to enhance milk quality, increase production and improve profitability.
  • Calf and heifer wellness. Your dairy herd starts here. Follow the five foundations of management to get your calves and heifers ready for the big job ahead of them.
  • Disease prevention. You need the right prevention plan to protect both your herd and your profitability. See how the right vaccination programs can make a difference in your operation.
  • Labor management. Employees are a fundamental component in the success of a dairy. Do you know how to get the most from your workforce?

Make a part of your regular routine. Catch weekly updates for the latest in Dairy Wellness news and resources. Zoetis is here to help you and your operation succeed.

Connecting with Consumers

Oct 02, 2013

Consumers are the fuel keeping the dairy industry running. They are the ones purchasing our products, after all, but the gap between the agriculture industry and consumers continues to widen. Not only is it our job to provide consumers with high-quality dairy products, we need to continue to portray a positive image of the industry we live and breathe every day.

We asked a few Zoetis professionals what message they’d like to convey to today’s consumers. Sara Harbaugh, Territory Business Manager for Zoetis, tells us "If I could relay one message to consumers about the dairy industry, it would be how much they care about their animals and how hard they work to care for those animals to produce a safe, healthy, wholesome food supply."

Read our Dairy Wellness blog post and watch the video linked to hear more from Sara and other Zoetis colleagues about what they’d like consumers to know about this hard-working industry. What message do you want consumers to know about the quality product you produce?


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