Oct 1, 2014
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Thoughts from the HungerU Road

RSS By: HungerU Staff

The HungerU Tour is dedicated to connecting with college students and sharing the story of modern ag’s role in tackling world hunger. Here the HungerU Staff will provide updates and thoughts from the road.

First Stop: Cornell University

Sep 30, 2013

-- Malorie Bankhead, HU Crew

Nestled among the beautiful rolling hills of Ithaca, New York lies a temporary home to many intelligent, valuable, forward thinking minds: Cornell University. Minds that may or may not have had the global hunger crisis on their forefronts before we got there, but which were interested enough in the subject to engage with the HungerU exhibit when we arrived. Students engaged in conversations with the HungerU Crew this past Monday and Tuesday which made the Fall 2013 HungerU Tour launch a measurable success!
HungerU girls at Cornell 
Eager to speak with college students along the east coast, the HungerU Fall 2013 Tour staff team Malorie Bankhead of Livermore, CA; Mallory Weber of Dorr, MI; and Camren Gerner of Tucson, AZ, set up the HungerU exhibit early Monday morning on the Cornell University campus to catch the attention of students passing through Ho Plaza.
At first, many students hurried off to class without so much as giving a glance our way, which was mildly expected for our first stop, yet by mid-afternoon our exhibit was filled with meaningful chatter about the global food crisis.
"We are HungerU, a hunger awareness program bringing conversations to college campuses along the east coast this fall," I said. "Let’s talk about the hunger crisis so that you and I can begin the ripple effect for improvement in the large symbolic puddle that is world hunger."
Several students I spoke with knew very little about the true issue that hunger has become world-wide, and we explored the Global Food Security Index together, learning how food secure certain countries are or aren’t.

Some knew more than I ever could, because they had grew up in or visited countries where hunger exists in extreme poverty stricken areas. As a team, we tried to capture these stories the best we could. Some students agreed to give their testimony on video, while others simply shared their stories with us, for which we were very grateful. Tanzania, Egypt, Mali, China, Israel, Ethiopia, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, and Jamaica are just some of the places we heard about from Cornell students.
I can already tell that these rich stories and humbling moments will be my favorite part of this experience. I’m looking forward to engaging with many more students as the tour goes on and listening to their stories, sharing my passion for hunger awareness, and making a difference on college campuses from New York to Florida.
Here’s to putting an expiration date on hunger.


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