Oct 2, 2014
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Women in the Outdoors

RSS By: Emily Flory

Emily is an up-and-coming outdoors person with plenty of experience in the outdoors. Her favorite hunts are for waterfowl and whitetail.

Bringing Style to the Field

Aug 03, 2011

If you are anything like me, and I’m sure a lot of you are, you are just dying for the fall seasons to start. And if you are even more like me and are living in a big city, then this craving for some hunting action is killing you just as much as it’s killing me. For the past couple of months I have been living in the Detroit, Michigan area interning for a company called Outdoor Hub. Even though my job revolves around the outdoors and agriculture I’m still in the city and I am itching to get out in the stand! With only a couple more months till opening day, I am in as much preparation for October 1st as anyone.

As I prepare for this fall there are some things changing around the Flory house. We have a newly planted food plot, Remington is in his prime awaiting some upland bird hunting, and I’m bringing some style into the field. Now, as much as I love wearing hand-me-downs from my dad, brother, uncles, friends, and anyone else who has worn out an item of clothing almost into dust and handed it down to me, I thought it was time to venture out of the big city and grab some good quality clothing. When my mom and grandparents were here visiting, I of course had to snag them and off we went to Bass Pro Shops. I really can’t explain how excited I was about this shopping trip, so I’ll let the picture tell the story.




So all in all, I was so excited I even had to try everything on in the hotel room. I finally won’t be weighed down by all that man gear! Girls, I’m sure all of you will agree, if they make something stylish for us to wear that is just as durable as the rest, WE WILL WEAR IT! Before this year, when I needed something new, it was always men’s because I didn’t know how reliable the ladies gear would be. Well I was wrong! Ladies gear is just as durable and can be found many places. So ladies- when you’re going out and buying new gear don’t just settle for men’s gear! There are many outfitters out there that only make women’s hunting clothing. Find yourself some nice clothing to wear and still bring the style to the field.

When part of the family comes to Detroit, we might as well drive around the lower peninsula to see Lake Huron and some of the crops in the prime of their season. We also had to stop in a little piece of Germany brought overseas to grab some cheese, fudge, and go to the largest Christmas store in the US. And I don’t think my mom would go anywhere if we couldn’t find a beach; I guess leave it to her to be a beach bum for just a little while!


Michigan 060

Michigan 043



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