Sep 18, 2014
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Women in the Outdoors

RSS By: Emily Flory

Emily is an up-and-coming outdoors person with plenty of experience in the outdoors. Her favorite hunts are for waterfowl and whitetail.

Get those kids outdoors!

Jan 14, 2011



Hey there Outdoors on the Farm fans!

Happy Birthday Mama!!

Growing up where I did in Iowa was an incredible experience. I had the opportunity to see things that most people don’t get to see in a lifetime!. Many days I would wake up, sit up in bed, look out the window of my bedroom and see either a flock of turkeys in my backyard or some deer. This was an everyday happening for me and I know I am very fortunate for those moments.

Some people are not as fortunate for those experiences, but they can be! PARENTS: Get your little ones out in the outdoors! Take them on a drive out in the country and you will most likely see some wildlife. Get them experienced with the outdoors instead of sitting in front of a TV all day! Kids may see something on the TV, but it is not even close to actually seeing a group of 20 deer or that one big buck that makes your heart skip. These are great moments that you will never forget with your kids and it will teach them that there is so much more out in the outdoors that they can do -- even if you are “townies!” Start early with your young ones to open their eyes and expand their imagination!

My parents gave me the best lifestyle that I could ask for. I grew up riding horses and I always had a place to keep the horses and they took me on trips every weekend to horse shows. I had a wooded area for all the hunting that I wanted to do and also a great place to hang out with friends. So thank you Mama and Dad! You guys have given me the best of experiences and Outdoors on the Farm has even expanded those opportunities. Thanks to all the people who have made OOTF successful so far and all the supporters!

Also... Happy Birthday Mama! It was Sue Flory’s Birthday on January 13th and she doesn’t look a day over 20!

Get your kids in the outdoors!

And remember - Keep on havin' fun outdoors on your farm!


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