Sep 17, 2014
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Women in the Outdoors

RSS By: Emily Flory

Emily is an up-and-coming outdoors person with plenty of experience in the outdoors. Her favorite hunts are for waterfowl and whitetail.

Season 1 is over! Join us on Facebook!

Feb 01, 2011



Hey there Outdoors on the Farm fans!

Season 1 is done!
Join us on Facebook!

The past year has been one crazy time for the Flory family and for everyone involved in OOTF. Launching the first season has been a great accomplishment for all of us and also one fun time! Through all the traveling and cold days in the field, we appreciate all the support from all of our fans and OOTF wouldn't’t be possible without you. All our shows this season have hopefully taught everyone something about how they can maximize their habitat. The way that I understand it is we pretty much took a camera with us to film our time in the outdoors to share some "tricks" about habitat management and to show the non-farming community what farmers are doing to improve the environment. (Oh... and there's the "fun" we had, too!)

All of our shows feature simple, easy things that you as a landowner can do on your land at any time or even to help someone improve habitat on their land. As Dad said in his last blog- if you look for a way to do it, it can be done.

I unfortunately am locked up in a dorm room at Iowa State (I’m pretty good at exaggeration), but I am still finding ways to connect with the outdoors. Even if it means just taking a five minute drive in the evening to look for deer, I’m still keeping in touch with the outdoors and what I love. My tip for all of you is if you feel like there’s not enough time or energy to pursue your hobbies, take just 5, 10 minutes and get back into that ‘country mode,’ as I call it. It gets me out of the city life and makes me less stressed!

And for all of you keeping up with our site and what we have to say check us out on Facebook! Tom and I have made a group and that’s where anyone can upload pictures to the group and we’ll make sure to get them on the site and show off your country mode! Link to Facebook site:!/group.php?gid=156358094380639

Were planning on some huge stories for season two and we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunities we’ll be having this year!

Hey guys, this show is just getting started and for you to be following us from the beginning means the world to us. I know all the hard work Dad is putting in for us to be able to do all of this and it’s all because of you all. We love helping you out and really want to make a difference in the way people think about their habitat.

And remember - Keep on havin' fun outdoors on your farm!


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