Jul 31, 2014
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Women in the Outdoors

RSS By: Emily Flory

Emily is an up-and-coming outdoors person with plenty of experience in the outdoors. Her favorite hunts are for waterfowl and whitetail.

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Jun 15, 2011

I know that I’m a little ahead of the game but as upland and waterfowl bird seasons are approaching I’m getting even more excited to see what this season holds for all of you and for the Outdoors on the Farm staff. With there being all sorts of wildlife seasons opening in the fall there’s no better time than now to start preparing. Thomas has been improving his shot by participating on the Denver High School trap shooting team. They just finished up with the last shoot and are very happy with how well they did this year.


The Flory ranch’s food plot is well on its way and look for the follow up episode in season two to show where it has grown from episode 3 in season 1. Thomas has put in a lot of hard work to start building up a good wildlife management system on our property and we all encourage you to ask questions on what you should do on your piece of land. We only have a few acres for a food plot and that is more than enough to make an old horse pasture into a great place to build up our wildlife population. I know that because we are putting the time in now we are making it the best for the wildlife in our area to increase a healthy, mature population. In a couple of years or even this upcoming fall it is going to be a target spot for where I want to be sitting during bow season.
Season 2 Information
If you weren’t watching us before now is the time to start. In our upcoming season we are in new areas, managing new wildlife, and of course coming up with new ways for you to benefit from what we are doing. We are having a great time doing all of this but what we really want to show is what you want to see. Let us know! We are on Facebook and Twitter and are always encouraging your input.
A little competition!
Between my brother and me we are always competing for everything. We still argue about who tagged the largest doe last year but everyone knows mine was 5 pounds heavier (more like 20 pounds but I’ll give him some satisfaction). We want you guys to get in the fight too. Send us your best picture from any season last year and we’ll post it to our site, on our Facebook page, and our Twitter page. To get ahead even more send us a story to go with it (where the picture was taken, the season, the how and when). On August 1st my brother and I will pick the best picture and story line and the winner will get a free signed t-shirt from our Outdoors on the Farm apparel line. Submit your picture and story to our Facebook group page wall and we will be sure to get them out there! Go to:
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