Jul 30, 2014
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2011 AgWeb Soybean Harvest Map

Take a virtual tour across farm country and see how soybean yields are shaping up. Submit your own harvest data here or in the form below the map. The map data is updated each weekday morning. Here's an overview of how to use the map. Read the latest harvest news.

U.S. Soybean Harvest Map

All data is in bu./acre

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Harvest News

  • Storms Prompt Concern About Some Michigan Crops
    Crop damage from severe thunderstorms that dropped hail on parts of Michigan has prompted concern that some harvests will suffer this year, farmers and officials said.
  • North Dakota Officials Want More Details on Backlogged Grain Shipments
    North Dakota's congressional delegation is pressing Canadian Pacific Railway to provide details of its backlog of grain shipments, saying farmers need detailed information with fall harvest fast approaching.
  • Corn Prices Rise in January; Planting Delay on Horizon
    Additional blasts of extremely arctic cold air have been persistent throughout the Corn Belt for much of January. The long-term forecast calls for the cold snap to remain through mid-February causing more problems for farmers working outside this winter. Local grain price basis was softening due to farmers selling their corn and soybeans preparing for spring input expenses, but the bitterly cold has curbed local selling which has led to localized price support. The extreme cold may be a...
  • OSHA Games the System to Target Small Farmers
    There is frequent tension between the spirit of the law versus the letter of the law. Obeying the “spirit of the law” means following the intent of those who drafted it. Following the “letter of the law” means following the law as written - verbatim. Oftentimes, there is daylight between the two. Using vagaries to beat the system is one of the primary reasons why attorneys bear the brunt of a disproportionate share of profession-related jokes.
  • Sorghum Acres Increase Nationwide
    Sorghum has long been the go-to crop for farmers during drought years. This year, even more farmers opted to grow this bronze and red grain.
  • Careful How You Store
    With lower corn prices, a lot of corn and corn silage will be stored this year. Brush up on your storage management to avoid mycotoxin contamination.

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