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  • Is Crop Insurance on the Budgetary Chopping Block?

    03/15/2017 12:04 PM

    More than 60 agriculture groups sent letters to lawmakers hoping federal crop insurance will survive budget negotiations.

  • Why Crop Insurance Returns Are Shrinking
    03/13/2017 12:20 PM

    According to a new study commissioned by the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), private crop insurance company returns are down significantly from 2010, when the Standard Reinsurance Agreement (SRA) was renegotiated between insurance companies and the federal government. Returns are still in line with benchmarks laid out by USDA’s Risk Management Agency, according to NCGA.

  • Crop Insurance Deadline Looms
    03/10/2017 02:26 PM

    Do you plan to use crop insurance as a risk management tool this growing season?

  • Review Your Coverage
    01/28/2017 02:42 AM

    Crop insurance tips to aid in decision-making

  • 5 Crop Insurance Tips for Winter
    01/16/2017 08:25 AM

    Lock in protection at or above breakeven. Then join Jamie Wasemiller at the 2017 Top Producer Seminar to learn more risk-management strategies involving crop insurance.

  • Organic Insurance Questions
    01/07/2017 02:22 AM

    No yield means big dollars?