Sep 18, 2014

135 Years and Counting

April 28, 2012
By: Charlene Finck, Farm Journal Editor

We celebrate our birthday with a focus on the future


Thank you for counting us among your farm family friends. We’re honored to be woven into the genetic code of agriculture, but we never take it for granted.

Like you, we’re committed to agriculture and making sure we transition from one generation to the next with a focus on the future. As a magazine that was started in 1877 for farmers within a day’s horseback ride from Philadelphia, Farm Journal has changed with the times while holding true to its farmer-first mission. We deliver news you can use on television, online, at events, in social media, in newsletters and, of course, in the pages of this magazine.

Read "This Magazine is Made for You" to learn how each issue is tailored specifically to each farmer who receives it—a level of customization that would have sounded like science fiction 135 years ago!

Watch AgDay's special segment about our birthday:




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