Sep 22, 2014

Charleston|Orwig Hoofs It for Charity at World Dairy Expo

October 3, 2012

The company will donate a penny for every step taken by each of its employees to Farmers Feeding the World.

Source: Charles-Orwig news release

Charleston|Orwig announces that every step its employees take during this week’s World Dairy Expo will be for a good cause. The company will donate a penny for every step taken by each of its employees to Farmers Feeding the World. Given the massive scale of the week-long event and the dedication of its employees, the company anticipates a sizeable donation.

"We wanted to show our staff that we truly appreciate the many steps they take to ensure our clients have a successful show," said Lyle Orwig, chief executive officer at Charleston|Orwig. "It’s also a great opportunity to help others while helping to tell agriculture’s story."

Every member of the Charleston|Orwig team will wear a pedometer to record how much he or she walks throughout the five days. The companies working with Charleston|Orwig at the World Dairy Expo also are invited to participate in "hoofing it" or to match the donation.

Farmers Feeding the World strives to annually raise at least $20 million for charity and education. It is an ongoing, industry-wide campaign operated by the nonprofit Farm Journal Foundation to rally American agriculture for the war against hunger. The campaign raises financial support for organizations already on the front lines in fighting global hunger.

Charleston|Orwig is based in Hartland, Wis., and is a full-service communications consultant, providing integrated marketing and reputation management to food system clients — from agriculture through processing and distribution to the point of retail.

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