Aug 27, 2014

Coverage of the North Carolina Crop Insurance Fraud Ring

April 20, 2013

The following information is a Web Extra from the pages of Farm Journal. It corresponds with the article "A Few Rotten Apples." You can find the article in Farm Journal's 2013 Late Spring issue.

Uncovered: $100 Million Crop Insurance Fraud Ring
Federal authorities in North Carolina have unraveled a massive criminal conspiracy they say defrauded $100 million from the government-backed program that insures farmers against crop losses, according to a report from The Associated Press.

Statewide Crop Insurance Fraud Ring Spoiled By Feds
This report from the Triangle Business Journal provides a concise overview of the case.

Crop Insurance Fraud Case, A Positive Story
This audio report and accompanying article from Hoosier Ag Today details the checks that are in place to catch instances of abuse.

Editorial: Where Is The Scrutiny Of Crop Insurance Fraud?
In this editorial posted in The Huffington Post, Donald Carr argues that "with no limits on subsidies and little review of claims, it should be no surprise that crop insurance fraud is common."

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FEATURED IN: Farm Journal - Late Spring 2013
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