Sep 20, 2014

Food Production Falling Short of Need

July 9, 2013

Currently 7 billion people comprise the global population. But, by 2050, the United Nations expect that number to surpass 9 billion.

Brad Plumer at the Washington Post recently raised the question: How are we possibly going to feed the world over the next few decades?


He writes:

In theory, there’s a simple solution here: The world’s farmers will just need to get better at squeezing more productivity out of existing farmland. Crop yields have been steadily improving since the advent of synthetic fertilizer and modern agricultural techniques. So those yields will just need to keep improving in the years to come.

But there’s a big problem: This isn’t happening. Or at least, it’s not happening fast enough. A recent peer-reviewed study in the journal PLOS ONE found that crop yields haven’t been rising at a sufficient pace to meet projected demand by 2050.

Read the rest of the article and see a terrifying chart that shows we’re not growing enough food to feed the world.


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