Sep 18, 2014

No Hope for Farm Bill Extension

August 1, 2012

Early this week, our friends at AgDay reported the possibility of a one-year extension of the 2008 farm bill. Proposed to the House by a group Republican lawmakers, the extension would have given congress more time to come to agreement on the bill. 

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Because they felt they didn't have enough votes to get the extension passed, the same group of lawmakers pulled the bill from the docket just minutes before it was to be brought before the House Rules Committee in anticipation of a floor vote today according to Politico.

Instead of the extension, Republican representatives now favor a $383 million disaster aid package that will come before the House tomorrow. If passed it will restore indemnity and forage programs for livestock producers. It also offers some help to crop farmers. Many believe this is an effort for Farm State representatives want something helpful to offer their constiuants.

"My priority remains to get a five-year farm bill on the books and put those policies in place," says House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.). "But the most pressing business before us is to provide disaster assistance to those producers impacted by the drought conditions who are currently exposed." 

Watch this AgDay EXCLUSIVE interview with Chairman Lucas.

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