Jul 12, 2014

Tips on How to Kickstart a Farm Blog

January 1, 2013

he following information is a Web Extra from the pages of Farm Journal. It corresponds with the article "Make Your Farm VIrtual." You can find the article in Farm Journal's 2013 January issue.


FARMnWIFE Gives Tips on How to Tell Your Story

Judi Graff, an Illinois farm wife, has combined her love of agriculture and communications through her blog - FARMnWIFE.com. She provides tips on how to start a blog or website for your farm. 


Start a Farm Blog, Website Today

Iowa farmer and rancher Crystal Blin runs a farm website, as well as a blog that advocates for agriculture. She offers these steps in starting a new blog or website.

1. What is your objective? What are your goals? What are you going to share?

2. Pick your platform. Common ones are Blogger.com or Wordpress.org.

3. Start to play with design and features.

4. Write the first post.

5. Share your blog on social media and through e-mail.


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