Sep 18, 2014
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$100 Ideas

January 31, 2009

Minimize Spread Distortion

A waterway or bump can dramatically distort the spread pattern of a fan-type spreader. To minimize the impact of uneven fields, I installed an air bag on the spreader fan frame to
isolate the spreading assembly from the truck. The placement of the air bag minimizes the transfer of the bumps so the terrain doesn't change the spread. 

Treg Shidler
Clay City, Ind.

Wire Winder

Piecing together high-tensile wire for an electric fence can be a chore. To make the task easier, I outfitted vice grips for the job. A piece of 7⁄8"-diameter brass rod was brazed welded to each side of the pliers clasp. With the pliers closed, I drilled two holes on the centerline. The strands of wire fit into the holes, and when the pliers are closed and spun, the wires are twisted together. Repeat in the opposite direction on a nearby segment for a tightened section of wire.

Norman Woodard
Cottage Grove, Tenn.

Double Your Money

Springtime Wash Stations

Protective gloves are a must during planting season when handling treated seed, but sometimes they aren't enough. To increase operator safety, I fabricated a mount for sprayer wash station tanks on all of our planter tractors. A channel iron bracket fastens the tank to the tractor frame. Now during planting, we are always able to wash our hands after handling treated seed, chemicals or a greasy repair job. 

Andy Covington
Jesup, Iowa

During planting season, extra safety protocol is needed when using treated seed and chemicals. Mounting a fabricated wash station tank on every tractor that is used for planting keeps hands clean for the employees of Blue Diamond Farming Company. Andy Covington is a 15-year employee of the farm operation, located near Jesup, Iowa. The farm includes corn and soybean production.

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FEATURED IN: Farm Journal - February 2009
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