4 Hot Farming Discussions Happening Right Now

June 17, 2014 06:47 AM
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 The AgWeb discussion boards oftentimes include many of the best-kept secrets the website has to offer. Here are four topics on the front of our readers’ minds right now. There’s still time to join the conversation!

1. "How should I get into farming, and should I pursue it?" A would-be young farmer asks an honest question and gets some interesting responses.

2. "What’s the most acres you can plant in one day?" Another interesting question that got a variety of responses.

3. #ChipotleLies. That’s what Grazing The Net’s Greg Henderson is calling the burrito chain Chipotle’s latest shenanigans. The restaurant recently decided to source Australian beef because it claims it cannot find enough U.S. beef that’s "responsibly raised."

4. What’s Percy building? Commenter Percy is in the middle of a new project and is posting pictures of his progress. But what is he building exactly? He won’t say, but the other commenters are having a good time guessing.

Not interested in any of these discussion topics? You can start your own thread on the AgWeb discussion forums and get a new conversation started.

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