Freedom Mount Loaders Elevate Standards to a New Height

January 4, 2010 09:38 AM

ONAWA, Iowa— Westendorf Manufacturing Co., Inc., a leading loader manufacturer for decades, hass taken all that experience and rolled it into the new Freedom Mount series of loaders.

The unit features a low-profile, curved box I-beam arm, contractor-grade bucket with remote couplers to change attachments with the push of a button, simple bracket design, protected hydraulic lines and Gold-Line cylinders, extended lift height, and clean dump and water holding roll-back angles. And it offers a tool-free, stand-free dismount design with automatic lock-on feature.
Suggested list price is $10,125 to $15,715, depending on the model and size (up to 260 hp). Call (866) 562-3374 or visit for more information.


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