Hoof Supervisor Named One of World Ag Expo’s 2010 “Top 10 New Products”

February 5, 2010 01:39 PM

Hoof Supervisor has won a coveted spot as one of World Ag Expo's "Top 10 New Products of 2010.”

Hoof Supervisor is a new, computerized, chute-side data recording system that allows hoof trimmers to record, store and analyze data on-the-spot using a portable touch screen.

Hoof health was rated the No. 1 concern at the World Dairy Expo in 2003 for factors keeping cows from producing more milk. Lack of good on-farm data to track hoof health has been a major bottleneck as producers strive to eliminate and reduce lameness.

In response to this need, the Hoof Supervisor System, a portable, touch-screen computer system with a sophisticated software program designed to record information about each trim session, was introduced. Supervisor Systems, maker of the popular Feed Supervisor System Software, developed this innovative product.

"It allows the trimmer, veterinarian, nutritionist and herd manager to better understand lameness on the dairy and work together to diagnose and eliminate the problem,” says Keith Sather, owner and creator of Supervisor System products. "Keeping on top of hoof health helps your farm make money and save time.”

Hoof trimmers are embracing this new product for everything from its durable features to the invaluable data that finally provides a way to easily include the trimmer's info in the overall hoof health communication. In fact, the Alberta Milk Board has made the decision to seek funding to support the purchase of these systems for its members.

"Hoof Supervisor allows me to become a crucial part of the dairy's management team,” says Jamie Sullivan of Rippleview Hoof Care in Carman, Manitoba, Canada.

"Trimmers also appreciate the ruggedness and durability; they like that they can use it while wearing gloves, that it operates in temperatures ranging from –20 to 140+F and can withstand the impact of a 4' drop,” Sather says. "Not only can you read the screen in direct sunlight, you can also wash off manure with a hose.”

And it's easy to use: Just touch the screen to enter the cow's number. The cow's information is retrieved and you can check history on the number and dates of trims, as well as type and location of any lesions. The trimmer can also record new data on the spot. New data is entered on a screen showing four cow hooves. Simply touch the corresponding hoof and then touch the lesion area to record where the lesion is. The system then allows you to choose a diagnosis by touching a selection from a list of possible problems.

That infomation becomes part of the cow's profile and lesion data can be analyzed by time of year, pen and stage of lactation.

"An on-farm trimmer who may not well-versed in identifying lesions can still use the system by touching the area of the hoof where the lesion was found. A professional trimmer can later identify the specific type of lesion based on the location,” Sather explains.

"At the end of the day, instead of having stacks of manure-stained paper that will probably get filed away and forgotten, you can print out a professional-looking report that includes a graph showing the number of cows trimmed and the percentage found with various types of lesions,” Sather says. "This can help everyone on the management team to focus on the problems and work to solve them.

"We are honored to be named as one of the Top 10 New Products of 2010 by World Ag Expo,” Sather says. "We think we can help many dairies maintain proper hoof health and be profitable and efficient. And in the long run, healthy cows equal a healthy bottom line.”


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