Oct 2, 2014
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Winterize Sprayers

December 2, 2009

Source: University of Missouri Cooperative Extension press release

Now is the time to winterize farm equipment, including your sprayer, says Charles Ellis, a University of Missouri Extension natural resource engineer.

"Winterizing includes cleaning, checking and storing the sprayer to prevent freeze damage and have it ready for use next spring," says Ellis.

Cleaning the sprayer inside and out gets rid of dirt, grime and chemical residue, he says.

Use a pressure washer with a detergent to wash the whole sprayer, including booms, frame and undercarriage.

Clean the inside of the spray tank, circulating the solution for 10 minutes. While circulating the cleaning solution, check for leaks and repair them before storing.

Remove all filters, screens, tips and check valves to be washed. After washing, reinstall to keep moisture out during the winter.

To winterize plumbing, use a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water. This mixture will prevent rust by protecting metal surfaces from contact with air.

Circulate this mixture through the system and then out through the boom and nozzles. Remove the tips, allow the liquid to drain, and then replace the tips.


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