Brace Yourself: Colder Air Heading Our Way

December 12, 2013 03:25 AM
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Santa will be bringing more than just toys from the North Pole this year—he'll also bring us cold air and possibly travel delays.

If you're tired of the bitter temperatures much of the U.S. has been experiencing, you'll get a slight break before even colder air hovers over the U.S right before Christmas. That's according to AgDay Meteorologist Mike Hoffman. He says meteorologists call the system the "Siberian Express."

It's when cold air swoops down from Siberia and the North Pole. It will first enter Canada and then push its way down across much of the U.S. He says most computer models don't often catch the "Siberian Express." So, if you're looking at other long-range forecast, it may not include this frigid air. Hoffman, however, says he's confident it will make it to the U.S.

Hoffman says it will first enter states like Montana and North Dakota on Thursday, Dec. 19. It will then push its way farther south and cover most of the Corn Belt by Sunday, Dec. 22. He says this air mass will be colder than what many portions of the U.S. just experienced by at least 7 degrees.

Hear more from meterologist Mike Hoffmann:

So, Santa will be bringing more than tangible gifts from the North Pole this year. He'll also bring us cold air and possibly travel delays.


Watch the AgDay national forecast:

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