The Potential in Irrigating with Variable Rate

August 8, 2013 12:00 AM
CornCollegeTV Final

Variable rate technology (VRT) is applied to many aspects of farming, including irrigation. Episode 9 of Corn College TV Season 3 shows Farm Journal’s Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie standing in a distressed corn field, discussing how VRT should be used to save time, yield, and water.

Using a thermal imaging map, Ferrie shows how the crop responded to irrigation throughout the season. Hot areas indicated a water shortage while cooler areas had a water surplus. Using that information, he created a new irrigation plan using variable rate to alleviate the problem zones.

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Developing the new plan is simple. Ferrie says, "Let’s take some water from areas we don’t need it and let’s kick the rate up in areas that need more water."

To learn more about VRT for irrigation purposes, watch Episode 9 of Corn College TV Season 3 below.

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