Apr 24, 2014
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Read the latest crop reports from the fields across America! Also, submit your own comments.

April Crop Comments

Apr 21, 2014

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail CropComments@agweb.com) about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 4/21 - Platte County, Neb.: Big rain chances were a bust, was hoping for a rain to balance the fields out from being muddy along the fencelines and waterways after the snow last weekend. Will try to start planting Tuesday if conditions will work. Been really dry here since Oct 13 need rain but just seems they forcast rain days ahead and the closer it gets the farther away it is.

  • 4/21 - Hancock County, Ill.: 20% of counties corn is in and 2% of the beans are probably in.

  • 4/21 - Isanti County, Minn.: Had 25"" of Snow 16-17 April. Lakes still all frozen.

  • 4/21 - Douglas County, Kan.: I do not think that the freeze lasted long enough to hurt the wheat it dropped to 23* but it was almost sunrise at that time. Little corn planted but not much. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/21 - Southern Knox County, Ill.: More anhydrous and chems going on, but few have dared to plant corn. The soil is just too cold. We won't plant until the leaves on a burr oak tree are the size of a squirrel's ear...and right now, there's only the smallest bud. It's going to be another week for us.

  • 4/21 - Saginaw County, Mich.: 450 acres of sugar beets in the state then we got 2 inches of snow now waiting for warmer and dryer.

  • 4/21 - Clay County, Mo.: 4500 acres corn planted by tomorrow night in West Central Mo. What a difference a year makes, last year it was 400.

  • 4/21 - Southeast Iowa: NH3 being applied to some dryer fields. Worked some ground today but too heavy, although hope to seed it to alfalfa tomorrow. Soil temp at 7am of 48 degrees this morning, but with forcast it will rise quickly. Will see corn planted by middle of week if miss Monday's rain.

  • 4/21 - Jackson County, Iowa: Last Wednesday - Saturday there was a lot of field work done. NH3 , fertilizer and some preemergence spraying. Then we received 4-5" of rain Saturday night thru Sunday night. May be able to get back into fields today(Friday ). There will be some planters running to the south today . Some of those guys only received 1-2".

fertilizer anhydrous  
-- Jackson County, Iowa

(Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 4/21 - Meeker County, Minn.: We got 14 inches of snow yesterday. There is still ice in most of the lakes. It looks like 2011 and 2013 all over again. Both years had below average corn crops. With $2.00 plus propane and the problems we had last year with getting it already considering earlier corn varieties. Unless this weather turns soon there will be more soybeans planted here and north.

  • 4/21 - Northeast North Dakota: Still very chilly here in upper North Dakota ground is froze and what little water that is left from snow melt is frozen in little ponds. People are trying to get ready but machinery still has snow in it and still froze to ground. We had a low of 16 last night and projected low of 24 tonight. Weather forecast shows warming but with increased chances of rain/snow. Rural water is still having problems of frozen water lines we have frost depths of over 8 feet. It going to take some nice warm weather to get ground ready up here. My guess were still two weeks at best from major field work is done here.

  • 4/17 - Southern Morrison County, Minn.: 10" of snow yesterday. Going to be 2 weeks before we get back in the fields barring anymore more precipitation. Late springs=poor yields. 2011 was the exception, however so maybe it will be another year like that.

  • 4/17 - Wilkin County, Minn.: We missed the snow that everyone around us got. (Case County ND just on Wilkins northwest boarder) Monday and Tuesday morning we spread fertilizer on frozen ground. No more field activity until next week.

  • 4/17 - Custer County, Neb.: We received snow and a little rain on Sundays blizzard. It was a tough day for the cows and baby calves. I am working through the stress that it put on the younger calves now. Have to keep a good eye on them. I would say the crop progress in this area is behind normal. Not a lot of preparation done yet. However, we have about 60% of our strip tilling done. No corn in the ground (it is still early for that here). I am planning on seeding alfalfa tomorrow. My goal is to start planting corn on Monday.

  • 4/17 - Brown County, Wis.: 1 3/4" rain last weekend followed by 33" snow on Monday. 25 this a.m. Spring is just not happening this year-finishing up our 6th month of winter. Will be doing a lot of praying-the only hope we have left! LOL!

  • 4/17 - Meeker County, Minn.: At least a foot a snow on the ground and it is still snowing! Another 2-4 inches are in the forecast. I had hoped to plant corn in 2 weeks but I think that is now out of the picture. Still have frost in the ground also.

  • 4/17 - East Central Mo.: Drove west on I-70 to Columbia, MO saw a 300 acre field planted. My neighbor planted 40 acres in Montgomery Co. Heard of St. Charles, MO bottoms being planted. all got snow and freezing temps. Still have a blanket on my seed in the shed!

  • 4/17 - Pondera County, Mont.: 4 inches of fresh wet snow here. Winter wheat is just starting to break dormancy. Spring Moisture has been pretty good so far. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/16 - Cass County, N.D.: No planting here yet.....10° this morning!!!!! Hoping to start seeding wheat in the next 10 days to 2 weeks. Soil temps need to warm up dramatically before any corn can be planted! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/16 - Madison County, Ohio: No field activity in the area. Still standing water in some fields. One inch of snow overnight into this morning. Low of 25 tonight.

  • 4/16 - Tama County, Iowa: I have 61 acres corn planted as of 4-12-14. 5% of my crop.

  • 4/16 - Tippecanoe County, Ind.: Soils are cold & wet, but ponding in fields is gone with less rain recently. Had nice surge in soil temperatures this weekend, but snow today & 30s, knocking it back. Absolutely zero fieldwork done here. Drier pattern after late this week may bring out some anhydrous applicators we hope.

  • 4/16 - Union County, Ohio: Very cold and snowy here this morning. It will be a while before field work as it was very wet before today.

  • 4/16 - Bay County, Mich.: Ditches opened up and water on fields went down then 2-3" rain this weekend and standing water again in fields. 25 degrees and the ground is covered with snow again this morning. IF it warms up soon we should be in the fields by the end of the month. Wheat fields have alot of dead areas due to winter kill and standing water. Not many fields look like they have potential for 100 bu/ac this year. Some wheat fields were top dressed this last week but all the rain didn't do it any good. Lots of ice on the Saginaw Bay will keep our temps cold if wind is coming of it. Will be an interesting year. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/15 - Berrien County, Mich.: 4-15 tax day 28 deg. this morning 1 in. snow it will be may 1 before we start any planting, maybe later. friday we saw a few spreader trucks moving but that has been it, idle again.

  • 4/15 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Close to a foot of heavy wet snow on Sunday-a blizzard with white out conditions for several hours. While I would have preferred rain, we desperately needed the moisture. The conditions made for a real long day calving, but the cattle should have grass to eat for awhile now. You learn to look for the good in every situation in our occupation. Safe planting to all.

  • 4/15 - Lowndes County, Miss.: April 14 and still wet and more rain coming. Virtually no field work done. Don't know if we will be able to plant corn this year or not.

  • 4/15 - Lancaster County, Neb.: First nice moisture in a long time 1-2 inches in area yesterday. Snow and cold and windy this morning with 25 predicted tonight 27 last night. Some planters rolling late last week will see how that corn turns out. Experience from 2 years ago is corn does not like to soak up cold moisture. Still way below on moisture with subsoil moisture very short, no tiles running this year. All fertilizer on and some pre-emerge. We planted 7 acres of corn Thursday just to check out planter and see how it does...?

  • 4/14 - Polk County, Iowa: It's April 14 and there is an inch of snow on the ground with 32 degrees and high winds. First meaningful rain yesterday amounted to a badly needed 2 inches. Many neighbors got started on pulling anhydrous and spreading fertilizer as the ground was dry ad working well. One field of corn planted. All of the frost is gone now, but the creeks were barely flowing and none of my tile lines had even a dribble. The rain and snow will help that, but there is a long way to go. Low temps predicted to be 25 tonight and then well below average for the rest of the week. Probably close to May 1 before seed should go into the ground.

  • 4/14 - Palo Alto County, Iowa: Looking at the 7 day forecast makes us wonder if it is March or April? Some rock picking and spraying started the last couple of days but very limited. Gonna be awhile before corn goes in around here. Snowing and 28 degrees at the moment.

  • 4/14 - Reno County, Kan.: Im just west of Hutchinson Ks. Some wheat fields getting blue spots from drought. Some hills and hillsides getting a yellow green tint to them probably from cold winter or wheat mites or both. Our weekend 80% chance of rain was all from Wichita to the east as seems the norm now days. Ive never seen a year that from field to field there was such difference in yield potential. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/14 - Yellow Medicine County, Minn.: Need rain badly!!

  • 4/14 - Southern Knox County, Ill.: On April 11, rode from Elmwood (25 miles west of Peoria)to Atkisson (up near I-80 and 30 miles east of the Quad Cities)and back though Galva (SE Henry County)...about 200 miles in total. Some anhydrous and chemicals being applied, but no great flurry of activity noted. Not one planter running and no planted fields were found. It's dry...

  • 4/11 - Catawba, N.C.: First corn planters rolling in the county this week but moving slow. We will start planting corn around the 20th of april. Hope everyone has a safe spring.

  • 4/11 - Henry County, Ohio: Very wet and cold. Nothing will be planted here till first part of May if then.

  • 4/11 - Northwest Ill.: Tiles are not running. Driest subsoil I have seen in decades. Last year we had above normal precipitation in April and late June which got us through less than 1/2 the normal precipitation the other months. Anhydrous went on yesterday even though we still have some frost in the ground in places. This winter's snow melted ran off the frozen ground. The Lord knew we would have an average of 70 bushel beans and 215 bushel corn last year and he knows what this years yield will be also. That is good enough for me. Every year is different and we all enjoy what we do.

  • 4/11 - Halifax, N.C.: Hear lot of burn down completed. Most have fix tobacco land. Then we received 2 more inch of rain Monday. After having better than 22 in. since october of 2013. Should be getting back in the field today.

  • 4/11 - Jackson County, Iowa: Field activity is ramping up. A lot of fertilizer being applied. Some preemergence herbicide getting started. A lot of gas going on. Sounds like areas around us are still a little too wet.

anhydrous crop comments   anhydrous field crop comments
-- Jackson County, Iowa

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  • 4/10 - Morehouse Parish, La.: Corn planting has been slow, cold, and very wet. We received 6.5 in. of rain Sunday and a lot of corn went under water. I think that we are down by 25% on corn planted acres.

  • 4/10 - Ward County, N.D.: Winter kill in this area is severe! I have never seen such a large complete loss due to winter kill before. Winter kill is around 100% damage in all fields in this area. Stubble cover and maturity of the plants did not make a difference. It is 60 degrees and no sign of anything greening up. There is no sign of life in the crown of the plants. The fields smell like silage or rotting plants just driving past them on the road. The polar vortex this winter was just to much on it. Below normal temps are forecast for all of April and May. This will make for planting delays for spring seeded crops. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

winter kill 
-- Ward County, N.D.

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  • 4/9 - Giles County, Tenn.: 100 acres planted, soil temp 59, good moisture, look for emergence in 7 to 10 days.

  • 4/9 - Buter County, Neb.: Well, it's been cold and Very Very Dry winter. I didn't even have to use the snowblower this year. No rain just few drops of rain or a 1/4 inch of snow with each system. I seen a guy running his pivot on some hay ground today. Never seen that before at this time of year. Want to start planting about the 20th but not sure if we should plant into the dry soil or wait for rain?

  • 4/8 - Wilkin County, Minn.: Fields drying out nicely. Once drainage ditches open fieldwork will start soon after. Could see wheat and sugar beets going in next week on fields without tree lines. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/8 - East Central Iowa: Very limited activity started Monday. was able to work some ground that is going to be seeded down to alfalfa. Would not want to do much more, just fit enough to get ready for seeding. Did hear of some guys starting nh3.It would have been really nice to get that inch of rain last week to draw all the frost out of the ground.

tillage east central iowa crop comments  tillage east central iowa crop comments1
-- East Central Iowa

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  • 4/7 - Buffalo County, Neb.: We finally received some much needed rain over the last 24hrs...about .35 or so, and the temps are forecast to warm up by the middle part of the week. My wheat has finally started to green up. There are some thin spots, but it looks good over all. We are still plagued by gusty winds about every other day, so more rain is desired. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/7 - McLeod County,Minn. : After watching AgDay on 4/07/14, the analysis was talking about high frequency trading and there was no worries about trading. It's ok that someone else can see a report micro seconds before anyone else does and apparently that's fair to everyone else who's trading? I wonder if it would be fair to everyone who bought a mega millions lottery ticket but because I have a hft computer I could see the numbers right before anyone else and win the lottery? After all everybody was able to buy a ticket right? By the way did the computers that trade this stuff come right out of the box knowing how to trade the stock market or the grains or whatever you want, or did someone program the computers and tell it what to do? This is supposedly a fair playing field right? How is it different than someone who takes an illegal drug in sports like hgh or whatever to gain an advantage on someone else? While this may be legal to do, I'm glad to see this corruption and manipulation is finally being exposed.

  • 4/4 - Southeast Ind.: Wheat finally greening up and it looks good for the most part. Had 4" of rain the past 3 days and everything is saturated. Looks a lot like a later than normal planting season in this area as we'd like to start on corn around April 15th. Soil temp is only 44 degrees, so not in any hurry. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/4 - Richland County, Ill.: 1st 3 mo. of 2014,5.30". 1st 3 1/2 days of Apr. 4.68". It'll be last half Apr. before tillage begins. Wheat is green, but behind in growth. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/4 - Dallas County, Iowa: Supposed to have 1" plus rain in the past 3 days. Received less than one tenth. Soils very dry and we need those spring rains to start greening up the grass. Frost is pretty much out, except in north facing sheltered areas. 28 degrees this morning with 28 forecast for tomorrow as well. No field work being done as yet, but hoping to pull anhydrous late next week.

  • 4/4 - Pike County, Mo.: April 2 & 3, 5 in. rain, thats enough.

  • 4/4 - Southeast Minn.: 26 degrees and 4-5" fresh snow this morning.

  • 4/3 - East Central Iowa: Nothing happening around here yet. Still have a little snow in some ditches. Here of some water lines that have not thawed out yet. We were supposed to get between an 1 - 1 1/2" of rain this past 3 days, only received a couple tenths. Anybody doing dirt works says it's pretty dry once you get down couple feet. There is a lot of corn and beans heading to town, beings there is no field work. May see some field activity Monday, weather pending.

    grain trucks
    -- East Central Iowa

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  • 4/3 - McPherson County Kan.: Winterkill and drought taking a major toll on the winter wheat here. Much more dead wheat than I've ever seen. Some wheat looking good but needing some moisture. Overall crop condition is Poor to Fair. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/3 - Southern Knox County, Ill.: Brutal winter. Nothing happening here. Soils just started to dry out and a one inch rain came through. Looking at the forecast, we won't start making any real progress toward putting in a crop until mid-April...and that's being optimistic.

  • 4/3 - Seward County Neb.: Snow in the forecast for this evening. Total total precip for the calendar year 0.82". Cold/Dry winter. Soil temp 39 degrees at 4 inches, 38 degrees at 12 inches, 39 degrees at 24 inches. Anhydrous is on and ponds are drying up. Migratory birds kept flying north because of no water to roost in. Weeds hardly growing. Off to a great start here!!!


  • 4/2 - Berrien County, Mich.: Walked a farm on 4/1 that shouldn't have able to. I was amazed at how dry it was, forcast is for a lot of rain-2.5 inches. Maybe it will drive the frost out.

  • 4/2 - Lamar, Colo.: Another day in paradise .... ferocious wind/dirt storms continue ... 2012, 2013, 2014 in S/E Colorado. -- Without any significant rain, over a period of YEARS, the dirt is like "brown flour", any amount of wind (5 mph - 75 mph) causes DIRT STORMS throughout the region. While our elected officials can't make it rain, there are a number of measures (State & National) that could be taken to ease the extreme DROUGHT - DUST BOWL stress on agriculture producers in S/E COLORADO:
    Waive USDA/NRCS mandates, requiring farmers to disc CRP acres (destroying ground cover & loosening more dirt to blow) Waive costly CO State registration fees for farm vehicles, that have remained parked (for years) USDA/FSA agencies quit working against farmers and denying eligible disaster benefits to drought stricken producers

  • 01 Grass Land blowing April 25 2013   07 2013 02 09 County Rd DD closed by Dirt Drifts
    -- Lamar, Colo.

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  • 4/2 - Southwest Okla.: I farm southwest of Enid, Oklahoma, 45 miles!!! Have wheat and canola !! Canola is holding up better than wheat... Had 2.5 inches rain late November 2013 and then nothing until 3 weeks ago had .05 tenths!! Chance for storms today 2nd of April ... Wheat curling real bad in this heat and turning blue. Satellite view shows small green area here and a few county's south to red river, rest of the state still shows brown!!! Western Kansas, western Oklahoma, western and central Texas brown by satellite map???? Wheat futures down 70 cents???? Taking out long positions!!! Robbery at its best. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 4/1 - Norman County, Minn.: Blizzard here yesterday. Got about 6" of new snow. 20 degree high today. no planting here for awhile.

  • 4/1 - Fillmore, Minn.: Long cold winter has dominated this year. Still some snow on north facing bluffs and in the wind blown areas. We hit 60 yesterday and back to 25 this morining with strong winds. Looking at accuweather this morning, it looks cold for the next two weeks, with highs in the 40's. Last year we seeded oats/alfalfa the 29th of April and started planting corn on the the 8th of May. Latest ever for us. Hoping not to set a new late planting record this year.


March Crop Comments

Mar 31, 2014

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail CropComments@agweb.com) about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 3/31 - Sargent County, N.D.: Out like a lion, that’s how March left us. Blizzard conditions will set spring planting back at least another week. Yuck. More snow to shovel in the morning. Frost was out a few inches. 40-50 mph winds has piled the snow up and that makes such a mess. No early start expected here so less wheat is the most likely result. Good luck to those with newborn calves. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 3/31 - Adams County, Neb.: In south central Nebraska, the drought of 2014, makes the drought of 2012 look like a boyscout picnic.

  • 3/31 - Western Walsh County, N.D.: We still had snow drifts in the tree rows and farm yards, with some patches left on the fields after a couple days of melting. But today is an old fashioned blizzard with up to a possible 15 inches of snow. Our bigger equipment that has to sit outside is still frozen into snow drifts. Certainly doesn't feel or look like spring yet.

  • 3/31 - Stearns, Minn.: 2012 was our earlist planting and our best crops. Last year was our latest plantings and one of our worst crops. This year is colder and wetter than last year. Makes me feel a bit negative. On the bright side, I sold Holstein steers for $1.43 live weight last week!

  • 3/31 - Lancaster County, Neb.: Dry, dry, dry, windy, windy, windy, and mostly cold, cold, cold, with a warm day now and then. Nh3 going on and saw the coop spraying on some pre Everything very brown and fires have been a problem, hasn't been this windy in a lot of years sometimes we have corn planters running by the 4 or 5th that will not be the case this year. Lay in some tile for terraces and some moisture there but not very much will need significant rains to replenish subsoil moisture. Corn and bean basis firming, heard that ethanol plant margins are very good.

  • 3/31 - Montana: Pretty disappointed. I'm sure much more crops are grown in Montana and Wyoming than in New York and Pennsylvania...probably Louisiana and Mississippi too. But don't bother to mention us or take us into account to help us out. I'll happily avoid further publication from you. Thanks for nothing

  • 3/28 - East Central Missouri: Lots of field work done around here, NEMO, & WCIL. We did get .5 inch rain finally 3/27. Last rain event over an inch was August 10, 2013! That drought monitor map ain't lying.

  • 3/28 - Lancaster County, Penn.: Hauling manure last evening and was still hauling on partially frozen ground. 3 years ago rye was being put into the silo on the same date at an adjoinging dairy farm.

  • 3/28 - Custer, Neb.: Not much field work done here. Pivot tracks are filled. Some ends are disked down ready for the strip till machine. Our equipment is ready...waiting for the weather to straighten out. On the cattle side, we are over half done calving. We have had really good luck with minimal death loss. From what I hear in this area, everyone is similar. I think the high calf prices are encouraging people to do there best.

  • 3/28 - Gage County, Neb.: 2 years ago we had already mowed our lawn. This year nothing is very green yet including the wheat. I don't think it will do anything until we get some rain. very dry here, even the henbit and chickweed are slow to green up. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 3/27 - Trempealeau County, Wis.: I have been reading all these comments from analyst about early planting and early planting dates are coming up quick and late planting. The only date that is important is the optimum planting date for the area that you live and farm in and only after that date happens should we even start talking about late planting. Just look back to 2012 when we had the earliest planting ever how good did that that worked out for everyone that planted early.

  • 3/27 - Winnebago County, Iowa: Low of 8 Sunday morning, still big drifts in groves and along tree lines. Reports of Frost 5 and 6 foot deep with frozen water lines and this morning it is snowing and 19. I think we maybe hit 50 once so far in March otherwise highs of 33-35 and lows in the teens. The NWS is predicting below normal temps for the next 90 days. Does not look good for timely corn planting in 3 to 4 weeks. I know weather can change fast, but this below normal trend has been persistent and we need it to change soon if we’re going to have a timely planting season.

  • 3/27 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Another very windy, dusty day here in central NE. It's been awhile since we had such a windy year. There are 40mph gusts on a regular basis this year. There is moisture below the surface of the ground, but the top 2" are bone dry and move which ever way the wind happens to be blowing. The temps have been very erratic as well. I am still waiting to see if my wheat has survived the winter. We have a couple of warm days that try to make it green up, followed by several frigid ones that burn it back. It appears that we will have another "interesting" year. Good luck to all. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 3/26 - Just South of I-70, Ill.: Been a winter for the record. I have been out near every day walking the fields this winter. The soil is drier than any year I can remember in 20 here. The frost has broke up a lot of surface compaction. If average rain, should get in two weeks earlier than normal about April 15. According to my diary, the soil condition most reminds me of the years 1992,1994,1997,2000,2001 all good years and fast plant. So here we go another year.

  • 3/26 - Falls Co. Texas: Corn planted and starting to emerge. Very cold winter and early spring so far. Very dry here with winter wheat jointing and cracks in the fields. Some freeze damage to wheat on 3/18 because of 17 degrees and ice from freezing rain. Hope you guys in the corn belt will keep the corn acres reasonable. We are in a corn/cotton/wheat rotation for years so let's all do what we can to keep the corn price up. We have tried to grow beans here but can only make 20-25 bu in a good year. Too hot!!! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 3/25 - College Station, Texas: Though it may seem like a return of Dust Bowl days to some Texas High Plains farmers and ranchers, we’re not there yet —at least not quite, according to Dr. John Neilsen-Gammon, state climatologist, College Station. However, this week’s reports from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service county agents do give evidence of some very difficult working conditions for producers in the Panhandle, South Plains and Rolling Plains regions. Mark Brown, AgriLife Extension agent for Lubbock County, reported only a trace of moisture for March with sustained high winds and gusts of 58 mph on March 18 accompanied by blowing dust.


dust storm

-- Near Canyon, Texas

(Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 3/24 - Central, Neb.: Well, a few guys trying to fertilize. But our cold nights are putting in serious frost. It has been a long winter here. Just cold and dry. Talked to relatives out in western Neb., and they think this wheat crop is gone. I don't believe out here the ethanol plants are having problems getting rid of ethanol. They are all grinding over 100% and the rail cars come and go. Lots of corn has gone to town. Don't think the crop was as big as the trade wants us to think it was. Lots of guys here are finding out your corn yields aren't that great when it's continuous corn on corn. It's this thing called root worms. And it's becoming a serious problem. Last but not least. I agree with the man from Michigan. I'd like to see a list of farmers names who are letting the usda into their fields. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)


  • 3/24 - Bay County, Mich.: Snow melting slowly here with water all over the fields. The most water I have seen on fields in 40 years. Ditches starting to open up so water should start going down soon. Some wheat fields 1/3 covered with ice and water. Temps to be in 50's by weekend. Hope snow is gone by next week!Sugar beet and corn planting will be the end of April 1st of May.This is like years ago on a normal year.We have been spoiled the past 10 years.Hope you all have a safe year. Plant your normal crop rotations one crop will make you money and the rest will or break even as I see it. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 3/23 - Western Wis.: "Freeborn County" One question then did your neighbor plow it up for row crop or put it into hay, pasture or sorghum? I'm sure if he was into soil conservation and it was marginal ground he didn't go after the big cash rent crops and seeded it down right?
  • 3/23 - Adams County, Neb.: 2014 crop mix few more beans, a little less corn, no major shift

  • 3/23 - Somerset County, Pa.: 50% corn 40%beans 10% oats

  • 3/22 - Polk County, Iowa: Frost out of the top 8 inches where the ground is bare, not so much where the ground is covered. Need those spring rains badly as the ground is very dry. With below freezing temps expected for the next 4-5 days, it looks like we'll easily be 3-4 weeks later than average, getting into the field.
  • 3/22 - Newfolden, Minn.: 8:00 this mourning had a blizzard yesterday not much snow but wild wind white out conditions. getting ready for calving season. can't haul any grain, elevators are full no rail cars, bases level's out the window, cash grain is lower now than 3 weeks ago even with the increase in futures. hoping for some warm weather.
  • 3/22 - East Carroll Parish, La.: Corn was planted quickly last week during a 48 hour window. Planters ran til after midnight. Still a lot left to plant. Cold fronts show up every 5-7 days with rain, and cold winds following. At least the crappie are biting, and the gobblers are gobbling.
  • 3/22 - Walsh County, N.D.: About 70% of the snow has melted out of the fields, but tree rows and farm yards are still holding huge snow banks. Tomorrow morning temps will be 5 below zero. Spring seems like a long way off, but as we all know, it can change quickly.

  • 3/22 - Lac Qui Parle, Minn.: 9 degrees this morning. pretty cold for the 2nd day of spring. Really dry here. Need some rain this spring.

  • 3/21 - Central Indiana: Snow all gone except a little in a few ditch banks but we still have frozen water lines. It's interesting to hear the experts on "AgDay" talk about how big the carryover is going to be when we get done harvesting the crops this fall! Now there is no doubt that we do grow better crops today with all the new technology in the seed and all the high tech equipment that we are using but this whole crop is still in the Lord's hands. I know that west of the Mississippi River the land is very dry and that area is a huge crop area so unless the Lord decides to bless those farmers with much needed moisture we all know that the experts will be out to lunch just like they usually are and to think that farmers subscribe to there advise is unreal to me. Only in a perfect world will that even be possible this year in my opinion and guess what I have an opinion just like the experts do. Good luck to everybody in this 2014 growing season and please stay safe on the farm.
  • 3/21 - Chouteau County, Mont.: According to FAPRI, wheat prices will average in the $5 range for the next 10 years. Seems like a good time to retire. Dont think I would encourage my son or daughter to raise wheat at so called "break-even prices," either. Maybe seed everything to grass and buy cattle. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)
  • 3/21 - Western Wis.: "Freeborn County" One question then did your neighbor plow it up for row crop or put it into hay, pasture or sorghum? I'm sure if he was into soil conservation and it was marginal ground he didn't go after the big cash rent crops and seeded it down right?
  • 3/21 - Berrien County, Mich.: As our margins tighten the experts tell us were we should cut expenses, what about the U.S. government? They just borrow more. They could cut trillions if they needed to. Input suppliers could take a little burden also. It will be a late spring here could be may before any corn goes in the ground.

  • 3/20 - Stearns County, Minn.: 15-20" snow on the ground yet and huge snowbanks. Supposed to be below zero again this weekend. This is looking just like last year and the crop was a dud last year but crop insurance saved me. At least getting some stuff finally hauled.
  • 3/20 - Morrison, Minn.: 10" new snow, over 2' on the ground
  • 3/20 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: Drove to Dodge City, KS over the weekend. Wheat mostly out of dormancy. Windshield survey on 2 routes down and back. Lots of corn in open piles at more than a few elevators. Wheat mostly looked pretty good.
  • 3/20 - Stanislaus County, Calif.: Very dry here. No planting corn in rain moisture pre-irrigating with limited water resources. Irrigating oats and wheat. Starting to chop. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 3/19 - Freeborn County, Minn.: In respond to the comments from Buffalo County Nebraska: We only have the polititions for this. On a farm that we have rented for years with CRP in the mix had to pull out at the end of contract since it did not meet the new rules. The owner was not happy.

  • 3/18 - Sumner, Kan.: Got 1/2" rain then winds blew, no fields lost any soil but it has been on some late wheat. Some wheat looks good and some not too good. You farmers with all that fancy tech stuff on your combines that know all, well USDA will know your bushels before you get it to town, another big brother watching.


  • 3/18 – Henry, Ohio: 10 degrees here this morning. Wheat still partially covered with ice and snow. Saw two fields being top-dressed. Not sure why. No warm weather forecasted soon. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 3/17 - Dallas County, Iowa: Days of 50 degree temps and bright sun has melted the snow drifts and everyone is feeling relieved. But other than raising pond water levels, very little has been done for our "drought" conditions. After the ice went off the creeks and rivers water levels reverted back to mid-summer levels. The top 24 inches of the ground may have moisture, but it's dry below that. We are going to need steady, slow and consistent rains to replenish soil moistures around here.

  • 3/16 - Dallas County, Iowa: Snow is gone except for a few ditches. More on the way tonight they say. I wish the seed companies would be banned from giving out seed sales to the USDA. I've been told that's how they get their acres to be planted. May be wrong. But have you ever been surveyed in the winter? Or, it could be a guess and they talk with the funds to get their ideas.

  • 3/15 - Buffalo County, Neb.: I'm with "Western Wisconsin." Pasture land around here continues to be torn up an converted to crop land. I wonder where those people think the animals that eat the corn and gluten are going to come from? The government has made crop insurance way too lucrative and easy to obtain. And WHEN, not if, we need another "soil bank, CRP" those tools will be the first ones in line with their hands out for aid. We are our own worst enemies. Just my 2 cents.

  • 3/14 - Dickinson County, Kan.: Wheat in our area trying to break dormancy, but there is more winterkill in this area than I have seen in the last 30 years. Winterkill seems to be more prevelant in some of the Clearfield varieties, but it is not confined to them. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)
  • 3/14 - Charlevoix, Mich.: Two days above freezing, then back below zero for lows.
    Water line to barn froze three weeks ago, drain field line froze this week. First time ever. Two to three feet of snow in the fields. It's going to be a late spring.
  • 3/14 - East central Iowa: Was able to scrape yards down to the cement for the first time since the middle of December. The warmest we have been so far is 50F. Still have a little bit of snow in the fields and a fair amount in the road banks. I still think guys around here will plant more corn depending on how the spring plays out. There was virtually no field work done or fertilizer applied the last fall. A lot of corn and beans are going to town. Hearing of a few bins going out of condition. Ready for 80F!

  • EC Iowa 031514a EC Iowa 031514b EC Iowa 031514c
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 3/13 - Douglas County, Kan.: We are not changing our normal rotation, which is some wheat (depending what we can get planted in fall) then all the rest divided between corn and beans as close to ½ and ½ as possible, right or wrong no one knows. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)


  • 3/12 - Fillmore County, Neb.: Don't you think it's funny that everything seems to be going along just fine. Exports are going well, ethanol plants are making money, feeders are making money, grain prices are on the rise. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere China's economy is slipping, another famous USDA report (or lack there of as always), China plays the "maybe we'll cancel or maybe we won't or maybe we'll cancel this week and buy back twice as much next week on the break that we created with the dumb Americans." How many times are we going to play this game?
  • 3/12 - Southeast Minnesota: Two years ago seeding oats and alfalfa here. Today, not this year. Blowing snow to haul manure instead though.


  • 3/11 - McLeod County, Minn.: To the comment from Steuben Co N.Y, I also remember the so called "experts" saying sell all your beans because China's going to cancel beans because of SA record crop that's coming. Were a week into March and have seen very little in the way of cancellations and now SA crop isn't so big after all and now that most of the beans are out of the farmers hands beans have been going up. What a surprise.It's been laughable or should I say flat out embarrassing how wrong they've been. The truth is they don't know anymore about what's going to happen than we do and if they did they wouldn't tell us any way. They want you to think they do so you call them up, buy their newsletter and get you to do some trading with them so they can make a extra buck off you at the casino. To the comment from Barron Co Wis, it's beyond me to why farmers would tell the usda anything, all they do is use it against us and if they don't like the info they get they just make something up to keep the markets in check.
  • 3/11 - Saskatoon, Canada: Spring melt has begun, 20 degrees Fahrenheit in the daylight, frost 8’ to 12’ deep in the soil. Won’t be in field until May. Acres are not decided yet, big crop in 2013 is still on farmyard or stuck in elevators.
  • 3/11 - Todd County, Minn.: Corn left in the field last fall was 25% moisture with a test weight of 51. March 10 moisture 15.5 with a test weight of 54. I guess the cold was good for something.


  • 3/10 - Emmons County, N.D.: Some corn left to harvest, some were combining last week, sounds like it is still very wet. Some reports that water lines buried 8 feet are froze. The temps have warmed to 55.
  • 3/10 - Billings, Mont.: Wet/cold weird weather this winter, 50 degrees one day, 20 below the next! The cattle are really going through the feed just to maintain. The corrals are a complete mess, way to wet here. I am sure the daily gain is shot this last month! People don't think we may have less cattle on hand in USA, but it has been way colder than normal this winter across whole cattle feeding states and that takes a lot more corn use than with a mild winter to feed cattle/hogs/chickens/turkeys, etc ... you still think we will have a surplus of corn everywhere? Just what I think! Last 5 years at this time we have started planting barley and done by March 15th but will be lucky to start by April 15th this year, but the moisture is welcomed!
  • 3/10 - Yolo County, Calif.: Started out dry dry. Had to start irrigation about halfway though second irrigation and got some good rain crop looks very good.


  • 3/6 - Fayette County, Texas: March 1st, 70degrees, planted corn. March 3rd ice on the ground March 7th maybe plant some more.
  • 3/6 - Franklin County, Ind.: Still waiting for the soil to thaw.
  • 3/6 - Steuben County, N.Y.: Was out in my corn field. 1 foot of ice, not snow over it. Looks like a big storm next week will bury it under more. Has anyone else noticed the corn price? For having such a huge carryover how do you explain it being up 2% today again and near $5? Seems I remember "experts" saying sell at $4 before it goes to $3. Am I the only one who does not think there is much out there?
  • 3/6 - Pieres, Argentina: Harvesting sunflower crop. 3 ton/ha. Will soon be starting beans and corn. Summer weather has been fair, yields should be at or above average.
  • 3/6 - Barron County, Wis.: Why would anyone tell usda how many acres they are going to plant and what they're going to plant so they can manipulate the price!!!
  • 3/6 - Parana, Brazil: Many agencies are predicting a soybean crop in Brazil around 87 mi tons, from the initial estimate of 91 mi tons. But according to official figures estimated by agriculture agencies from different states, the crop will be much lower. And I am talking only about official numbers.

    The department of agriculture of Paraná announced a lost of 2.1 mi tons, and said this is not final. They did not measured the loss of weight on the grains, only the loss of pods per square meter. The department of agriculture of Rio Grande do Sul announced a lot of 2 mi tons due to the extreme heat a drought. The department of agriculture of Goias announced a loss of 1.3 mi tons. The department of agriculture of Mato Grosso do Sul estimate a loss of 1 mi ton.Only there the size of the loss is 6,4 mi tons. And I did not count the losses in Mato Grosso (too much rain in the harvest time), Bahia (severe drought for 30 days), Minas Gerais (30% losses), São Paulo (drought), Piauí and Tocantins.

    For the Brazilian farmers and traders it is certain we will not reach the amount of 80 mi tons. We had the most devastating drought and heat wave on the record, and right at the time the pods were being filled. Farmers are selling only the necessary to buy groceries because we know sooner or later the truth will have to come up. There won't be enough beans for everybody.

    It's going to be a wild time until the U.S. harvest.


  • 3/4 - Berrien County, Mich: 20 degs below normal 90 day forecast below normal could be a cold planting season here. Think maybe that will get us to 5.00 corn it seems as if the 2013 crop wasn't as big as thought.
  • 3/4 - Western Wisconsin: Just so everyone knows if we plant more then 91m ac of corn and 78 of beans and don't put some of these ac back into pasture or hay act. We only have ourselves to blame for no profit and low prices unless mother nature bails us out again!
  • 3/4 - Stearns County, Minn.: Planting 50% Corn, 35% soybeans, and 10% small grains.

  • 3/3 - Norman County, Minn.: Too cold. Corn prices are too low. Just soybeans and wheat this year. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)

  • 3/2 - Palo Alto County, Iowa: It's looking like another late spring for us. Neighbors 4 foot deep waterlines are frozen and reports of frost as deep as 6 foot according to local well company who have been swamped with service calls of frozen lines. Combine that with forecasts of below normal temps for April and first part of May it's not looking good.
  • 3/2 - Southeast Indiana: Another Sunday of ice/snow and church cancellations. While spring could arrive quickly, its hard to imagine anything but that this will be a late planting season. Thus crop mix will be a last minute decision on 35% of our acres.


  • 3/1 - Western Wisconsin: We are going back to a more normal ratio of 60/40 corn to beans last year and 2012 it was 80/20. We are also seeding down 100ac back into hay ground for selling cash hay that was marginal ground. If farmers like myself included want to enjoy profitable farming we all need to switch a few acres out of corn/soybeans or we can all just look in the mirror to blame the people that flooded the market with product. If we plant 91 million ac. of corn and 78m of beans we will all make money, plant 95m and 81m we will all suffer unless a drought saves us again. Just my 2 cents.
  • 3/1 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Extremely cold with little snow forecast for this weekend. The wheat has no snow cover again, I wonder how it will look when it finally warms enough to start to green up? If it winter kills, I will plant the field to corn, and switch a previously planned field to beans from corn. I will plant about a 50/50 rotation. We continue to be dry. Not sure how that will translate when it comes to pasture utilization this season. Good luck to all. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)
  • 3/1 - McLeod County, Minn.: 428,000 bean contracts traded 2/27/14. That's 2.14 billion bushels or roughly two thirds of our entire crop traded in one day? We supposedly only have 150 million bushels on hand. Anybody believe now that the funds are making the market and are in control? After all isn't it all about money flow? If you want to know where prices are headed ask the funds.




February Crop Comments

Feb 28, 2014

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail CropComments@agweb.com) about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 2/28 - White County, Tenn.: We'll plant 30% corn, 70% beans.
  • 2/28 - Harrison County, Iowa: Corn, corn, more corn and some soybeans. They are pushing out timber and farming the road ditches. Conservation has been set back 40 years terraces and waterways are ripped out and rows run up and down impossible slopes too steep for a cow to walk up. It makes me sad. I own small century farm going to all alfalfa and oats.


  • 2/27 - Appling County, Ga.: Cotton is biggest crop followed by peanuts and then comes soybeans and corn with blueberries then tobacco.
  • 2/27 - Sheridan County, Kan.: It is extremely dry here. Had a lot of cold & wind, very little snowfall. Will be planting same number of acres to corn.
  • 2/27 - Northern Indiana: Crop prices going wild, now that crop insurance is set, USDA: big crops, large carry-over, think I smell a RAT in the wood pile.
  • 2/27 - Walsh County, N.D.: It's hard to imagine, with today's -26F, plus a wind chill, that in 6 weeks we will be (should be) pulling equipment up to the shop and getting all excited about planting again. But God is good, and spring will come again. However, our excitment is cooled some when one realizes that is the last 18 months all our commodity prices have dropped by a full 33%, and our imput costs have not fallen.


  • 2/26 - Dallas County, Iowa: No offense to the tomato guy from Southwest Florida but those green things in the picture he sent in should be called something other than tomatoes. They maybe processed under "phenomenal standards" but those things are hard as rocks and have no flavor. I bet a lot of people don't have a clue what a real home grown tomato tastes like. I know they have to be harvested green but they sure as heck don't ripen into tomatoes when they get to a grocery store or on a fast food sandwich. They have no flavor, no juice, hard as a rock, and are an insult to a real tomato. Let's give them a new name. I wouldn't be proud of a product like that no matter how many I could sell!
  • 2/26 - Swift County, Minn.: 2014 acres, 50% less corn, all going to soybeans and dry beans.
  • 2/26 - Zumbrota, Minn.: After last nights snow storm we have some of the biggest drifts in the 17 years we’ve lived here. Clearing driveways, and moving drifts that cover cattle yard fences. About 10 to 12 inches of snow with 50 mph winds last night.

  • IMG 0783
    IMG 0787
    -- Southeast Minnesota

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 2/26 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: 8+ inches of snow here Saturday night. The county to the west had reports of 17". Another couple inches last night. The snow came pretty much without wind so the wheat is pretty well covered. Its also been pretty cold, lows below zero this morning. We have a couple of warmer days forecast for today and tomorrow, then highs in the 20's for another 10 days. Isn't global warming wonderful? Think how cold it would be without it.
  • 2/26 - Steele County, Minn.: We are looking at another cold wet spring like last year. That is the worst thing here. Bring back 2012, that was my most profitable year ever, like it hot and dry.


  • 2/24 - Trempealeau County, Wis.: Crops were 20% below normal for 2013 after record crops for2012. Will stay with 50/50 rotation this year. One more thing for the people who run AgWeb why do you post comments from a person from San Diego that only knows how to trade from the long side.
  • 2/24 - Harlan County, Neb.: Will plant 100% corn.
  • 2/24 - Parana, Brazil: Severe drought and temperatures above 104ºF fired up soybeans in most areas in Brazil during january and february. And now, for the past 15 days, Mato Grosso state is under water, and the forecast says it will continue for the next ten days. 45% of the soybeans has to be harvested there. Farmers are not selling the good beans they got first, saving it to blend with the mouldy grain they will harvest after the rain. The losses are huge all over Brazil. Some analists talking the size of the soybean crop will be 80 mi tons or less.


  • 2/21 - Steuben County, N.Y.: Have not seen my land in months. Our 150 year old church had its water main freeze up for the first time (8 feet down). One neighbor had his sump pump freeze. Now we hear that this new polar vortex will be the worst for the next 20 days since 1960. NOAA tells us to expect very slow warming this spring due to Great Lakes ice cover and predominately northwest winds. One wonders when the frost will come out, when we will dry out, and when our soil will hit 56 degrees. It looks like that might not be till June.

  • 2/21 - East central Iowa: Finally had some beautiful weather here Tuesday and Wednesday. Some of the cattle yards finally thawed out. A half inch of snow. We finally lost quite a bit of the snowpack. Processor took in over 600 trucks on Wednesday.

  • EC iowa 2 21 14a
    EC iowa 2 21 14b
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 2/21 - San Diego, Calif.: All you people in the east & midwest with all the excess snow & water--send it to California--Bone Dry out here! The massive record drought is going to send fruit & veggie prices way up this year all over U.S. (CA #1 producer), all over the U.S. Almond trees are being ripped out--buy your almonds now--price will double or triple!


  • 2/20 - Southeast Indiana: Snow is finally melting!! Know of a guy who had to fix a water main and bare ground was frozen 22" deep, will take a long time for ground to warm up this spring. But spring is just around the corner!
  • 2/20 - Berrien County, Mich.: 2/17 4ft snow drifts 2/20 thunder and lighting and rain only in michigan usda is going to use record numbers we should reporting record lows.


  • 2/19 - Freeborn County, Minn.: Just waiting for the next blast to hit. sound's like 9-12 inches. moved snow back and ready for it. can't even get equipment out to start spring prep.
  • 2/19 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Train after train it's going somewhere. Ground piles have left the horizon Small amount of farmers grain going to town to take care of taxes. Where are all the so called marketers that said we would have $3.50 corn. I have finally come to the conclusion that demand is outpacing supply globally. All we hear is how 2014 crop is going to be huge. And now some of the truth comes out about this grain rally. China hasn't cancelled all the grain. Brazils weather has turned hot and dry Even their own people are telling us it's not good. And here in the good ol USA. We got the eastern corn belt with increadable snow and out here we got drought. Looks like a real big crop comming on. If you wanna believe all the B S from the marketing groups come out here and we will sell you some ocean front property. And oh yea have a nice day.
  • 2/19 - Putnam County, Ohio: Best crop we've had in a long time.
  • 2/19 - Berrien County, Mich.: Just wondering if any FARMERS had any luck with the USDA or NASS on locating any of the governments fictitious 821 MILLION bushels of old crop corn we supposedly had on hand somewhere in the USA on September 1st of 2013???? Look around guys if the 2013 corn crop was the largest crop produced on record don't you think there would be ground piles everywhere you went???? There were more ground piles from the 2012 crop left at this time a year ago than there is now.... Interesting that the USDA lowered the new carryout to 1.481 billion on the February 10th report when at the end of December of 2013 they were talking of a 2.00 to a 2.20 billion bushel carryout... They still have a long ways to go to get to reality. This carryover will be less than 800 million if they would tell the truth from last year. Readers please post back if anyone had any luck in finding all that old corn on September 1st.. TRADERS. PROCESSORS.ENDUSERS and ELEVATORS. get all the corn you can get now before the pipeline gets dry again this summer....
  • 2/19 - Greene County, Ohio: Sunny and 45 snow. Melting and rain on the way preparing for high water.
  • 2/19 - Stearns County, Minn.: Over 3 feet of snow in the fields. Guys are getting stuck in the snow trying to haul manure. Spring can't come soon enuff.


  • 2/18 - Dallas County, Iowa: We are very fortunate to be farming in central Iowa. Cash rent seems to be very solid in that 350 to 450 range. Since that is common we must be doing very well. My only dilemma is.......how exactly do those guys pay that and make it work? Red ink isn't my favorite color. I hestitate to proclaim a drought here, but it is dry. 27 total inches of rain in 2013. Several times we had rains in excess of 3" that came so fast, all you could do is wave as the water rushed away, not down into the ground. I guess that still counts in the 27" total. Normal here is about 32" annually. Hey, it's all good though, we can sell new crop corn for about $4.25,give or take a quarter. I don't mean to sound pessimistic about 2014. I was going for flat-out negative! Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle throughout the entire ride and have fun kids!
  • 2/18 - Southwest Florida: Tomato harvest in full swing. 4,000 25 lb boxes/hr . Food safety standards are phenomenal. Wish consumers could see steps taken at this plant to guarantee quality product.

  • 2 16 14 tomato harvest
    -- Southwest Florida

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 2/18 - Kandiyohi County, Minn.: I enjoy the comments from the grain market analysts talking about how farmers like to plant corn. That may be true, with corn at $5.00+/bushel. With corn at $4.00/bushel, not so much. Especially with our costs spiraling out of control.


  • 2/14 - Lancaster County, Neb.: Yesterday sure felt good with temps in the 50's. Been a long, cold and very, very, very dry winter. We will need above average spring rains to recharge sub-soil levels and not the kind that send 3-5 inches in 2-3 hours like we have gotten the last couple of years. The area will maintain its 50/50 corn bean rotation for the main part works well for us in our dry land no-till operations. Trucking grain, shop projects and going to meetings have been the main focus of late.
  • 2/14 - Jefferson County, Ill.: The snow is still on the ground from the last snow storm we had about a week ago. It was 40 degrees here for the first time since November. It suppose to stay in the upper 30's for the next week but they are talking snow again today (Friday 14th). The snow can quit anytime now!
  • 2/14 - Mabton, Wash.: The Yakima Valley region of central Washington (Benton, Franklin, Klickitat and Yakima counties) – with 91 dairies and over 110,000 cows – is # 9 in the nation in milk production. Wa St being # 10 in total production. 8 inches of snow over the weekend of Feb 8th & 9th. A welcome site with temps in the 40s to low 50s exspected later in the week. Snow in the higher elevations will ease irrigation water shortage.


  • 2/10 - Butler County, Iowa: The biggest concern in 2014 is the drought again. We got dry again in 2013 towards the end of the growing season. We farm 1,000 acres. It will be roughly 50/50 corn-soybeans, when we have been heavy corn for many years.
  • 2/10 - Berrien County, Mich.: I think corn could go to $6.00 and grain still wouldn't start flowing, because if you borrowed to put the crop in and didn't have corn sold right, it takes 1.5 times as much corn as it did last year. Might be some surprises come spring.
  • 2/10 - East central Iowa: Trying to find a bright side to this cold and snowy winter. Well, here is the only thing I have found so far (see picture). We will have over 30 days of the below zero weather here so far this winter. Some people say, "Just think, it gets this cold in Alaska every winter." And my response to that is, "This isn't Alaska, this is Iowa!" People are running out of places to push snow. There will be a lot of fences to fix along the county roads. Cattle yards are becoming very snow packed along the bunks and in front of gates. Starting to hear of some issues with water lines freezing. Definitely can't wait till spring this year! As always, we will make it through.
  • EC Iowa 021014

    -- East central Iowa

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  • 2/10 - Ward County, N.D.: Winter wheat looks very poor. I haven't seen any fields yet that are going to make it in this area. I just booked soybean seed to replant the winter wheat acres that have failed. No snow and high winds and abnormally cold temps coupled with poor planting conditions took this wheat crop for 2014 out. No samples I have brought indoors and warmed up have been alive.
  • winter wheat ND 021014
    -- Ward County, N.D.

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  • 2/6 - Oliver County, N.D.: It has been a long cold winter. We have had lots of sub-zero temps. with not much snow fall. I am starting to wonder how this is affecting the winter wheat crop, not just in our area but nationwide. It has been bitter cold clear to Texas some days. Any thoughts??? (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)
  • 2/6 - San Diego, Calif.: This huge dip in the jet stream east of the Rockies that has brought record cold & snow to the eastern U.S. is going to flip. A warm, dry late spring & summer in the Midwest & Eastern U.S. By late summer, I expect record prices in grains. Don't sell, boys & girls.


  • 2/4 - Ottawa County, Kan.: Our crops are wheat, soybeans & milo. It is snowing pretty heavy right now. Forecasting 8 to10 inches. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com)
  • 2/4 - Piatt County, Ill.: A gallon of propane worth more than a bushel of corn. A year ago, did anyone imagine that could be possible? This is why most people get more cautious with age. The unbelievable occasionally does happen.


  • 2/3 - Central Indiana: Unloading corn out of grain bags has been a real challenge this winter. Despite the blue sky we have today it doesn't really explain the 40 plus inches of snow we have received here since the first of the year. We are just taking the weather here in stride and we when old man winter lets us be outside for a day then we clean up another bag of corn.

  • 2 3 14 central IN

    -- Central Indiana


    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 2/3 - Yakima County, Wash.: First report for Ag Web weather and crop update. Mabton Washington has been very dry this winter with reservoir levels at 60% or below and well below normal snow pack. Some are starting to worry but February and March have a history of bringing lots of snow to the Cascades. This has been the first week with sunshine in a month with cloud cover and an inversion over the valley the past three weeks. Expecting a dip down in the single digits this week with small amounts of snow falling over the Columbia Basin and Yakima Valley area. The triticale is well behind last year and will struggle to catch up in the spring. No reports of noticeable fruit tree damage as of yet. Wine grapes should be ok with a normal spring. Possible damage to the winter wheat crop with no snow cover any where. Farmers are starting to consider the possibility of a short water year when planning crop mixes for the 2014 season. Way to go Seahawks.

  • f 48 4 5857973 MtAdamsMar11Custom

    --Yakima County, Wash.


    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 2/3 - West central Minnesota: I’m starting to wonder about the price of nitrogen fertilizer and how it will be affect by the current LP price shock which will no doubtedly lead to a price shock in Natural Gas from which Anhydrous Ammonia and LP gas is made is made. We farmers seem to be getting flack for using LP gas to dry our corn crop and thus helping cause the shortage but very little is mentioned about the 1. Cochin Pipeline being down temporarily in Oct. and 2. we have record LP gas production and yet we had record LP gas exports in Oct. as well. As part of the "Cochin Reversal" when the Cochin Pipeline (in June 2014?) is no longer used to transport LP gas and instead used for transporting light sweet crude from Texas to Canada to blend with heavy oil from tar sand production I believe our energy woes will continue for the foreseeable future. And this will no doubtedly affect crop fertilizer production and our ability to affordably dry crops.


  • 2/3 - Brown County, Minn.: Why can't the farmer get prepaid for our products we produce? Every supplier wants to be prepaid.
  • 2/3 - Berrien County, Mich.: The feds say $8.00 corn wasn't working and $4.25 corn will keep most in business bottom line is that when we break even there's no income tax revenue. Just add another trillion. Ready for spring with all the snow looks like it mite be a wet one.
  • 2/3 - Dallas County, Iowa: Cold and high winds are one thing, but I'm really concerned about the subsoil moisture here in central Iowa. The frost seems to be going deeper than ever as buried water pipes that never had issues before are freezing and breaking. Also many 1 inch cracks in the ground. What does this portend for the coming year?
  • 2/3 - Appanoose County, Iowa: The Viptera trait is just a reason to cancel contracts with the U.S. They are using the same corn from other sources with the same traits and not said a word about it. It's just a way to cancel and buy cheaper later. I don't think It's fair to fault a company for bringing the best traits forward to improve yields for all producers.




December Crop Comments

Dec 30, 2013

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail CropComments@agweb.com) about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 12/30 - Laporte County, Ind.: Crops were very good in southern Laporte Co. this year, the low spot being some early planted beans in the high 40's but most everything else very good.


  • 12/30 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Just been reading of the record yield in Va. of 454 bu./A. I'm having a hard time with this. This would take a population of 50,000 and ears that ave. over 1/2 lb. at 15% moisture. I have weighed hundreds of shelled ears on my farm and at 30,000 pop it is hard to come up with .45 ears at 15% moisture. Sure some ears do but not the ave. I sure would like to walk out in a field to see what 454 looks like! You guessed it. My name is Thomas!


  • 12/30 - Central Michigan: Last week we had a major ice storm in central Michigan. Over 150,000 folks lost power and after a week of running the generator we finally got power back on.


  • 12/30 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Corn and beans being loaded out at a fast pace. Lots gong to CA and Mexico. CA has no grain ground piles being picked up. Trade has same old line of B S South America crop bird flu china cancels And oh yea the proverbial January report showing more corn and beans than ever. My friends in Wisconsin and northern Iowa would strongly disagree. 4 out of 5 landlords have agreed cash rents are coming down. The fifth is still share rent. That's all have a happy New Year


  • 12/30 - Wakefield, Neb.: We were blessed with above average dryland crops. Soybeans 55-65 bpa and corn 170-190 bpa. Farmers are making plans for next year. Sounds like we will be increasing bean acres and cutting back on corn. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  • 12 30 13 NE 2
    12 30 13 NE

    -- Wakefield, Neb.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 12/23 - Western Walsh County, northeast North Dakota: Merry Christmas to all. Harvest was 'officially' over for us on Dec. 13, with the last round of sunflowers going into the combine. Even with a mid-May start to field work this spring, it's been a very long season. Our 2014 crop plan isn't complete yet, but we will not make any big changes from our regular rotation. Barley acres will get cut to just a quarter or two, and we may change the mix of peas, dry beans and soybeans some. A percentage of new crop canola is priced, and some wheat hedged, but looks as if we could have been much more aggressive with new crop marketing. Easy to look back, isn't it?


  • 12/23 - Henry County, Ohio:  Almost three inches of rain along with the melting of six inches of snow should get the subsoil in good shape for next year. Still some corn and beans out if you know where to look.


  • 12/23 - Red Willow County, Neb.:  I have not raised any dryland corn in two years. Irrigated crops were limited as the state of Nebraska stole our surface water and limited groundwater pumping. Wheat came up this fall but is already out of gas. Nasty drought started in the fall of 2011 and shows no signs of stopping.


  • 12/23 - Manitoba, Canada: Lately, we've been getting emails from farm journalists who start by saying that this crop is one for the records. Then they ask what our yields are. If they already know that this was the biggest crop ever, why are they sending out these emails, asking about yields? Maybe they don't really know what the yields are and just keep repeating the same "Bin Buster" story, over and over again. With very good yields in some areas and very poor yields in other areas, maybe it was just an average crop. I can guarantee that not every farmer in western Canada had a bumper crop but it doesn't show in the statistics. It makes one wonder!


  • 12/23 - Dallas County, Iowa: To the farmer at Stueben Co. NY in reference to theft of seed corn genetics. My comments about protecting seed technology were centered on a very well publicized national news story about a group of foreign visitors who are accused of using various means to steal parent seed from major U.S. seed companies and smuggle that seed home. You are most correct in your opinion that it would be possible to obtain DNA from "Grain Corn" that they import from us. It would be an extremely high tech process to obtain that DNA. After that stolen information was obtained it would be very intricate and lengthy process to put it to use. That is hardly what we are talking about here. With all due respect, you totally missed my point. Let's do more to protect the precious genetics here on the home front. Allegedly these people came here and literally dug un-sprouted seed out of the ground and tried to illegally smuggle it home. Stealing kernels of parent seed is not the same as biosmashing the DNA genetics as you suggested they could do. One could "almost" admire that kind of ingenuity if that been the case. Instead this was just sneaky shoplifting.


  • 12/23 - Macoupin County, Ill.: Not all corn or soybeans are harvested in central Illinois! There are several thousand acres of flat corn to harvest here. There are also some beans left to harvest as well.


  • 12/23 - Allen County, Ind.: Corn ave. 188 BPA. Bean ave. 56 BPA. Pretty good for us we farm some rough ground. Weather was favorable, it turned dry in August. Rent and land prices still holding or climbing. Two parcels sold: 200 acres west of here $12,600 per acre, 360 east of us $11,600 per acre: all went to local farmers.


  • 12/23 - Cottonwood, Minn.: Our corn yields averaged 190 bu/acre. Soybeans averaged 56 bu/acre.

  • 12/20 - Ottawa County, Ohio: This year, we had 156 bu./acre corn and 46 bu./acre soybeans good crops for our ground. Have you guys in Michigan harvested all your crops? I heard there are crops up there to be harvested. Hope you are done if not good luck.


  • 12/20 - East central Iowa: I was kind of wondering myself if this website had been shut down. Winter is upon us. Last night we received a tenth of an inch of freezing rain and sounds like 5 to 10 inches of snow for Saturday night and Sunday. A lot of corn is going to town when the weather allows. Even though we don't like these lower prices compared to last 3 or 4 years, it definitely sparks demand from the ethanol and alcohol plants.

     Some producers must not be looking at the same market page that I use or they are using a different calculator when it comes to land rental rates. Shouldn't they be going down or at least staying the same?

    Picture is of two loads of corn stalk bales that are going to be used in a test run to make the inside core of doors for houses. It was taken 3 weeks ago before the snow arrived. Happy Holidays!!!

  • 12 20 13 IA

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 12/20 - Steuben County, N.Y.: To the farmer who wrote about protecting patented seed in foreign countries. You sell the corn and he plants it instead of eating it and makes seed out of it. Genetics lost. Even if every kernel is killed the DNA is still there. There is no way to protect it from lawless countries that we owe the farm to.


  • 12/20 - Clara City, Minn.:  Big bunker, small pile.   
  • 12 20 13 MN

    -- Clara City, Minn

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 12/19 - East central Missouri: It has been very dry. We finally got .8 inch of rain and then 5 inches snow on top of that. Merry Christmas and Happy prosperous New Year to all. May God continue to help us get through it again in 2014.


  • 12/19 - Dallas County, Iowa: Crop comments seem to stop when the current "growing season" ends. It seems we should still be vocal about the last crop produced as it gets marketed, as well as the pending crop that we are preparing to plant. Huge news with the alleged theft of seed corn technology. Farmer's sell a bu of corn for about 4 bucks. Seed companies charge us as much as $350 plus for 80K kernels of seed corn. Let there be no doubt that the seed corn is extraordinary in how much better it performs than ever before. Seed companies have no hesitation charging for the technological advances that have become so valuable to the industry. How about taking some new and innovative measures to PROTECT that technology. A Patent is like a strong lock on the front door....it only keeps out the honest people! It's time to stop inviting other countries over so we can show them how smart we are. They seem to want to take home too many "free samples" when they leave. Makes me wonder how often this has happened before and went unnoticed. When a foreign interest comes to our country (most likely invited ), fills their pockets with our trade secrets, and sneaks off to use it to their advantage, they not only rob the seed companies, they steal from all of America. Shame on them for doing it and shame on us for letting it happen. P.S. Funny they were only stealing the corn technology. Maybe that's because soybeans still yield the same as they did 40 years ago. Wonder why we pay 60 bucks a bag for them? Who's stealing from who when it comes to soybeans?


  • 12/19 - Texas:  With about 120,000 to 125,000 acres harvested, and about average yields, this year’s peanut crop is certainly much better than it has been the past few growing seasons, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert.

    "Starting off, it was geared to be an above-average year, but I feel a rough August cost us a little bit of yield," said Dr. Jason Woodward, AgriLife Extension plant pathologist and statewide peanut specialist, Lubbock.

    Peanuts require a lot of water, as much as 2 feet per acre, much of which usually comes from irrigation, he said. But given pumping costs and water table levels and the need for higher quality, growers also rely on rainfall to supplement irrigation, and August was drier and hotter than normal.
  • 12 19 13 TX

    After pollination, peanut flowers form a peg that rapidly grows downward and buries itself in the soil. (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Dr. Jason Woodward)

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 12/19 - Clarke County, Va.: We are snow and ice abound. Thankfully most all crops are harvested.

  • 12/9 - Billings, Mont.: COLD brrrr.... -20 below this morning field work for the year has officially stopped. There are still a few corn fields out there to combine but way too much snow on them for that, it might be spring! Hey USDA would that be a double crop than if went back to corn could maybe have 400 bushel yield!! LOL. Have a great and safe holiday!!! Happy New Year!!!


  • 12/9 - Shawano County, Wis.: Finished corn harvest today. Minus 19 @ 7:30 a.m. but combine was running by 9. A good crew running the equipment. Had some fueling problems but worked through them. Dry yields across all acreage appear to be about 160.
  • 12 11 13 WI 2
    12 11 13 WI
    -- Shawano County, Wis.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 12/2 - Texas:  Driving through Central Texas recently, Dr. Travis Miller said he saw a lot of green that wasn’t there this time last year. "There are certainly still some severely dry areas in the state," said Miller, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agronomist and Texas A&M University soil and crop sciences associate department head, College Station. "But over the last month to 60 days, we’ve had significant rainfall in a lot of Texas, and it’s made a lot of difference."

    The rains have perked up winter pastures and given wheat and oat crops a boost across much of the state, he said. The raised soil-moisture reserves, though still low in some areas, are much improved, giving farmers optimism for next year’s plantings.
  • 12 4 13 TX

    Icy, wet weather in West Central Texas brought much fieldwork to a standstill, but made for some great views. (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Steve Byrns)

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 12/2 - East central Illinois: Coles County is bone dry!  Field tiles have not run water since August. I dug down to fix an old tile hole and after the top foot it was hard and dry. My backhoe was having trouble breaking up the dry chunky ground.  Over 5 feet down and still hard and dry. The top 3 inches was frozen so even if we get a good rain it will just run off until the ground thaws.


  • 12/2 - Fillmore County, Minn.: Corn went 176 B/A and Beans went 50 B/A. Little disappointed in the corn. I thought maybe we would be in that 180-190 range when we were in the field this fall. However, considering what SE MN endured for weather this spring/summer, one should probably not complain. We are thankful and happy thanksgiving to all. Even the gas man made some money this year!


  • 12/2 - Trempealeau County, Wis.: The drought did us in. 30-60 bu. corn and hay yields near 2 T/A. Both are less than half to a third of what we usually get. You only need to go 10-15 miles away to get a totally different story.

  • 12/2 - East central Iowa: We finally finished the harvest of 2013. And for once I wasn't the last one or second to last one done. There are a few guys still trying to finish up. I would guess 2 or 3 days would finish just about everybody. Sounds like kind of a rainy and snowy week, followed by real cold weather moving in this weekend. Pit pumpers are also having trouble getting guys finished because of the real cold weather last week, just guessing there is 3 to 4 inches of frost in most of the cornfields.The end!
  • 12 2 13 IA 1
    12 2 13 IA 2
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 12/2 - Olmsted County, Minn.: Another good crop in southeast Minnesota. Soybeans were in the 60's and corn was in the 230's.
  • 12 2 13 MN
    -- Olmsted County, Minn.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 12/2 - Wallace County, Kan.: My crops are now all sold. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. In this day we live in much chaos and turmoil, but let us not forget what we can be grateful for. How fortunate we are to be born and live in this country.


  • 12/2 - Northern Stearns County, Minn.: Messed up year. Extremely wet until June 21, then no rain whatsoever until mid-September, then over a foot of rain this fall. 130 bu corn avg and 30 bu soybeans, much lower than average.


November Crop Comments

Nov 27, 2013

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail CropComments@agweb.com) about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 11/27 - Eau Claire, Wis.: If you need bin room, bring it to Wisconsin. There are a lot of empty bins and everybody wants to buy it.


  • 11/27 - Florida: I am a city slicker, but I want to thank all who helped us pray from weather suitable for good crops in 2013. This is our marvelous country-thank God for that. Let’s do this every year, God is listening to hear our yell.


  • 11/27 - Trempealeau County, Wis.: Finished corn harvest Sunday night @ 11:00 PM. All farm average on 575 acres @ 139 Bu per acre, 15% below APH. Considering how we looked in August, thankful we got the yields we did. Thankful for a safe harvest and for what we got! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  • 11/27 - East central Iowa: I was hoping to be done before thanksgiving. But with the 1 to 2 inches of snow on monday , that is not going to happen. Just have to remember, it could be worse. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!
  • 11 27 13 IA 1
    11 27 13 IA 2
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/27 - Wayne County, Neb.: Should finish up today if all goes well. Very good yields; soybeans 60 bpa and corn 190 bpa all dryland. What a difference a year can make. Much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • 12 2 13 NE
    12 2 13 NE 3
    12 2 13 NE 2
    -- Wayne County, Neb.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/27 - St. Croix County, Wis.: Very, very long fall. Just finished the poorest crop of soybeans I've ever harvested this evening. Best guess on our average is 12-14 bu per ac. Corn has been ok. Very wet. 26-30%. Weather been an uphill battle for us all year, starting with a foot of snow on May 3rd. Can't wait to be finished.
  • 11 27 13 WI 2
    11 27 13 WI 1
    -- St. Croix County, Wis.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/26 - Dallas County, Iowa: It would be fair to say that a lot of the corn on corn acres in this area were a train wreck when compared to corn following soybeans. Triple stack seed prices are going up and the "experts" predict corn prices may be below $3 next year, it looks like the acres of fall NH3 are less than in the past. Anyone else see this? Federal Crop Ins. saved a lot of guy's hineys this year because the revenue protection worked big time in their favor.


  • 11/26 - Pope County, Minn.: A very dry 2013. Need a wet spring to replenish soil moisture. Most corn didn't make 100 bushels this year. Beans ranged from 8-24 bu.

  • 11/26 - Gibson County, Tenn.: USDA wrong again lots of beans still in field in west Tennessee. It is raining here again. We had a good crop, but a long harvest.


  • 11/26 - Clarke County, Iowa: Crops were very poor this year. It was too wet, late planting, then it went dry. About 50% of expected yields.


  • 11/26 - Jackson County, Iowa: Heavy snow!
  • 11 26 13 IA
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/25 - Miami, Ind.: Beans were best we ever had. High 50s. Corn was all over the place. Lot of greensnap. Average was 145.

  • 11/25 - East central Iowa: We had a cold start yesterday morning (Sunday), 4F. It warmed up into the mid-20s with sunshine all day, that was followed up this morning with 1" of snow. I think a lot of guys finished this weekend and the rest of us are getting closer. It has been a very cold fall with rain/snow delays just about every 4-5 days. There has been very little fall work done around here.
  • 11 25 13 IA 1
    11 25 13 IA 2
    11 25 13 IA 3
    11 25 13 IA 4
    11 25 13 IA 5
    11 25 13 IA 6
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/21 - Billings, Mont.: Corn harvest still going on! Moisture dropped to 13-15% with this cold weather. I had decent yields (200+/acre) on irrigated ground. I have 200 acres still to combine. It is snowing here now. I need to get rid of some grain, the bins are getting full. I wish the price was way better, I think the price went up way too fast last year with drought and came down way too far with what they think is a huge crop. All I know is there is way more demand for corn this year, everybody wants it. So I think supplies are moving really fast, and that’s what we need! I don’t understand these grain marketers. Last year said need to ration supply and no exports happened and we had 10 plus billion bushels. Now this year we have 13-14 bushels and we have more demand and exports are back and ethanol plants finally have corn to run. Shouldn’t it be a normal usage year and price should be supported at 4.50 5.50 range? $4 corn does not work at today’s input costs. I don’t care if fertilizer came down some, it still doesn’t work.


  • 11/21 - Manitoba, Canada: I am reading the latest headlines about record crops being seeded all over the world. I'm just wondering how this is achieved. When I go seeding in spring, I put the seed and fertilizer in the ground and hope that the right conditions will occur so that I will get a good crop. Weather conditions (drought/too much moisture, heat/cold, bad weather ie. hail etc.) seem to determine what the final outcome will be. Now it seems that the experts can determine the size of the crop before the seed even goes into the ground. The technology nowadays is astounding! Or could it be, that the markets are going in the direction that the large funds are saying that they are going and that all the "experts" are just trying to "manufacture" plausible explanations for the direction of the markets? If someone knows how to seed a record crop, I'd like to get in on this latest technological advancement so I can get in on it for next year.

  • 11/21 - Cuming County, Neb.: BEST year we ever had. Thank you God! Had over 70 bu beans and over 200 bu corn on DRY land. Hope we see that again!! Too bad corn and bean prices are sliding down hill! Happy Holidays to everyone.

  • 11/19 - Jackson County, Iowa: Talk about a bird's eye view of the 2013 harvest! This bird was on the wiper arm for 5 minutes checking on progress (which included a turn around on the end). We received 1.5" to 2" of rain on Saturday and Sunday morning. The tail end of harvest isn't coming easy.  Last week a lot of progress was made -- after the snow finally melted. The cold temps and rainy spells just keep coming. Elevators are full and the processor lines have become long. Most are done, but there may be 10-15% of the corn still standing with most moisture levels between 19-22%. As of right now, it sounds like a rainy week followed by a lot colder weather this coming weekend. Once again, we were reminded that our problems with harvest progress are tiny in comparison to those who were hit with the tornados this weekend just across the river in Illinois, and east.
  • 11 21 13 IA
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/18 - Ottawa County, Mich.: 350 acres of corn left (65% done). I’m doing a little turbo-tilling, sold chisel plow for scrap a couple years ago – best move ever!


  • 11/18 - Lucas County, Iowa: Finished the last 100 acres of beans on 11/15. Yield was better than expected at 44 bu/a and 12% moisture. Corn hanging in there at 25% moisture, with lots of wind damaged down corn. Wild guess is that yield will be 100-120. Hope to start on the corn next week, if weather allows. Unfortunately this is typical for the area.

  • 11/18 - Hickory, Pa.: Finished! Beans all in a couple weeks ago. Finished combining corn yesterday. Last trailer load left farm this afternoon. Bean moisture in the 12% but corn high 17-18%. Yields were good.
  • 11 18 13 PA 1
    11 18 13 PA 2
    -- Hickory, Pa.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/18 - Benton, Ind.: We had average yields and a lot of Greensnap.


  • 11/18 - Tama County, Iowa: Finishing the last field of corn today.
  • 11 18 13 IA 2
    11 18 13 IA 1
    -- Tama County, Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/15 - Northeast Missouri: Soybeans and corn yields down about 15% from normal in 2013. Fall tillage is down due to topsoil moisture being replenished, dryer weather may change that.


  • 11/15 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Finished! Corn still 17 to 20%. Some guys getting finished so those with corn can get a little more in before elevators shut down for drying. Still 10% of corn left.

  • 11/15 - East central Iowa: We resumed harvest Wednesday afternoon. Tried at 10 a.m., but there was just enough snow on corn from Monday to make us quit. Tuesday was sunny but never got above 28F to melt snow. Sounds like we have today before rain moves in again. Elevators are filling up and the dryers don’t like these cold temps, but the LP man does. Some NH3 is going on along with a lot of P and K. Video courtesy of scotthinch's YouTube channel.

  • 11 15 13 IA
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/13 - West central Wisconsin: Soybeans yielded 13 bu/a on 380 ac, as drought replaced a spring so wet that we took a lot of prevent plant. corn has ranged from mid-60 bu/a on dryland sand to 160+ on better soils that caught a shower. have 200 acres, out of 500 hundred that got in, left to harvest.


  • 11/13 - Crittenden County, Ky.: Finished bean harvest today with a yield of 40+. Weed control wasn't the best due to wet weather, but we are so grateful for a good year. Last year we made nothing, not even enough to bale or pasture. I planted with a 20 year old drill and 38 year old tractor, used a 29 year old combine and only one 37 year old truck that never had over 320 bushels on. Never had a breakdown. Praise the Lord for all!

  • 11/13 - East central Iowa: It was a great weekend for making harvest progress. Temps were around 50 and sunny. A lot of corn was taken out and a lot of stalks baled. That was followed by a crappy day on Monday. Temps started in the 40's and quickly dropped into the lower 20's by evening, along with an inch of snow. Everyone is hoping to have 7-10 days to get closer to wrapping up harvest and bale some bedding. Corn is hanging in the 18-22% mt. for the most part and dryers are having trouble keeping up.
  • 11 12 13 IA 1
    11 12 13 IA 2
    11 12 13 IA 3
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/11 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: 3 days left. Long lines at elevator and short hours (2 to 3) a day for wet corn. Lucky to get one load a day in. Still a few beans and 20% corn left in fields. Elevator commented about not taking corn on some days.


  • 11/11 - Whitley County, Ind.: Harvest is winding down. A lot of corn was shelled this week. Our corn yield was at 159 and beans at 55. I do agree with the farmer from Canada, we need to figure all the acres planted when we come up with the yield. We had beans and corn the tallest I have ever seen. If we would of got a 2 inch rain in the middle of August, I'm sure our beans would of made another 10 to 15 more bushels. We are happy with our yields but hope for a better price for corn.

  • 11/11 - Wayne County, Neb.: Started combining again on Saturday. Excellent corn yields. Dryland corn making 200 bu. Corn was planted May 15th, currently testing 17.5% moisture.
  • 11 11 13 NE
    -- Wayne County, Neb.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/11 - Dallas County, Iowa: Just finished last 400 acres in Dallas and Boone counties on 11/8. Beans averaged 29 bu/a net, per weigh tickets. Brand new combine monitor was showing 34. Corn averaged 173 bu/a net per weigh tickets. Came out at 18%, 51 lb weight. Monitor was reading high again, showing wet corn at 212 and dry yield of 189. How could it be so far off if calibrated by dealer? Every acre failed to reach the 85% insurance level but were much better than I was expecting in August. Just going to pay storage and see what happens next spring.


  • 11/11 - Wisconsin: Soybeans yield 34 dry bu. Corn yielded 140 dry bu. Sorry that's all folks!

  • 11/8 - Manitoba, Canada: Generally good crops in our area. Just a few personal observations. Grain bins capacities are overrated by 7-8% (compaction apparently). Never mind the space taken up by the aeration floor that is in most bins. Most of my crop is custom harvested by operators that have yield monitors. FYI, these monitors have been set up by the dealers so they have to be "accurate", right? I have yet to haul away nearly as much grain for sale as all these digital marvels indicate. Maybe this is where many of the "Bin Busters" and "Record Yields" are coming from. Oh, the other observation that I have made is that the first farmer who goes out to harvest in an area sets the yield standard for all the other farmers, in the area, to surpass. I have asked other farmers whether they ever compare what their yield monitors show with what they actually haul away for sale. So far, no one has answered with a yes. As well, the 160 acre field should remain 160 acres for yield calculation purposes. And yes, the low drowned out areas are still part of the field, even at harvest time. Maybe this is where the USDA gets its last 10 bpa from.


  • 11/8 - Northern Houston County, Minn.: Southeast MN is making up the difference. What a year. Snow warmed up the calves, flies cured the pinkeye, timber wolf guarded the cattle. Best year ever. 198 bu. beans, 398 bushel corn. Wall Streeters better sell, $1 corn $2 beans are on the way. Don't worry next year under Obama ag, all inputs will be free, if they can keep the website up. The good times have just begun. LOL! Looks like our meager meals are quickly turning to bare bones.

  • 11/8 - East central Iowa: Harvest is plugging along in between rain events. Corn is 60-70% complete. Some are finished while others are just over half. Yields are in the 150-200 /bu range. Moisture is between 18-24%. The higher moisture, cooler temps and rain are dragging this harvest on. Been here before, just hope to be done before Thanksgiving. Been really hard to bale corn stalks for bedding. Feel for you guys who have snow and are not done with harvest, we can do without it.
  • 11 8 13 IA
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/8 - St Croix County, Wis.: Finished beans last week – 16 bu. average. Corn still at 26% and 48 test wt. Corn will maybe run 60 bu. Worst crops here since 1988.


  • 11/8 - Knox County, Neb.: Corn is good. It looks like us farmers made some money this year yeyeye.


  • 11/8 - Northeast Missouri: Corn was ok. Beans are disappointing, in the 20's. New wheat looks good. Have a lot of 2nd crop beans to go, rains so easily now! They're making about the same as 1st crop! How in the world soybeans made anything with no rain and hot temps day after day! Yes all glory to God. A miracle.

  • 11/7 - McLeod County, Minn.: Finished harvest on 11/4. Corn averaged 158, soybeans 46. Some of the beans were not planted until 6/20. They ran 37 bushels. Kept delaying the corn harvest because it wasn't drying. Averaged 21% moisture and 52# test weight. 7" of snow here on Tuesday late afternoon and evening. Didn't allow me to get all of the stalk chopping done let alone any tillage. Only time in the last 30 years that that has happened. 17 degrees here this morning.


  • 11/7 - Wells County, Ind.: We were blessed with the best crops we have ever had. All the glory goes to God. We were truly blessed.

  • 11/7 - Western Walsh County, northeast North Dakota: Last evening (Nov 5) we finished all the beans -- soys, pinto, and blacks. Never thought they would mature when seeding last June 15-21. But turned out to be a decent crop. Just 250 ac. of sunflowers yet...will start tomorrow.


  • 11/7 - Southern Knox County, Ill.: 20% of the corn left to harvest and 10% of the beans.  None of the corn still standing in the field is as good as what has already been harvested. Same for the beans.  There was never a line at the elevator. I have yet to see an outdoor corn pile anywhere.  I do see farms with still empty bins. Some field work was done before the rains set in, but not a great deal.

    In our combine, the yield monitor bounced between a high of 300 bpa and a low of 75 bpa.  The variability in any given pass through the field was as much as 200 bpa and commonly, probably around 100 bpa.  With this kind of variability, it seems to me that the probability for misjudging a field's yield potential was higher than normal. My guess is that the crop is not as large as they say, but we won't know that until next summer...when supplies begin to tighten and processors bid up the price on grain that's not in the bins.


  • 11/7 - Wayne County, Neb.: Soybean harvest nearly complete. Very good yields 60 bu. dryland.  Corn harvest moving along slowly. A lot of corn still at or above 20% moisture. Snow and rain 11/5. Will be Saturday before combines roll.
  • 11 7 13 NE
    -- Wayne County, Neb.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/6 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Local elevator opened 5 hours a day for wet corn. One load a day, maybe 2. 8 to 9 days if it gets firm enough to harvest. 7 plus inches of rain since 1st of October.


  • 11/6 - Adams County, Neb.: 2013 harvest is in the history books. We had excellent yields.


  • 11/6 - Meeker County, Minn.: Just got 4 inches of snow last night. This easily is the most difficult harvest season in at least 40 years. There is still one-third to one-half of the corn left to harvest. There are still a few soybeans left to harvest. The soybeans will most likely be in the field until spring. The soybeans were better than expected. But still about 4 to 5 bushel below average. The corn is poor. The corn is 20 to 25 bushel below average. This was the most difficult year I have seen in 45 years of farming.


  • 11/6 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Corn harvest here is not even close to USDA latest figure. It sounds as though the trade has made their mind up on Friday’s report. Why don't we just make it 200 bpa. Take corn down to $1.50 and watch our government step back in with ldp again. I don't want a government farm program. I don't want a check. I want a free market like what we have seen. Good prices. Too bad our government can't see how much money American agriculture has made and spent for the good of the country. New vans cars pickups trucks tractors planters machine sheds grain bins, ect. And oh yes Mr. President. All the jobs. That working people had to make all of it. Get out of agriculture. Rain and snow now. Have a safe harvest.


  • 11/6 - Palo Alto County, Iowa: A lot of people wrapped up harvest before the rain today. I would say 80% or better in our immediate area. Soybeans came out as hard as they went in with a lot of high moisture beans at the elevators and a few fields left to harvest.  Our yields as far as planting dates and late summer weather were surprising but at least 25 to 50% below average on soybeans and 25% below on corn. Not to mention the thousands of acres of high producing ground that yielded 0 from prevent plant. I’m still with the bullish crowd that thinks there is no way we have an abundant supply of corn and soybeans and that the price for corn for certain is way too cheap. Our area was average to above last year and ethanol plants were out of corn the end of September. All the experts say sell but with positive basis levels in November what will they be next spring? Maybe USDA will be realistic on Friday.

  • 11/6 - Caldwell County, Mo.: Our beans are out, we put NH3 down yesterday along with the P an K. There are beans to be cut and some corn to be shelled, my Amish neighbor just got started on picking corn.


  • 11/6 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Crops mostly out here in the Platte Valley. Most corn 200-250, beans 65-85bu./A. Crops better than expected! Bins all full waiting for a rise in price but we might see them heading South!! I read of many ethanol plants coming back on line. Maybe they will save the bacon! Next couple years could be pretty rough if corn stays below $4.50. I think the party's over boys!


  • 11/6 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Finished the 2013 harvest today! Very thankful to be done, with a chance of snow in the forecast. Overall, yields for corn, soybeans and wheat were pretty good. Did a good job selling the wheat and beans, and a lousy job of marketing corn. The rest of my cattle are coming out of the Sandhills tomorrow (weather permitting) and after the calves are worked 2013 is in the book. Good luck to all who are still in the field! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com) 

  • 11/4 - Lac Qui Parle County, Minn.: Down to our last 200 ac of corn. Finally getting propane. Corn still running 19-23 moisture but yields are 190-200. Be nice to see some sun.


  • 11/4 - Marquette County, Wis.: Corn yield all over the board. 23 bushels to 145 bushels. Moisture is the same 33% to 17%. Just waiting for the rain to stop to try to get back in the field to see what the moistures are this week. Only about 50% done. Cannot wait till next year, hopefully can get out of these very low yielding acres!


  • 11/4 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: 5.25 inches of rain in September and into October. All the wheat is planted, some replanted. Emergence is slow due to cool soil temps. Thousands of acres of proso millet either in the windrow or still standing. You can’t lay millet on wet ground. Millet still standing has been shattered out due to high winds. Millet swathed in Sept. has sprouted in the windrow making it questionable as to marketability. Have never seen a fall like this one. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com) 


  • 11/4 - Randalia, Iowa: @hort4cy: Glad I kept planting corn last June, amazed by the yield.
  • 10 29 13 ia
    10 29 13 ia
    -- Randalia, Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/4 - Northern Stearns County, Minn.: Corn coming out at about 18% moisture. I just got a few wet spots left to go. Test weight at 56 lbs when dry and yields running around 150 bu/ac. Our average is 180. I got 1 field of late planted soybeans to do yet. They are running no more than 30 bu per acre at best. This drizzle and fog is getting old. We need some wind and sunshine.

  • 11/4 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: 1 3/4 in. of rain, Over 6 for October. Ten mi. away, they had over 5 inches. Elevator will take wet corn for 3 hours a day. Going to be a long harvest.


  • 11/4 - Buchanan County, Iowa: Beans been done since Oct. 11 averaged 56 bpa over 1000 acres. Corn anywhere from 112-230 bpa and moisture 16-26. Overall better than expected.


  • 10/30 - Cass County, Mich.: While Michigan's harvest is 10 percentage points behind average pace, yields aren't lagging, according to AgDay's I-80 Harvest Tour.

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