Apr 16, 2014
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The Machinery Journal blog is your place to find the latest machinery updates, industry news, and interesting tid bits.

The Exact Science Test Method

Feb 26, 2014

 The tractor team at New Holland shared a repeatable experiment with me during National Farm Machinery Show. The joke is that they have the New Holland AutoCommand CVT down to "an exact science"

The Exact Science Test Method:  Reverse the tractor while having someone hold up the piece of paper in front of a beach ball on a cone. The precision requirement is to reverse the tractor without clutch or brakes while not knocking over the beach ball on the top of a cone.

It’s described as maneuvering a 32,000 pound tractor with "the ease of a butterfly" without using the clutch or brakes on the tractor.

In the image below, a "newbie sales rep" was the one in the tractor seat and did this on his first try (inside a show arena!).


The trick is using a low set speed value and using the "Drive Pedal" or "Go Pedal" to precisely inch the tractor. Then when the Drive pedal is released, the tractor goes to power zero and does not move.

Kubota Sets Sales Target for High HP Tractors

Feb 06, 2014

 What goes around comes around, and yet again I’m picking up on rumors that Kubota is almost ready to announce its plan for high horsepower tractors

We’ve reported on this here.

And here.  

And here.

Two weeks ago, Reuters reported some quotes from company president Yasuo Masumoto saying Kubota was seeking a joint venture with a European or U.S. company this year to produce tractors with a horsepower of at least 200. Although the company previous said it wanted to acquire a maker of high horsepower tractors, Masumoto that route would take too much time, and he is setting his target on selling 300 of these larger tractors by March 2016. Read more here.

In December 2013, Kubota announced its plans to construct a new factory in France specifically to produce 170 hp tractors for European , U.S., Australian and Japanese markets . Production from that facility should begin in April 2015 with a production capacity of 3000 units a year. Read more here.

Most recently, Kubota announced its acquisition of Kverneland in May 2012 yielded the launch of Kubota branded hay tools in the US. Those started getting delivered to dealers this month. Read more about that here.

I'll keep my ears open as this develops!


Autonomous John Deere Mower in Europe

Jan 29, 2014

The future of autonomous farm machinery is here! Well, sort of. John Deere unveils a new driverless lawn mower for European markets.

tango update 1200x800

The John Deere Tango E5 is a fully autonomous mower that promises to operate in any weather at any time, is extremely quiet and does not require grass clipping disposal.

The John Deere Tango E5 is currently only available in select European countries, but there is an exhibit at the John Deere Pavilion in Moline, Illinois, where you can see it in action on a simulated lawn.


How it works in four steps:

First, a John Deere dealer will help with professional planning and installation of a thin, invisible boundary wire that will guide the mower throughout the process.

After these boundaries have been custom set, the Tango will then be programmed to cope with simple or highly complex lawn designs and shapes.

Following programming, the Tango is set to go, clipping (3/4 in to 4" in height) on a daily basis to create a healthy lawn.

When clipping is done, be sure to clean the mower occasionally with a brush and check the mower blade.

You can learn more here.


Half Scale 4x4 Articulating Tractor

Jan 28, 2014

 Check out this neat custom-made half scale 4x4 articulating tractor with a front blade.


Tractor By Net member Waldon52 says: My tractor is a 23 hp twin cylinder full time 4 wheel drive hydrostatic drive. The front blade raises and tilts side to side hydraulically. I used a Steiner frame, axles , hydraulics. I cut the frame twice and extended both ends. I rebuilt the seat mount to move with the front of the tractor. I built the cab to scale but the rear cab wall removes and a quick seat attached for actual snowplowing use. The fenders, hood and cab are built from 18 ga. sheet metal.

You can all about it here. And there are plenty of more photos. 

Update From New Holland Management

Jan 27, 2014

 Almost four years ago, Abe Hughes was appointed vice president of New Holland North America with one goal—get the brand back in the game. Read more about that here.

In January, Farm Journal had the exclusive opportunity to speak with the executive about how he’s turning around the company. Read the full story here.

Hughes reports that in the past four years, the New Holland division has doubled revenues and tallied record profits through a disciplined approach to financial management. The achievements have brought kudos and corporate resources from CNH management. Now, Hughes says it’s time to build on their momentum. The company is working to fill out its product lineup for what they identify as a customer base of mixed farmers. New Holland is launching a new brand platform, New Holland Smart stories, which will feature their customers.

In working on the above story, I also talked with Jim Straeter at Rochester New Holland. And I think fittingly, I found this picture on his dealership’s website. 

NH T8 Double Rainbow

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