Sep 17, 2014
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August 2010 Archive for Machinery Journal

RSS By: Aimee Cope, Farm Journal

The Machinery Journal blog is your place to find the latest machinery updates, industry news, and interesting tid bits.

Claas’s Class 10 Combine

Aug 30, 2010

Ratcheting up harvesting horsepower, Claas introduces it Lexion 770­—rated at 523 hp with a power bulge up to 563. This machine is powered by a 16 L Mercedes engine. Here’s a picture of it in the field harvesting today:

cropped DSC 6433

The grain tank has a 330 bu. capacity, and the machine has a 3.3 bu./sec. unload rate.

There’s more than just the muscle inside this machine. Check at the full details here: Ready for Harvest

What’s on My Radar for the Fall Farm Shows

Aug 25, 2010

It’s the time of year for the fall farm shows. Two things are guaranteed: we’ll all get rained on at least once and trek through some mud, and there will be a lot of new iron on display with Armor All on the tires to give it that extra sheen at the show.

As a lucky member of the media, sometimes I get sneak peeks of the machines that are about to be introduced. And sometimes I don’t. So I have a feeling we’re all in for surprises as the fall shows open their gates.

Here’s my short list of what I know is being introduced:

  • New high horsepower tractors
  •  Combines with greater harvesting power than ever before
  •  New-style tillage tools to tackle today’s residue challenges
  •  Technologies making record keeping and machinery maintenance easier
  •  Application equipment driven by farmer demand


And one more guarantee–I am sure that you and I both will uncover and stumble upon something that neither saw coming. Maybe you have some inside scoop of what to look for. If you do, I’d love to hear it. I never really like surprises. E-mail me:


Extreme Makeover: Planter Edition

Aug 17, 2010


We’ve partnered with Precision Planting to give one lucky farmer the chance to take his corn planter from problematic to smooth-running.


Enter Project Fresh Start and nominate yourself or another farmer to be the chosen as the recipient of a corn planter makeover. The planter does not have to be used exclusively to plant corn, but the entrant must plant some corn acres in their operation. 

Write us a letter explaining why the farmer is the best choice for the makeover. Be sure to include a photo(s) of the planter as well as general information about the machine. The opportunity is open to any corn farmer, but special consideration will be given to a producer who has endured a personal or business hardship.


The winner’s planter will be picked up at the farm and transported to the Precision Planting shop where its team of pros will completely refurbish the machine from hitch pin to closing wheels. The overhauled machine will be back on the farm in time for planting—and ready to go. In addition, Precision Planting experts will be on call to help ensure a fresh start in the spring.


Nominations can be:

E-mailed to:

Or mailed to:

Farm Journal

Project Fresh Start

P.O. Box 958

Mexico, MO 65265


E-mail entries must be received and letters must be postmarked by October 15.


Farm Journal will announce the winner the first week of November.

Farmers Who Own Porsches

Aug 15, 2010

My work seems to follow me wherever I go–even when I am on vacation. It’s probably because I love what I do, and I love farm machinery.


So it really shouldn’t have been a surprise while walking around the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany, that I got up close to a tractor… a Porsche tractor.  






















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“Ferdi” Porsche started designing a tractor in the early 1930s. Porsche began to manufacture tractors in 1934 and continued until the early ‘60s. The company’s models included: Porsche Type 110; Porsche AP Series; Porsche Junior; Porsche Standard; Porsche Super; Porsche Master; Porsche 312; Porsche 108F; and Porsche R22.


The Porsche design included a hydraulic coupling between engine and transmission. It’s reported the engineers believed that farmers were not able to clutch properly when shifting gears. The hydraulic coupling was a design criteria and requirement of all Porsche-Diesel engines used in tractors until the last model produced in 1963.


Porsche had a four-wheel-drive tractor at least on the drawing board as early as 1946.


Between 1956 and 1963 more than 125,000 Porsche-Diesel tractors were produced. In the same time frame, the American Porsche-Diesel Corporation sold approximately 1,000 Porsche-Diesel tractors in North America. Most of those tractors were sold on the east coast and Canada. At that time, a brand-new Junior cost about $1,750 and a Super cost about $3,600.


You can learn more at the web site for the Porsche Diesel North American Registry

I'd like to thank our friend Martin for being a great tour guide and host!

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