Oct 1, 2014
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Silver Awards at Agritechnica (Part 2)

Nov 11, 2009

Every Agritechnica, the top innovations introduced at the event receive a gold or silver medal.


Here is the second wave of silver medal winners for 2009, and check back for more coverage from the upcoming event. The DLG (German Agricultural Society) reports more than 1,850 exhibitors from 40 countries have booked stands at Agritechnica. This exhibition for agricultural machinery will take place in Hanover, Germany through Nov. 14.



John Deere: Condition Monitoring System


As working rates of harvesting machinery increase, avoiding repair-related downtimes becomes ever more important and makes a crucial contribution to lowering costs and improving operational reliability. Installing acceleration sensors at critical bearings on a forage harvester makes it possible to identify failures at an early stage on mobile machines for the first time. Preventive repair can not only avoid downtime during work with subsequent stoppage of the entire ensiling chain, but also prevent the consequential damage frequently connected with bearing damage. The monitoring system is integrated in the JDLink telematic system that in addition to documenting faults also offers the option of alerting users via the GSM network.



John Deere: Expanded i-Solutions for John Deere Plant Protection Sprayers


John Deere is expanding its trailed implements of series 700i and 800i to include functions aimed at precise tank filling, more precise spraying of the residual quantities remaining in the equipment, and improved cleaning and spreading of the residual liquids. The central operating terminal is the GreenStar 2600 for setting, monitoring and executing known functions. The new integrated Tank Fill Calculator calculates the necessary quantity of water and pesticides necessary for the specific tank filling (even if it is not yet completely emptied or for remaining residual areas). The necessary water and agent quantities are printed out on a sheet. With the aid of GPS controlled application, the remaining area still to be treated can be determined exactly and the quantities of water and pesticide required for this are ascertained. If these quantities are dosed exactly, residual quantities can be reduced to a minimum. The Auto Dilute System takes over subsequent cleaning of the sprayer equipment that is executed automatically, regardless of whether cleaning and spraying are to be carried out in accordance with pre-selected dilution factors (1:6 or 1:100) or in a continuous operation. The system offers the following advantages:

  • Distinct relief of the burden on the user by reducing the risk of operating faults
  • Reduction of remaining residual quantities and environmental pollution
  • Avoidance of wrong dosing, improved documentation
  • Facilitated mixing of the desired spray fluid
  • Continuous customer benefits thanks to faster, exact filling, cleaning and spraying

John Deere: EasyGuide Center Link


In today's customary, heavy-duty hydraulic top links, mounting equipment and implements becomes a feat of strength that takes many operators to the limits of their powers and thus involves scope for injuries. This is definitely the case with mounted implements that only allow restricted movement space during the coupling operation. John Deere solves this problem by using a relieving spring that carries the top link along with it and so makes it possible to connect with the aid of a rope from the safety of the cab. The top link is stabilised sideways too with the aid of a centering spring.



John Deere: Intelligent Loader Wagon Combination (together with Pottinger)

John Deere uses the new opportunities offered with the "intelligent loader wagon" that if necessary not only stops the tractor, but also steers the speed of travel of the combination depending on the windrow density. The windrow form is determined with ultrasonic sensors mounted at the front of the tractor. As the data are collected ahead, the tractor has sufficient time to respond and adapt its speed. The system not only has a target value for speed, but also controls acceleration. It operates in combination with a sophisticated sensor system on the loader wagon at all relevant speeds of travel and improves the efficiency of the overall process, at the same time distinctly relieving the burden on the operator.



John Deere: John Deere Tractor-Implement Automation

On the basis of an extended ISOBUS protocol, John Deere enables certified implements to access safety-relevant tractor parameters (e.g. speed/strategy of travel, hydraulics, PTO shaft). John Deere demonstrates this option with the example of a round baler in order to enhance its performance capability and relieve the workload of the driver. After the bale chamber is filled, the tractor stops automatically; following the wrapping operation the tail flap is opened and closed by the baler activating the hydraulic control valves of the tractor. This not only makes it possible to automate the entire procedure, but also does away with the need for the hitherto necessary double equipment with electro-hydraulic control units on the baler.




Fliegl: Toplift Lifting Cover


Cargo in high cone-shaped heaps can also be covered quickly and safely using the hydraulically actuated cover hood. This prevents the air stream generated from blowing away the harvest and foods are protected against bird droppings and rain. This not only means greater safety for other road users, but also does away with the need for manual covering at a height of up to 4 m and so improves user safety.



Claas: Intelligent database for plant protection agents


Integrating the proPlant database with current day-to-day information about all licensed plant protection agents into the Agro-Net plot file greatly facilitates plant protection operations for farm managers. By coupling with the web-based database, the user is not only on the safe side as regards licensed products, but is also actively supported in selection of agents. In combination with the plot file information on plant stands, the field and its history are compared with the indication list of the plant protective agent database and agents are proposed in line with requirements laid down under licensing law. The innovation not only promotes safety, but is also expected to save time for stand management.




Lemken: QuickConnect

Coupling system brings the mounted implement closer to the tractor


Lemken: VariExtend

Infinitely variable sprayer boom



Biso: Ultralight 800

Aluminum Soybean platform




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