Sep 18, 2014
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Update to the update on “Hey, Limbaugh”

May 08, 2009

By Steve Cornett

In an earlier update, we wondered why Rush Limbaugh is stonewalling on his support for the Humane Society of the United States.

One response accuses this reporter of not listening to Mr. Limbaugh, offering the challenge, “Listen, and then we can talk about where he stands on the issues.”

Of course I listen to Limbaugh, as does just about everybody I know. I listen and mostly I agree. His support of the animal rights agenda has lowered him in my opinion, and by a lot. No, wait. It’s not his support for the movement. It’s his failure to own up and explain why he thinks that way.

I was never sure he had the right to pass judgment on who is and who isn’t “conservative.” But a lot of my friends think he does, so if he thinks you have to send money to HSUS to be a “conservative,” I’d like for him to tell us straight out. I’ve got two “farm stations” I can listen to, and on one of them I don’t have to listen to animal rights hooey.

He’s off the reservation on this issue, and he knows it. He’s just not honest enough to fess up. Evidence: Not only has he not rescinded his support of the HSUS, he has not defended it. Not that I’ve heard on his station or heard about, anyhow, and I’ve been listening.

It’s not like he isn’t aware. I mean, if Limbaugh listens to any “drive-by media” it would be ESPN, and ESPN has taken note. You can read their take by clicking here.  

He knows by now what HSUS is about. He knows they want to stop animal agriculture and hunting and he knows they will use the dollars they raise from his endorsement to further those causes. They—he?—want to pass laws to put you out of business.
He should be man enough to tell us where he stands. 

I’d like to know if he believes I’m immoral for eating beef and shooting deer and quail, because HSUS does believe that.

I know what he’s up to here. He refuses to take calls on the issue on the air. I’ve seen him quoted nowhere on the matter. Farm director Chris Albracht at KGNC in Amarillo told me that if I want to contact Limbaugh I’ll have to subscribe to his Web site.

Limbaugh does not want to talk about this. He usually thrives on being called out. He loves it when Colin Powell calls him divisive. Devotes whole shows to stuff like that. It’s not that he’s soft-skinned. It’s that he knows he’s off his base’s base on this issue, and he’s not going to admit it. 

I’m sure some of our readers must be members of the Limbaugh website. Have any of you asked him whatzup? Has he replied?

If you haven’t asked, would you please? And report back? I don’t blame him for insulating himself from reporters, given the way they treat him, but in this case it would be nice if he’d let us know where he stands.

For the rest of us, we can learn more about how hunters and fishermen feel at

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COMMENTS (8 Comments)

i agree that this is getting old, really old. Rush was speaking about two programs, he was not supporting the HSUS in every program. he wasn't talking about agriculture or farming, so why can't we give him a break already?
1:38 PM May 11th
Rush is supporting two (not all) of the HSUS’s programs, so seriously, what’s the big deal? The man cares about animals and has brought attention to some very important issues.

If only more people would stand up and do the same…

12:38 PM May 11th

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