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March 2010 Archive for Rubes Cartoons - Tales from a Twisted Mind

RSS By: Leigh Rubin,

A cartoonish look at life...

Weedaholics, but not so anonymous.

Mar 31, 2010

So I’m walking my dog a couple of days ago when from a distance I see a person bent over by the front curb of a house which was just recently sold. As I got a bit closer I could see this person was pulling weeds. I assumed it was the new owner of the house just doing a bit of yard work. It seemed that when she became aware of my presence she started walking away from me and down the street. She walked down several houses and crossed the street, stopped and then stooped down and started pulling more weeds. As I passed her I jokingly said she was welcome to stop by my house as I had plenty of weeds free for the picking. She just sort of sheepishly shrugged and said that she was a “weedaholic.” (Not to be confused with “pothead”.) It was one of those rare moments in life where I honestly had no idea how to respond. Fortunately I didn’t have to as she then complimented me on how beautiful my dog was (he really is too!) so I thanked her and went on my way. All I could think of was “A person that actually likes to pull weeds?!!!”...I still don’t know what say.

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The Wild and Twisted World of Rubes...You may just be a winner!

Mar 29, 2010

Just wrapped up my three events in Ottawa KS, Kansas City MO and Topeka and I must say “THANK YOU!”  to all of you who came out to see my cartoony shows. It was a pleasure sharing laughs with so many warm and wonderful people! It was also fun to meet up with the folks at Andrews and McMeel who just published my latest book, The Wild and Twisted World of Rubes.

It’s a “best of” 25th anniversary cartoon collection. Last year the publisher asked me to select my favorite 240 cartons from the last 25 years. That means I had to go through over 9,000 cartoons. It was quite a project but one I really enjoyed, not having seen some of the cartoons for years. I must say I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product. Speaking of the new book, the fine folks at Farm Journal are having a contest! Yep, that’s right; you just might be one of twelve lucky winners of an autographed copy of the brand spankin’ new Best of Rubes® collection, “The Wild and Twisted World of Rubes! All you have to do to enter the contest is to share the funniest thing to ever happen to you on your farm. To enter the contest just click on the following link and
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A Day at the (Snail) Races!

Mar 22, 2010

What is it about racing that is so fascinating? From the first chariot races to NASCAR, racing just seems to be in our blood. But what about other species...Are there other inhabitants of this planet that also enjoy the thrill of a good race?  Maybe so. Take a peek at the photo below taken in my neighbor’s driveway. It seems as though even some less than swift creatures may take pleasure in a bit of friendly competition to see who’s the fastest.  I can’t wait to see who’ll win. It just may take a few weeks to find out... 

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Customer Service

Mar 17, 2010

“Good news, Mr. Rubin,” said the friendly voice at the overseas customer service call center for missing baggage, “Your luggage was just picked up by the delivery company five minutes ago and you’ll have it by midnight.” This was at 8:00PM last Saturday evening. I wasn’t exactly hopeful as I had been told that my baggage would arrive twice earlier that day and each time, no delivery. The next morning at 6:00AM there was no baggage at my front door (even though I left a signed note saying it was okay to leave it) and I must say I was slightly more than annoyed. I called the 800 number again and spoke with yet another friendly but less than helpful customer service person who put me on hold while he called the local airport where my “lost” baggage  was and which is only about twelve miles south of my home. When he came back on the line he assured me that he spoke to an airline representative and that person had told him my baggage would be delivered sometime on Monday. (My bag had been “missing” since Friday night). When I asked for the airline’s local number he explained he could not give me that info. I decided enough was enough so after I dropped my son off at school I drove to the local airport to claim the bag in person. Unfortunately nobody was at the ticket counter. In fact, other than the car rental reps there was only one  other person at the airport. I went back to the ticket counter, stepped behind the ticket counter and knocked on the two doors behind the counter. No answer. There were two phones on the counter, neither one had the local number displayed, but as luck would have it one of the phones rang... so naturally I answered it. The person was inquiring about something that was lost (perhaps luggage?) I explained that I too was a customer who also had something misplaced by the airline. Then I asked her what number she was calling. It would probably be wrong of me to give that number out so I won’t but it would have saved me a lot of frustration if I could have just communicated to someone local in the first place. I was really tempted at that moment to call the overseas customer service center for missing baggage and have them call the local airport at which point I would answer the phone. Wouldn’t that have freaked the customer service guy out?! He would have had me on both lines! As fun as that would have been I instead called the number I had just received and left a message stating who I was and that I was very displeased. Within an hour or so I received a call from the local airline representative assuring me that my baggage would be delivered that afternoon. She apologized for the inconvenience and for the incorrect information I had previously received. True to her word the “lost” bag was delivered a little after noon. It would have been a perfectly happy ending except one of the wheels on my new piece of luggage was broken. Oh, I suppose I could complain but the thought of dealing with more customer service reps isn’t very appealing.  So I decided at this point I’m just going to that I’m just going to roll with it.

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Casual Friday

Mar 15, 2010

Last Friday I had the pleasure and privilege of being one of the guest speakers at the Farm Women’s Symposium in Bay City Michigan. Bay City is three fights and ten hours flying time away from my departure point of Burbank, Ca. The flights themselves ran very smoothly (YAY!) and on time (double YAY!) and all was well until it was time to pick up my two pieces of checked in baggage at the airport in Saginaw. There is a certain sinking feeling when the baggage carousel (sounds like a ride at a luggage amusement park, doesn’t it?) stops moving and there is no more luggage left and you are left standing there holding the bag, or not as the case may be. Only one of my bags made it and it wasn’t the one with my dress clothes. I do not purposely try to look like a slob when I’m a guest speaker but in this case it would be challenging. All I had with me were my “flight clothes” which were jeans, running shoes a dark long-sleeved t-shirt and a Los Angeles Zoo fleece which doubles for a blanket on long flights. Fortunately, my gracious hosts at the Symposium were very understanding of my unplanned “Casual Friday” predicament. About a half hour before I was to speak my other bag arrived and I quickly threw on my sport coat and upgraded from Casual Friday to the “sloppy-dressy-wrinkly” look. Other than my clothing situation the program went off without a hitch. Nothing like a roomful of ladies smiling and laughing to make a guy feel appreciated! (Thanks again ladies...You were all terrific!)  My flights home were all, thankfully, without incident. That is unless you count another misplaced piece of baggage. Yep, the same thing happened when I arrived back in Burbank. (SIGH!) One bag came off the carousel, and one was stuck in San Francisco. (It’s now after 10:00PM on Sunday and it still hasn’t been delivered to my home despite my repeated calls). But at that point I was so tired I didn’t really care. Besides, it’s not like I was short on bags. By the time I got home I had been awake the better part of twenty-two hours so I had lots of extra baggage... under my

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Mar 10, 2010

I am always amazed at the incredible abundance of dandelions that spring up in my lawn. Despite my best efforts, whether it’s with weed and feed or by manually plucking them out one by one, nothing really ever stops their interminable, genetically programmed effort to survive. Mother Nature has devised some pretty ingenious ways of spreading seeds. Take for example the tumbleweed. It just keeps rolling along whenever the wind takes it spreading seeds far and wide. When it comes to dandelions what little kid could possibly resist the temptation to pluck one and then blow on it and watch a gazillion little fluffy white specks fly away? I am even guilty of this silly pleasure every now again. You see? Nature has fooled us into believing that helping weeds procreate is actually fun! Then there’s the aesthetic appeal. What could be prettier than a big yellow field of dandelions? Not much, I’d say. Now, if only the field wasn’t in my front yard that would be just dandy...and I ain’t lyin.’

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Comfort food

Mar 08, 2010

Last December my oldest son would come home from work almost every night and bake cookies. While this phase only lasted a couple of weeks what a tasty couple of weeks it was! There is nothing so scrumdiddilyicious as fresh baked cookies, still moist and warm from the oven. Night after night our family was treated to the intoxicating aroma. Each evening there would appear a fresh batch but by the next afternoon they had all vanished. Apparently my wife and our other two boys also seemed to enjoy the fruits my oldest son's new interest. Sadly, the phase soon passed and now all that remains are the pleasant peanut butter filled- chocolate chip-oatmeal memories which may be less fattening but are hardly as comforting as the real thing.


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Mar 04, 2010


Seems like so much of life is spent waiting. Whether it’s good or bad, we wait. We wait for vacations, holidays, the check to arrive, the check to clear, for “Mr. Right," for “Mr. Wrong” (to leave, that is), the weekend, next weekend, the weekend after that, medical results, tax refunds, game scores, test scores, the other shoe to drop, winter to be over, spring to arrive, this ridiculous sentence to end. (It just did.) With so much time spent waiting, it’s amazing we have time for anything else at all.




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A lot of hot air

Mar 02, 2010

 There sure is a lot of attention being put on the creation of “green” industry, which means there will be “green” jobs, which means there will be “green” products for us to consume and not feel guilty about contributing to the degradation of our planet. But aren’t we, and by “we” I mean every human being on this earth, already doing our part just by breathing? The answer is of course, “Yes!” Each and every one of is exhales thousands of times a day. Each time we exhale we deliver small burst of life giving carbon dioxide to trees everywhere! In a sense we are all environmentalists contributing to a greener planet! So next time you go to the store and  feel a little guilty for using plastic instead of paper just take a few extra breaths. You’ll be doing your part for the environment. Be proud of your contribution. You are making a difference, and for that you definitely deserve some extra carbon credit.

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