Sep 17, 2014
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A Bad Smell Rising in Iowa

Jan 18, 2010

   Our local elevator has a million bushel corn pile rottingWhat will/can they do with this corn? It's black and gummy. When the wind is out of the south I can smell it at my house,  4 miles away. There doesn't seem to be any dialog about it. I would presume it's garbage? But apparently it is being trucked out so will it end up being blended into animal feed? I'm afraid to buy dog food if that's the case. What about horse feed and chicken feed? It can't possibly be safe no matter how little is blended. What are they doing with it?

Toni Pralle
Latimer, IA

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COMMENTS (6 Comments)

From Your Buddy to 4430!
4430 I am guessing that you are the local elevator in this situation. Maybe you should tell the guys what you are doing with the corn and how much you are going to screw them for the moldy corn. Yes it is moldy, not fermenting. It is black with steam coming off of it. That is not fermented corn. I bet your dogs would want to trade your place at the dinner table for theirs at the dog dish. You eat the rotten corn. You are the one that probably didn't pay attention to the pile of corn and let it get this bad.
1:04 PM Feb 24th
I'm just glad its rotting in Latimer, IO and not my town. Hopefully USDA will count it as lost and reduce stocks. Then the price of corn will come up. Good job
11:13 PM Feb 15th

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