Sep 20, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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An Unfair Change?

Feb 11, 2009
   I wanted to throw in my two cents on program rule changes - I think I read something on AgWeb and maybe John Phipps talked about it on US Farm Report.  I think the rule change is extremely unfair to those of us that have traditionally grown non-program crops.  We have smaller program acreages as a result of historically growing non-program crops and as a result are not receiving payments on vegetable crop acres.  With the rule change corn-soybean growers would be getting a subsidy to compete against us - I am happy to compete but the field needs to be level.  Either we get paid on non-program acres or corn-soybean growers give up payments on non-program crops.  Actually I would like to see payments eliminated for all crops but that is probably another discussion.  Thanks for your interest.
Craig Phelps
Livingston County, NY
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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

I'm also a corn/bean farmer who would like to see our welfare payments end. Sometimes it kinda sticks in my craw to associate myself with other welfare cadilac queens like bankers and idiot octuplet moms.
5:17 PM Feb 12th
Even though I am a corn and bean grower, I too would like to see the direct payment go bye-bye. I can not see how it helps anyone. All it does at this point is drive up rents or increase the value of an acre of land. If we didn't have it so what? Everyone's rent would go down b/c the guy farming 2000 acres could no longer do it for the gov payment. If they want to help farmers, the MOST that they should do is support crop insurrance etc, so that at least we can all stay in business and produce food if we have natural disasters etc. Oh well, just like everthing else in Washington, money talks, and the big boys have to drive a new truck and tractor every year.
10:40 AM Feb 12th

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