Oct 2, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Jul 20, 2009
*Editor's Note:  Below are viewer comments following the July 18-19, 2009 edition of U.S. Farm Report...

   I am very concerned with all the organic produce showing up at the supermarket, every time I visit the store there seems to be more and more shelf space devoted to organic produce. I have studied organic production for five years now and I fail to see how an organic production system will ever feed the world.
   In my research as well as the research of others including that of Norman Borlaug the father of the green revolution found that an organic production system can only sustain a global population of four billion people. Organic production is truly a gross misuse of our natural resources by farming land with the deliberate intention of only realizing a fraction of its yield potential. The Danish version of the EPA concluded in a study of organic farming that organic production methods could only produce yields equal to half of the yields of conventional farming practices. The IFOAM, which is the (International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movement), is pushing for a global organic faming system that is incapable of feeding the current population not to mention the future population growth that will demand farmers to increase yields by 30%.
   To attempt to feed the world with such an organic production system would increase food cost for those who can afford it the least, ultimately starving over one billion people, making organic faming a weapon of economic genocide.
Organic production should be an available to consumers as a choice for those who believe that it may offer some hidden value that offsets the increase cost. However, to use flawed research in order to sell organic farming as a method capable of feeding the masses is inhuman and irresponsible. The fact is organic farming is not capable of feeding the world and until organic farming over comes the weakest link in the production cycle” that of available NITROGEN” there is little hope of this method replacing the current conventional farming practices of maintaining crop and soil nutrient levels with the use of commercial fertilizer.
Bob L. Rogers 

Brother Phipps,
    Not meaning to start off on a negative note, but I have never really warmed up to USFR since Orion Samuelson left!  It’s not that I don’t like you, I really do and appreciate that you are a REAL agribusinessman (FARMER)!  I really have problems w/”Tractor Tales”!  I am not a farm boy, I AM a small farm TOWN boy! 
   My dad (and then me) owned the local machine and welding shop.  I LOVE farm tractors!!!  I used to watch USFR EVERY Sat. morn., primarily for “Tractor Tales” and “Country Church Salute”, but I liked the “other stuff” too.  The current format of “Tractor Tales” seems to be; find a guy w/an old tractor and let him talk about it!  It doesn’t seem to matter whether he knows what he is talking about, and no one seems to care to check!!!  I own a ’45 Ford 2N w/a genuine Funk engine conversion that utilizes a flathead Ford 6 cyl. engine, this engine was built APPROX. from 1941 to 1952, I could be off one way or the other on the years of production!  This conversion was manufactured by Funk Bros. Aviation in Coffeyville KS.!  It was a quasi-factory-approved conversion, typically installed by Ford Tractor dealers and had tacit approval of Henry (Ford) himself!  They built about 150 kits to convert to a flathead V8 and, in the last years, built some to utilize a Ford OHV 6 Cyl.  The most common is the flathead 6 Cyl but there were even two versions of that, of which mine is the “late model”!  I know these things from reading, but I also travelled to Coffeyville to see and visit w/the Funk (twin) brother still living at that time.  His name was Joe and his memory was pretty sharp.  He took me to “his” museum, which was in an old hanger at the original Coffeyville airport, it is in the center of a city park now!  The museum contained several Funk aircraft (which are a story in themselves, they used a Model “A” Ford engine-MOUNTED UPSIDE-DOWN)!  And a converted tractor.  He was an interesting guy! 
   There are, I think, two concerns that are manufacturing NEW V8 conversions for Ford N-series tractors, but they are NOT as clean, nor as complete as the Funk setups!   On today’s (7/19/09) there was a guy that had an 8N w/ a V8 that he utilized to “pull”.  The thing about it that bothers me is: he went on about FORD having produced “about 5000 of these for use in Texas and Oklahoma” and that his was a “factory” unit!  Ford NEVER produced a tractor w/anything but a 4 cyl until the “Commander” series in the VERY early ‘60’s, and not w/a V8 until the articulated 4WD machines, and they were built by Steiger!!!  Maybe I am “splitting hairs”, but I think one should “get it right”, this is our agriHISTORY!!!
Bob from Oklahoma        
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