Jul 12, 2014
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Snark Snark

Apr 27, 2011

I love snark. I mean sometimes it is just hard to beat! Those comments that sound so sweet when they come out of the deliverer’s mouth, then pack extra sting as they linger in the air. The kind of comments that make you think "Oh my goodness… she just said that!" I love to say snarky things, be handed snarky comments and to watch snarky interactions, among my favorite are snarky text messages.
I recently read a blog post that suggested agriculture is snarky. This got me thinking, could the segregation in agriculture be due to a few snarky comments? I mean we are separated into groups; conventional, organic, local, big ag, cattle ranchers, dairy farmers, sheep guys, fruit guys, nut farmers the list could go on forever. For the most part everyone gets along, globally that is. However, we all know that underlying tensions exist between the groups.
A perfect example is the beef cattle vs. dairy cattle scenario. It seems that it is difficult for both groups to have good markets. This has led to years of bickering, pointing fingers and well for lack of a better term, snarky interaction. Even my own family members have made comments like, "oh if it weren’t for those dairy guys selling their cows, prices would look better." I have heard things like, "Commodity is so high because those feedyard guys aren’t feeding a diverse enough ration." There are even discussion board threads devoted to the topic. It would seem that the two groups will never get along.
However, I can assure you that, for the most part, cattle guys don’t have anything major against dairy guys. They just enjoy making snide comments about each other. So maybe all this conflict and strife among the agriculture community is just a group of snarky comments taken too seriously?
What do you think?

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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

AnnaGiannini - Mexico, MO
You would say that :-)
10:48 AM Apr 28th
JRthe original
I like making snarky comments about ag journalists! HE HE
6:03 PM Apr 27th


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