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Sep 16, 2014
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December 2013 Archive for Machinery Pete

RSS By: Greg Peterson, AgWeb.com

Learn how to better manage your machinery investments from Greg Peterson, a.k.a. "Machinery Pete." He's been researching and analyzing machinery auction prices for more than 20 years.

1998 CaseIH 8920 Tractor: Last Minute Christmas Gift?

Dec 19, 2013

CaseIH8920 IA DelBeyer12 23 13 

This one's for you, the last minute Christmas shoppers out there. You know who you are. If you have anyone on your holiday gift list who loves red tractors...here you go, this 1998 CaseIH 8920 front-wheel assist tractor (pictured above) with 3,322 hours on it is up for sale on an online farm retirement auction in northwest Iowa ending December 23rd at 6PM CST. 

Christmas Eve, Eve....how perfect.

Seriously, a sweet 15-year old tractor there, wouldn't you say? Just the kind of tractor with 10+ years on it, low hours and in exceedingly good condition that I've been watching increasingly aggressive bidding on here throughout 2013. Maybe one more record sale price before the calendar flips to 2014? Could be.

As of Dec. 19th at 5PM CST, the online bidding on this 1998 CaseIH 8920 tractor was already up to $74,500. Here's a link to the online auction site for Del Beyer Auction & Realty: auctions.beyeronline.com/index.php 

So what is the record high auction sale price I've seen on a CaseIH 8920? That would be $96,000 for this very nice 1997 model with 1,641 hours sold on a February 20, 2012 farm auction in west-central Wisconsin. This tractor was never used in the winter and was only used for tillage and chopping duties:

CaseIH8920 WI  96K

More recently I saw this nice 1998 model 8920 with 2,329 hours sell for $88,000 on a November 30, 2013 farm auction in south-central Illinois, here's a pic:

CaseIH8920 IL  88K

My auctioneer friend Del Beyer with Beyer Auction & Realty shot a great auction preview video for this online only sale, going out to the owner Ray Raak's farm in Orange City, IA for a closeup look at the 8920 tractor, as well as the 1998 CaseIH 2366 combine with 3,216 engine hours, the 2008 CaseIH 2606 6-row chopping corn head and the 2004 CaseIH 1020 20' bean platform...all super nice. Here's the preview video....great to see and hear Ray, the actual owner of the equipment, and the items as they are on the farm:

Should be a very interesting sale. How high will that 1998 CaseIH 8920 tractor go? Stay tuned.





Interesting Nebraska Auction Thursday - Prices

Dec 14, 2013

Nope, not the lowest hour stuff you'll ever see, or the biggest, or the newest, but very nice condition nontheless. I like farm auctions like this. I'm talking about a farm sale Thursday (December 12, 2013) out in east-central Nebraska, a sale by my friends at Stock Auction Company. Here's my Machinery Pete highlight list from the auction, complete with pics, prices & my notes:

1982 JD 4440 Tractor with 6,782 hours: $29,000  (Pete Says: "Nice 4440, strong price for pushing 6,800 hours")

JD4440 NE  29K


JD 1760 8-Row Planter, <1,000 acres: $40,000  (Pete Says: "2nd highest auction price I've ever seen on an 8-row 1760. Only higher sale price was $59,000 on 12/3/11 farm sale in north-central Indiana for a "1 owner" 2002 model")

JD1760 8R NE  40K


JD 6500 High Boy Sprayer, 2,173 hours: $27,000  (Pete Says: "Tied for 5th highest auction sale price I've seen the past 6 years....high price was $47,000 on a 6/22/13 auction in southeast South Carolina. Also saw a 6500 with 5,019 hours sell for $33,000 on a 1/19/13 farm auction in northeast North Carolina"

JD6500 NE  27K


JD 850B dozer, 8,182 hours: $59,000  (Pete Says: "Highest auction price I've seen in 10+ years")

JD850B NE  59K


1999 JD 9610 Combine, 2,290 engine hours: $47,000  (Pete Says: "Ave. Auction Price on JD 9610's so far in 2013 = $40,638....that is UP from last year's Ave. Auction Price of $38,686, but DOWN from Ave. Auction Price of 5 years ago (2008) of $73,932")

JD9610 NE  47K


Bobcat S130 skid steer, 184.5 hours: $19,500  (Pete Says: "New record high auction sale price....former high sale price was $16,800 on 12/3/06 farm auction in west-central Iowa for a 2004 model with only 50 hours")

BobcatS130 NE  19500





1988 JD 4450 Sold for $69,000 on Ohio Auction Today

Dec 07, 2013

 JD4450 OH  69K

I'll say it again...low hour, super condition tractors 20+ years old have been and still are RED HOT.

More proof this morning (Dec. 8, 2013) coming from north-central Ohio as the 1988 JD 4450 with 2,239 hours pictured above sold for $69,000...that is the 2nd highest auction sale price I have seen on a JD 4450 in the past 17 years...only $1,500 off the record high price of $70,500 set just on March 9, 2013 on a farm auction in southwest Minnesota on a 1988 JD 4450 with 2,612 hours pictured below:

JD4450 MN  70750 

Our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/machinerypete) lit up late last night when I posted a pic of the 1988 JD 4450 on the Ohio sale this morning. The buyer demand out there (everywhere) to find and acquire these very, very nice, 1st or 2nd owner, always shedded, very low hour 20+ year old tractors. The hunger is palpable. There were a few other similarly nice condition used items on the Ohio farm auction this morning....a few highlights:

1983 JD 4050 2WD tractor, 2660 hours: $38,500  (Pete Says: 3rd highest price in 17 years)

JD4050 OH  38500


1984 JD 6620 combine, 1339 hours (150 on new engine), sold: $27,000  (Pete Says: 6th highest price last 17 years)

JD6620 OH  27K


1977 Chevy C60 grain truck, 45,719 miles, sold: $13,500

ChevyC60 OH  13500

A ton of really great machinery auctions coming here rest of December....stay tuned.






Surprising Sale Price on Combine Yesterday

Dec 04, 2013

JD9770 MN  270K 2WD 12 3 13 

Wow, that price was higher than I expected...on the 2011 JD 9770 STS combine with 522 engine hours pictured above. It sold on a farm estate auction yesterday, December 3, 2013, in south-central Minnesota for $270,000.

That's with NO heads...and oh yeah, it was a 2WD.

Couple factors working for it...obviously the end of year tax buyer push helped, but also the fact it was in such immaculate condition and sold on a farm estate auction. The farmer who passed away, his wife was the only one who drove this machine and she was there to represent the harvester yesterday at the sale auctioneer Larry Mages of Mages Land Company & Auciton Service tole me.

But $270,000...very strong price. Takes two to tango though. Almost one year ago, on a November 16, 2012 farm estate auction I covered in east-central Minnesota, a 2011 JD 9770 STS with 0 actual engine hours, never been in the field, sold for $269,000. Here's Youtube video I shot at that 11/16/12 farm sale:


Here are a few other nice items sold on the south-central Minnesota farm estate auction yesterday:

2011 JD 608C 8-row corn head: $48,500

JD608C MN  48500


2008 JD 630F 30' bean head, <400 acres use: $30,000 (trailer separate)

JD630F MN  30K


2005 JD 8120 tractor, 1,989 hours: $110,000

JD8120 MN  110K 12 3 13

Wondering what the highest auction price is I've ever seen on a JD 8120 tractor? $138,000 on a March 31, 2012 farm retirement auction I covered in northeast Iowa. Here's a Youtube video I shot that day of the 8120 selling:





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