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Sep 21, 2014
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June 2014 Archive for Machinery Pete

RSS By: Greg Peterson, AgWeb.com

Learn how to better manage your machinery investments from Greg Peterson, a.k.a. "Machinery Pete." He's been researching and analyzing machinery auction prices for more than 20 years.

Hot Prices on Kansas Farm Auction Saturday

Jun 19, 2014

ChevyC60 KS  28K 

The weather was HOT and the bidding was HOTTER on a farm retirement auction Saturday (June 14, 2014) in north-central Kansas (Smith Center, KS).

How hot? How about $28,000 for the 1986 Chevy C60 grain truck pictured above. It had only 10,000 miles on it, a 366 engine, 2x5 transmission and an 18' steel box. Yes, $28,000 is a new record high auction sale price I've seen on a Chevy C60. It was "1 owner" truck. Most of the equipment on this sale was 1st or 2nd owner equipment. Auctioneer Lee Oliver of Oliver Realty and Auction (www.oliverauction.com) told me last night that owner Vernie Nelssen was extremely particular about the care of all his equipment.

It showed in the sale prices.

Here are a few more highlights from Saturday's sale:

2001 CaseIH MX220 tractor with 750 hours: $98,500 (new record price by $20,500)

CaseIHMX220 KS  98500


1981 IHC 986 tractor with 3100 hours: $20,000 (4th highest price I've seen)

IHC986 KS  20K


1984 Gleaner L3 combine with 2,013 engine hours & 24' header: $28,000

GleanerL3 KS with24head KS  28K


1954 Farmall Super MTA tractor, restored: $7,100

IHCSuperMTA KS  7100


1971 Chevy C50 grain truck, 36K miles, 350 engine, always shedded: $9,100

ChevyC50 KS  9100


Lakeside #128 anvil: $500

anvil Lakeside 128castiron KS  500

One more example for you of the very strong bidding on this farm sale Saturday in Smith Center, KS...auctioneer Lee Oliver told me he sold an SK 3/4" socket set for $475. Wow, hot sale indeed!






Looking for Dad's Rare Custom Built 4WD Tractor

Jun 16, 2014

OldBlue SteveBeckerTrumanMN FindDadsTractor 

Kenny Becker of Truman, MN built it 50 years ago. Where is it today?

That is the question and the quest Kenny's sons Steve and Ross Becker are on today. They are looking for "Old Blue"...the affectionate family name given the custom built 4WD articulating tractor Kenny Becker built back in 1964 out of (2) old Allis Chalmers tractors (B's?) and a Detroit 3-71 engine. See a picture of the tractor above, rolling in the 1965 "Truman Days" parade.

* Listen to Pete Talk about this Tractor (click below) Today on "AgriTalk" Radio Show


Back up those facts a sec folks and chew on this a bit...1964, a custom built 4WD articulating tractor. How many large articulating 4WD tractors were there 50 years ago? Any yet? So this tractor holds not only a special place in the Becker family farming history, but also in the development of large modern tractors to power American agriculture forward back in the day.

Steve Becker of Minnetonka, MN reached out to me for help in finding "Old Blue".

"It was used for only one or two years before Dad decided it wasn't big enough for what he wanted to do, so he started gathering parts to build Old Blue#2 over the winter of 1966/1967," said Becker. "Once #2 was field ready by spring of 1967, he sold Old Blue #1 to Truman Barduson, an army friend who farmed near Appleton, MN, so my brother who was born in 1965 has no memory of it and I was born in the mid 70's so never saw it other than the pictures and only heard stories about it from Dad."

"Old Blue #2 we still keep on the farm field ready even though it hasn't done any real field work since 2000/2001." Here's a pic of "Old Blue #2"
Oldblue2 SteveBecker MN

Steve Becker tells more on the history of "Old Blue #1"......"Truman remembers selling it or seeing it at an auction in the late 70's or 80's. It was at one point owned by Chris Laumb (Montevideo/Appleton) (dates unknown, maybe '90s?)  My Dad always regretted ever selling it so we tried to find it with Truman Barduson in the early 90's but couldn't find any leads. Chris Laumb passed away 10 years ago or so, Truman Barduson is still alive but I believe has been in poor health for the last few years.

Steve thinks Chris Laumb had an auction in the 1990's and probably sold "Old Blue #1" on that sale.
"My brother and I tried again around 1999/2000 to 'get it back home' for dad to work on in retirement, but still couldn't find anything.  Although dad passed away in 2002, and it's now going on 12 years, we've continued to have the dream of finding it and if luck has it right, still manage to get 'Old Blue' back home, or at the very least, learn more about the history of it since it left our farm in 1967 and connect our story of it's beginnings with whoever may have it now, or at least see it since it was sold before either of us were around know it.

"I actually have the original sketches/blue prints in my possession too, which may be of interest to other people to see who have been around the tractor through the 70's, 80', and to wherever it is now.

"Thank you again, we are so grateful to have some help in the search."
If anyone has any info on or memories of this custom built 1964 4WD articulating tractor "Old Blue #1" that was built by Kenny Becker of Truman, MN and eventually found its way up to the Appleton and/or Montevideo, MN area in the 1980's and 1990's, drop me an email at: greg@machinerypete.com
Let's help Steve and Ross Becker find the amazing tractor their dad Kenny built 50 years ago.

High Auction Prices on (3) Tractors Sold Wednesday in Canada

Jun 08, 2014

FordVers846 SK  57500 

I've been saying this for a while now (3-5 years)...auction prices on good condition used tractors are running "high" north of the border in Canada.

More proof came this past week. First, a farm auction Wedneday near Rosetown, SK, in the west-central region of Saskatchewan. The 1991 Ford-Versatile 846 Designation 6 4WD with 2,894 hours sold for $57,500. That is the 2nd highest auction price I've seen on an 846 in 18+ years. The only higher auction sale price came all the way back on a 10/19/02 farm auction from this same west-central Saskatchewan area ($58,500) for a 1993 model with 2,757 hours. Here are (2) other nice tractors that sold on Wednesday's farm auction in Rosetown, SK:

1986 CaseIH 2394 2WD with 3,990 hours, sold: $26,000  (new record price)

CaseIH2394 SK  26K


1988 CaseIH 7110 2WD with 4,603 hours, sold: $35,000

CaseIH7110 SK  35K


This farm auction Wednesday in Rosetown, SK was by my friends at Kramer Auctions, Ltd. (www,kramerauction.com). The next day, Thursday, June 5, 2014, Kramer Auctions had another nice farm auction, this one near Wiseton, SK...in the same west-central area of Saskatchewan. Sold on this sale were a pair of 1983 Massey Ferguson 4800 4WD tractors with 5,000 and 5,300 hours. These tractors were "twin sisters" with consective serial numbers. They sold choice and went for $30,000 each. Here's a pic:

MF4800 SK  30Keach twinsisterSN s





Allis Chalmers Tractor Auction Yesterday - Wow

Jun 01, 2014

AC ILsale 1 

I've noticed something over the years.

Of all the topics I write, talk or blog about, there's always been one topic sure to illicit a strong response...Allis Chalmers tractors. It never fails, any time I touch on AC tractors, the sparks fly. Sparks of love from the orange loving crowd. A very devoted bunch for sure. So this one's definitely for you Allis Chalmers lovers out there, highlights from the most amazing AC tractor collector auction I've seen yesterday in Sparta, IL, an auction of the Gerald Zacheis tractor museum. The sale was by renouned antique & classic tractor auction firm Aumann Auctions (www.aumannauctions.com). Here are a few highlights...enjoy orange lovers everywhere:

AC D17 Series IV Diesel High Crop, restored, sold: $17,000

ACD17 IL  17K


AC D21 Series 2, restored, sold: $33,000  (new record price)

ACD21  33K IL


1938 AC A, restored, belt pulley, 1 of only 1200 built, sold: $23,500

ACA IL  23500


AC WD45, rare LP gas, sold: $13,500

ACWD45 LPrare IL  13500


1962 AC D19, restored, sold: $7,500

ACD19 IL  7500


AC 616 cotton picker, LP, restored, sold: $15,000

AC616cottonpicker IL  15K


AC 180 diesel, restored, sold: $10,000

AC180 IL  10K


AC 170, restored, sold: $9,500

AC170 IL  9500


1958 AC D17, LP, restored, sold: $19,000

ACD17 IL  19K


1942 AC Road Maintenance tractor, 1 of only 412 built, sold: $37,500

ACroadmaintainenceTractor IL  37500 rare


AC pull type combine, restored, 4' platform, sold: $4,750

ACcombinepulltype IL  4750


AC 110 manure spreader, restored, sold: $4,000

AC110manurespreaderrestored IL  4K


1934 AC WC, restored, sold: $8,000



AC All Crop 100 combine, restored, 9' platform, sold: $8,000

ACallcrop100combine IL  8K


AC Roto baler, restored, sold: $4,750

ACrotobaler IL  4750


AC U, on steel, restored, sold: $4,250

ACU IL  4250






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