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Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014

Washington, D.C.


In the nation’s capital, thought leaders spend a great deal of time diagnosing problems and debating their causes in different policy silos. Across the globe, the public sector, private sector and individuals are developing solutions to these problems and at Farm Journal Foundation we believe every individual can have a role to play given the proper platform.

The 2014 Farm Journal Forum is dedicated to highlighting solutions that will help position our industry globally to confront major challenges and leverage opportunities arising from changes in our food and agriculture system.


2014 Forum Coverage

  • NPPC Trade Team Visits Columbia, Peru

    03/27/2017 08:36 PM

    NPPC’s trade team this week completed a series of meetings in Peru and Colombia to explore promising opportunities for U.S. pork producers.

  • China, Others Lift Ban on Brazil Meat Imports
    03/27/2017 07:28 PM

    China lifted a ban on imports of meat from Brazil on Saturday after Brazilian authorities clarified details of a police investigation into alleged bribery of health inspectors.

  • Drones Make 'Next Generation Impact' on Farming
    03/27/2017 07:16 PM

    It sounds like a giant bumblebee, the 2-foot-square drone whirring to life. Its four props lift it off the ground outside Bruce Bowsher's house and once it's about 4 feet in the air, they lift up to give a camera an unobstructed 360-degree view.

  • Brazil's JBS Rules Out Layoffs Following Meat Scandal
    03/27/2017 06:22 PM

    Brazil's JBS SA, the world's biggest meatpacking company, is not considering firing workers after a corruption scandal triggered import bans worldwide and drove it to suspend output in Brazil.

  • Thoughts from a Pioneer in Antibiotic Resistance
    03/27/2017 05:10 PM

    Dr. Stuart B. Levy literally wrote the book on antibiotic resistance and is considered a pioneer in the field. Here’s an interesting conversation with the author, microbiologist, physician and researcher.

  • Dr. Lawrence Goes to Washington
    03/27/2017 04:06 PM

    With the spotlight on family farms and the challenges they face, John Lawrence, PhD, with Iowa State University, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Small Business Committee.

  • Spinoff Opportunities Abound Amid Ag's Mergers/Acquisitions
    03/27/2017 04:06 PM

    Syngenta Eyes Bayer Assets in Whirlwind of Agrochem Deals (2)

  • Give People Reasons to Care
    03/27/2017 02:59 PM

    Whether you are an employer aiming to motivate your employees or a chairperson of a committee for an organization in either of these leadership roles you will be more likely to reach your outcomes when you give your employees and volunteers a reason to care.


  • Video
    Tough Times for Farm Income, Bright Spots on the Horizon
    03/27/2017 02:33 PM

    The USDA is predicting farm income will decline 8.7 percent in 2017 to $62.3 billion, and it would be the 4th consecutive year of declines, representing a 46 percent drop from the record-high in 2013. 

  • Video
    "Emotional Element" to Farm Bill Discussion
    03/27/2017 01:34 PM

    Last week, ag secretary nominee Sonny Perdue had his confirmation hearing in front of the Senate Ag Committee, however it ended without a vote and one hasn’t been scheduled. 

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