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You're invited to be part of the heartbeat of our new naFarmJournalPulsetional producer panel that speaks up and speaks out. Participating is as easy as answering two quick poll questions per month via text message from your mobile phone.

The Farm Journal Pulse polls farmers and ranchers for their straight-from-the-farm opinions and crop progress updates. By partnering with Commodity Update, the leading provider of agricultural information to mobile phones, Farm Journal sends you the question via a text message on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

You take a moment to send an anonymous response, and the results are tallied. The next morning you'll be able to see how your answer compares with the rest of the nation. There’s no charge, but as always, any text message fees in your phone plan apply.



Latest Farm Journal Pulse Question

What is your expectation for the Ag economy in 2015 vs. 2014?

  • Better than 2014
  • Worse than 2014
  • About the same





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Previous Farm Journal Pulse Results

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How many pieces of farm machinery do you expect to purchase this year?

Pulse 1 2 14


Do you apply seed treatments on-farm or have it commercially applied?

1 15 14 Pulse

How is the cell phone coverage on your farm?

2 5 14 Pulse


What percent of your acres will be planted to corn?

2 19 14 Pulse


How many grain trucks or semis do you own?

3 7 14 Pulse


What size planter do you use?

3 20 14 Pulse


How many grain bins have you added to your farm in the last 5 years?

4 3 14 Pulse


Have you ever planted a cover crop on your farm?

4 3 14 Pulse


What percentage of your corn crop is planted?

5 7 14


When do you plan on retiring from farming?

5 21 14 Pulse


My #1 concern about big data:

6 4 14 Pulse


What is the condition of your corn crop?

6 18 14 Pulse 


Do you have a farm succession plan?

6 4 14 Pulse


What type of welding do you do the most on your farm?

7 16 14 Pulse


What is the hottest temperature you've seen this summer?

8 6 14 Pulse


How much of your 2014 corn production is sold or priced?

8 20 14 Pulse


What do you estimate the average corn yield to be this year on your farm?

9 3 14 Pulse


What is your primary type of tillage?



What is the average moisture level of your harvested corn?



What percentage of your soybean crop is harvested?



How will your 2015 cash rent rates compare to 2014 rates?



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