Farm Journal Team

Click the names below to meet the members of the Farm Journal editorial team.

Susan Luke, Editor

Katie Humphreys, Managing Editor

Lindsey Benne, Art Director

Alison Rice, Markets and News Editor
Ed Clark, Business and Issues Editor
Darrell Smith, Conservation and Machinery Editor
Sara Brown, Livestock and Production Editor 
Margy Eckelkamp, Machinery Editor and Test Plot Director
Rhonda Brooks, Seeds and Production Editor
Nate Birt, Social Media and Machinery Editor
Pam Fretwell, Special Projects Editor
Ben Potter, Technology and Crops Editor
Erica VandenHouten, Proofreader
Lori Hays, Designer
Jonie Mackey, Executive Editorial Assistant



Dan Anderson, In the Shop

Phil Needham, High-Yield Wheat
John Phipps, John’s World
Moe Russell, The Bottom Line
Bob Utterback, Outlook

John Dillard, Legal Ease



Ken Ferrie, Field Agronomist

Missy Bauer, Associate Field Agronomist