Sep 16, 2014
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Keep a Downhill Planter from Running Yields Down As Well

November 20, 2010
By: Margy Eckelkamp, Director of Content Development, Machinery Pete

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The way you operate your equipment affects your agronomic performance. In episode 4 of Corn College TV, Missy Bauer identifies one of the most critical settings of the planter and teaches you how to keep the planter level.

“Because so many things can change if the planter is not level, it’s important to ensure your machine is running level,” Bauer says. “I suggest having a magnetic level and setting it on the main toolbar. Have someone watch the level as you run through the field.”

Bauer says it’s most common to see planters running downhill. Having equipment operating at the wrong pitch leads to seed tube bounce and misplaced seed.

“Set the no-till coulter at the correct position, which is above the bottom of the double disk openers,” she continues. “Starter attachments need to be set properly as well.

If we aren’t level, make adjustments on the hitch height, and there are some easy ways to properly adjust hitch height.

Learn more in Episode 4 of Corn College TV.   

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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

Sorry it should say work if your feild is level
6:03 PM Nov 23rd
A level will only your field is level. It must be parallel to the ground not level to the world.
6:00 PM Nov 23rd



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