Sep 20, 2014
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May 2011 Archive for Crop Comments

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May Crop Comments

May 31, 2011

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying:

  • 5/31 - Northeast Indiana: It looks like the rain broke up and missed us tonight. I sure haven't said that much lately. 5 inches of rain last week. It will be next week before we can get on some of the fields. The local seed dealer says most guys are trading to earlier corn at this point. They are going to stick with corn for a while yet. We will have some replanting to do too. Most all the work that has gotten done this spring was done too wet. It is hard to imagine that this mess will turn into a good crop.

  • 5/31 - Minot, N.D.: These pictures are north of Minot, North Dakota, in the Glenburn and Lansford area. The aerial photo was taken on 5/24/11 before the 3 inches of rain, the second photo was taken yesterday with the down pouring of rain we were getting.  The very few fields that were seeded are now washing out. It looks like there won't be any crop to harvest in this area for 2011. The area is from North of Minot, straight up to the Canadian border. I have never seen it like this before, and it is much worse then 1999. Before this last rain, if you thought you could seed a field, it was virtually impossible to get to them, because of the roads either washed out or too.
    5 31 11 ND
    5 31 11 ND 2
    5 31 11 ND 3

    -- Minot, N.D.

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  • 5/31 - Southern Cavalier County, N.D.: Wet, Wet, wet! 1.5" of rain in the past week and the forecast for this week has rain scheduled for every day. Planting progress is about 30% around Nekoma, which is about the best in the county. Most guys say they will seed until the 10th or 15th if they can get in the field before then. We hope there will be no prevent plant this year.
  • 5/31 - Daniels County, Mont.: 6 inches & counting in 3 weeks. area is 2/3 seeded, the rest can NOT beat crop ins. deadline. However seeding will continue on HRS til mid June. Good portions mudded in. Regina, SK area is pretty much MIA this year (huge fertile plain towards Minot ND) northern Sask. well ahead of norm seeding (dry/no snow)

  • 5/31 - Hutchinson, Minn.: The farmers near Hutchinson, Minn., have decided how to determine who's field is wetter. (less than 5% corn planted) Do You have Ducks, Geese or Carp in your field?? Carp self-explanatory! And Geese are heavier than ducks and need deeper water!!
  • 5/31 - Ohio: So much water in Ohio, we are starting to raise FISH in our lake.
    5 31 11 Ohio

    -- Ohio

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  • 5/30 - Central Illinois: Well, here is the video for Spring 2011! We had a lot of fun making this video this year. 2011 planting season started early. We planted our first field of corn the first week of April. Then, we got rained out for a week. We planted another field; then, we got rained out again. We had a good run at the end of April/beginning of May, but it started raining again. Our relatives from Warrensburg, IL came up the third week of May to help us get a big jump on the planting before the next rain event hit. We had such a nice time while they were up here, and we took a lot of pictures and video while they were up here. Thank you so much to Greg, Norman and Nathan! Video courtesy of Wentworth Family Farms.

  • 5/30 - Williams County, Ohio: Corn that was planted may 9-13 about 60% stand .Beans that were planted ok may need to replant a few. We rec. 5 " of rain this past week. Thanks to crop insurance.
  • 5/30 - Ward County, N.D.: Our roads are in poor shape and here, this is what can happen using soft rough roads with your truck. Guys here are trying there best, but not much we can do. Had one day of planting this spring. Now it is raining again 1.20" in gauge this morning, still raining and under a flood watch, rain in the forecast through June 2nd. Took a drive around the central part of the state and almost none of this area is planted. What is planted looks very poor and guys made a mess out it in the mud, getting stuck all over. I have never seen the state like this. With this rain through the first part in June I don't think planting is going to happen here this year. To many acres out there and not enough time now.

  • 5/30 - Brown County, Mich.: Too wet to plant corn by June 5th here in Sanilac County. 30% of acreage may be "prevent plant". Switching to soybeans may not be the most profitable solution as crop insurance guarantees for corn out weigh soybean current yield & price potential! If prevent plant option is excersized by the farmer it is important to make sure that it is reported correctly at the Farm Service Agency during acreage reporting.


  • 5/30 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Most corn was in the ground by the first week of May in this area but didn't all come up until the 24th because of the cold weather. We started with beans on the 6th and they took 3 weeks to the day to all get out of the ground. Cold and wet since the 18th with 7.3 in. of rain and 60% for today’s Memorial Day celebration! Crops are 2 weeks behind in this area. Keep a positive attitude if possible!!

  • 5/30 - Pipestone, Minn.: Had a small window for field work in our area on Thursday. We finished a small field of corn switched the planter to beans got 300 acres sprayed there will be some prevent plant, mowing lawn seems to keep us busy.
  • 5/30 - Lac Qui Parle, Minn.: We have about 95% of our corn in and are about 50% planted on soybeans. It has rained every week since we started this spring.
  • 5/30 - Southern Mille Lacs County, Minn.: Started planting soybeans on the 18th 19th and 20th then got 3" of rain and planted again on the 27th, now have 40 acres left to plant but it is all peat ground so will be a few weeks before it will dry enough to get in. this week will be near 80 so things look better. Hope it all comes up, it has been wet and very cool.

  • 5/30 - Jefferson County, N.Y.: Have not planted a seed in two weeks. Chopped 300 acres of hay this past week, between rain showers. Lots of tracks in the hay fields! Really need a dry spell.
  • 5/30 - Latah County, Idaho: You know it is wet when you find a seagull wading through the water in your draw and your field is located 400 miles from the coast. I think we will switch from spring wheat to summer wheat. What a spring!
  • 5/30 - Mt. Pulaski, Ill.: Got done planting corn on May 20th. Planted most of my beans, had about 2 hours worth to get done and it started raining and just stopped last night, 3 inches so it'll be a few days before we will be able to finish.    

  • 5/27 - Okaloosa County, Fla.: 1st rain (today) in six weeks; lucky to have deep-well irrigation?. Harvesting blueberries, sweet 'Silver Queen' corn, sugar-snap and snow peas, green beans, watermelon and cantaloupes.
  • 5/27 - Willamette Valley, Ore.: Spring has been cooler and wetter than normal, only a hand full of days over 70, we get 3 to 5 days of dry then it rains again. The winter wheat has varying degrees of rust, row crops are getting planted fairly well, still lots to plant though, forage and grass seed crops behind but look ok. Really hoping for some warmer weather soon.

  • 5/27 - East central Iowa: Corn on corn planted May 6. Most stands look good, but some just north of here can be spotty. It looks like they had tilled the ground and it  dried out. Beans are coming up. Coops got caught up spraying Friday. We received 1-1.5 inches of rain on Tuesday evening. I really hate to say this (for all of you having a terrible spring),but other than cooler temperatures, thinks look good.
    5 27 11 Iowa

    -- East central Iowa

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  • 5/27 - Champaign, Ohio: Almost no crops planted in my area.  
  • 5/27 - McDonough County, Ill.: Had 30" rain during 2010 growing season. Thought maybe with nice start this year would be better. However, 3.6" last 3 days makes bad memories return! Will be replanting corn in river bottoms and probably some up land ponds. Still have beans to plant but most in area finished. A lot of early planted corn replanted due to cold.

  • 5/27 - Brown County, Mich.: Just get almost dried out enough to roll, then rain again!

  • 5/26 - Seneca, Ohio: Just got at least an inch of rain maybe two. This rain not only sets the the crops back but it's also time to make hay. Sure wish we could save this rain for August!

  • 5/26 - Colfax County, Neb.: What a spring so far.  Started planting corn on April 10 (soil temp was 51 degrees),  planted 200 acres then winter (snow and freezing temperatures) set back in for 2 1/2 weeks(soil temp fell to low 40's).  Didn't get back into the field until the first week of May.  Finished corn for the first time on May 18, in between rains.  Going to have to replant 120 acres of the first 200 planted, but it has been wet ever since the 18th.  Another 2 inches of rain yesterday and rain forecasted for Friday.  Do not have a bean in the ground yet.  What happened to global warming?  Sure hope it warms up and dries off soon.
  • 5/26 - Candler County, Ga.: Almost through planting our 1000 acres of dryland cotton in Southeast Georgia. All acres have been dusted in and now is being planted in clay land as hard as concrete. We strip till and are running our subsoil shanks about 20 inches deep. If you touch one of these shanks during planting, it will actually burn your hand due to excessive friction. Only 20 percent of plants have emerged and we don't understand how and seed could sprout in these conditions.
  • 5/26 - Brule, S.D.: Cool and wet. 3.67" rain in the last 2 weeks. Many acres left to plant.

  • 5/26 - Kent County, Ontario: Just got started again today, got 15 acres in and rained out. It is almost becoming funny cause that is the third time that I have just got dry enough to work and 2 hours in we get dumped on. 900 acres to go and at this rate I am gonna be sidedressing when I am harvesting wheat. Do not have any of my burndown done for soys yet either.
  • 5/26 - South central Minnesota: Starting to really turn wet here too.  Most corn is in, still some beans to go.  North of us there is a lot of corn still in the bag. Fields are very wet with some ponding and it is raining this morning with another 1.5 inches predicted.
  • 5/26 - Fulton County, Ind.: Seriously, someone can turn off the sprinkler already.

  • 5/25 - Sanborn County, S.D.: In my area north of Mitchell, SD 50% or less of corn planted, very little beans. We have been wet and cool almost everyday. There will be lot of prevent plant acres.

  • 5/25 - Brown County, Wis.: Wet, wet, wet, cold, cold and cold.  
  • 5/25 - Liberty County, Texas: 0.69 since Feb 1st (114 days) -- This does not happen in SE Texas. Our pastures are burned up and all hay is gone. We are mowing down are corn and baling it. At least we are not dealing with tornadoes.

  • 5/25 - Pickaway, Ohio: Never in forty years has it been this wet. 15 inches here in last three weeks. No corn on this location. Prevented planting is the only option now.

  • 5/25 - Custer County, (central) Nebraska: Got done planting just before the last rain. I'd say corn is 90-95% in, and beans 75% or so. It seems that this year, the bigger the planter, the worse you got stuck. We have had more rain in this area than I can ever remember. Not so much the seer volume of rain, but the fact that it rains off and on for 3-4 days, then it dries out enough to do 1-2 days of fieldwork, then rains another 3-4 days. Most people got one day of fieldwork done in the last week, a few guys on higher ground got maybe 2 days worth. More planting done with lights than I can ever remember. So far we have been lucky and the rains haven't been so heavy that it washed much out, but the soil is so saturated that if we get a quarter inch of rain, the soil in the fields is glossy most of the next day.


  • 5/25 - Henry County, Tenn.: Waterlogged crops. 1/2 of corn 3 weeks behind the rest. early beans planted in too wet fields. no dry hay cut yet 30 days behind normal. I'm 56 years old and never seen as a wet spring in my life!
  • 5/25 - Putnam County, Ohio: 205 corn in 0 beans in.
  • 5/25 - Daniels County, Mont.: Had over 4" in last two weeks. with all snowmelt, it is now too much. springs developing on hillsides, ponds getting bigger and only 52f. today. small farmers (under 1200 ac) not started yet. Cold and rain all week ahead. Getting desperate in NE Montana.

  • 5/25 - McLeod County, Minn.: Everyone around here is scrambling trying to switch seed and get their agents lined up for preventative plant acres. Personally, I am taking 22% of my acres as prevent plant. They were supposed to be corn. The last monsoon dumped way too much water. I have broken tiles and fields that were flooded by the county drainage ditch. The PP is going to pay almost as much as a late soybean crop would. The hell with it. I am not going to fight Mother Nature and plant late soybeans. Two years ago we dealt with all that wet moldy corn and there is no way I ever want to do it again. Besides, the market has done a real crappy job of trying to motivate me to go out and try and plant more acres. I suspect that half the county might go PP on corn acres.
  • 5/25 - Hancock County, Ohio: We got another half inch last night. There is no planting anywhere near us. Around Findlay some planted. We are totally saturated. Need at least four days of sun and wind to dry us enough to get on the ground and that would be wet.
  • 5/25 - Jackson County, Ind.: 25% corn planted. The East Fork White River flooded again, will switch to beans after 6/10.

  • 5/25 - East central Iowa: I really feel for all of you who are having planting trouble and severe weather around the country. We returned unused seed (still have 5 acres of corn and 9 of beans left, will haul manure on it for 1-2 weeks)
    5 25 11 Iowa
    5 25 11 Iowa 4
    5 25 11 Iowa rain

    Rain was coming.

    5 25 11 Iowa planting beans

    Planting beans right behind baler trying to beat the rain.

    5 25 11 Iowa balage

    Baled 26 acres of balage. Planted beans after hay was off.

    5 25 11 Iowa 1

    -- East central Iowa

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  • 5/25 - Montgomery, Ill.: 176 acres: Wet but all corn planted; all beans waiting for dry weather.
  • 5/25 - Madison, Ohio: Almost nothing planted, I'd say maybe 2%. Standing water in most fields.

  • 5/25 - Monroe, N.Y.: Saturated.

  • 5/25 - Texas: Many areas received rain, but in most of the state the agricultural situation remained extremely dire, according to reports from Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel. Most everywhere, soil moisture remained short, except in North Texas, where despite good rains, they were reported as merely adequate. In most areas, wheat grown for grain has been lost or yields severely reduced, according to reports from AgriLife Extension county agents. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
    5 25 11 Texas crop weather

    Wheat yields are expected to be drastically reduced or non-existent in most parts of Texas. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo by Robert Burns)

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  • 5/25 - Washington County, Ill.: 15% planted, still wet.
  • 5/25 - Clark, Ill.: Southeast central Illinois is still wet. We are having to pick and choose which fields to go to corn planting 50% bean planting 15%.
  • 5/25 - Franklin, Mo.: Way too wet. Rains every few days. Can't work ground. Can't cut hay. Can't even build fence. If you drill a post hole it fills with water. Storm came through last night and I had to fix fence. I pushed the steel post down to the plate by hand. Nice to hear some of you are getting something done.


      5/25 - Coleharbor, N.D.: Paul Anderson discusses improvements in the Concord and Dutch Opener. Visit to follow videos and posts from these and other Voices Across the Plains growers as the season progresses. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 5/25 - Hancock and Wyandot counties, Ohio:5" - 11" rain previous two weeks. 4"+ last night in 28 min. Haven't turned a wheel yet. YIPEE!! 5800A to try and do, IF it ever gets fit. It’s rained 55 out of the last 59 days! Can you seed rice in Ohio?

  • 5/24 - Huntington County, Ind.: We have had 1 day of corn planting this spring.  We planted about 110 acres Friday the 13th (of course) then have received around 9 “ of rain since.  5” on May 14 and another 3” last night with some other showers in between.  No beans have been planted.  Our corn was peeking through before last night’s rain.  Hopefully it didn’t get too washed out last night.  We have no beans planted.  I will be getting with the insurance and seed guys to see about either switching to beans or going the prevented planting route.  I have never had preventing planting before but this may be the year for it.  At least we are better off than those poor folks in Joplin.  Every time I start to feel sorry for myself, I find another reason to count my blessings.
  • 5/24 - Williams County, Ohio: We planted May 11-13, then 3"-6" of rain, just starting to row the corn and beans that were planted. It will be at least May 30 till we can get on the fields on where we had 3" of rain. Last year we filed pp on 50% of our corn, and didn't finish planting beans till June 26.

  • 5/24 - Clinton County, southwest Ohio: 2 to 6 inches last night with more on way for rest of week.  Less than 15% corn planted and rest won’t make it in by June 5th cut-off.  Will be lucky to get beans in by July 1 if weather doesn't change.

  • 5/24 - Pickaway, Fayette and Madison counties, Ohio: 11,000 acres and 0 planted, received 1.3 inches last night and this morning. Not looking good for corn.
  • 5/24 - Lewistown, Mont.: Insane Rain!!! Six inches of rain in the last 11 days, almost half of our normal rainfall for the year. Winter wheat in central Montana is slow going. I can only remember a couple of 70 degree days for the whole spring. Some yellowing going on, I think we are going to have some nitrogen problems along with some late freezes. Not a lot of spring wheat in our area, but I am estimating that about 30% of it is not going to get seeded this year, unless it’s going to get done in June. But the weather shows continued wet and cold for us. Some lowland crops lost to flooding. Lots of reservoirs and roads to fix. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 5/24 - Columbiana, Ohio: Virtually nothing done in over a week. Just started to dry out a little the past 2 days and now is raining again with rain in the picture for the next 4 days. Best guess is less than 25% of corn planted and less than 10% of beans planted in the region.

  • 5/23 - Ward County, N.D.: Got one day of planting. Roads to soft to move trucks. Air seeder sunk in the gravel road, muddy and allot of water. Conditions were poor. Then four days of rain. 1.75" now and still raining. Time is running out. Forecast shows three days of below normal temps then back to rain for Fri-Sun.
  • 5/23 - Pipestone, Minn.: Most corn in some wet spots left 2 inches over weekend some storm damage. lot of spraying needs to get done this week have a safe week.

  • 5/23 - Central Missouri: We're just a little wet!!!
    5 23 11 MO

    -- Central Missouri

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  • 5/23 - McLeod County, Minn.: Well… everyone just started to get going on Wed and Thurs. The fields were far from decent shape, but it was getting so late that everyone was going. For two days guys worked day and night to get something planted. By early Friday morning the storms rolled in and shut everything down. What did get planted was really mudded in. I would say that corn ended up around 15-25% planted, and beans about 15% planted. There was almost no spring wheat planted in our area. And now for the rain report. As of Sunday night, a large part of the county has received at least five inches of rain with more on the way tonight. There are huge lakes out in the fields! There are a lot of acres that won’t be planted until June up here if at all. It is real sickening looking at these high prices and most of our seed is sitting in the bag. Last year the county probably averaged close to 200bu/a corn. I think this year we will be real lucky to make 125 bu/a for those that get planted. Cool wet summer forecasted is going to make this dismal mudded in crop even worse. Prevent Planting date here is May 31. I know of quite a few guys that are going to take it and just plant a cover crop and try again next year. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 5/23 - East central Iowa: I could have finished beans Sunday (100 acres left), but was invited to the nationwide race at Newton, Iowa. It was sponsored by John Deere. Rain was spotty on Sunday afternoon. A lot of corn is up along interstate 80 and looking pretty good.
    5 23 11 Iowa 2
    5 23 11 Iowa

    Planting beans on Friday. I hate to say this, but we could
    use some of your excess rain that others are getting!
    -- East central Iowa

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  • 5/23 - Western Walsh County, northeast North Dakota: We were able to get started seeding this past week, as were many in the area. Only seeded 350 acres before rain set in Friday evening. Received about 1.25" for the weekend. The gravel roads are really getting torn up. Getting seed and fertilizer trucks around is becoming a big problem. We will be sitting for 2-3 days waiting for fields to dry up again.
  • 5/23 - Mt. Pulaski, Ill.: Farm Journal Conservation and Machinery Editor Darrell Smith-- May 20 found Jeff Martin and son Doug, of Mt. Pulaski, Ill., finishing soybean planting (except for some experimental plots) and completing their sidedressing of corn. (About 25% of their corn gets sidedress nitrogen.) Despite being rained out for two weeks in April, it was a good planting season, Jeff says. “Soil conditions were good for both early (before the rain set in) and later plantings,” he explains. “Corn we planted last week came up in six days. That’s the kind of conditions you like to see.”
    5 23 11 IL 2
    5 23 11 IL

    -- Mt. Pulaski, Ill.

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  • 5/23 - Weld County, Colo.: Finished corn on May 7th. Got two storms in the last two weeks equaling 3" or better. 1st moisture of significance since last summer. Corn 75% emerged today. Starting to plant Sunflowers now. 50% chance of storms next few days may hinder that.
  • 5/23 - Huron Mich.: Have not turned a wheel all week and another 1/2 in. of rain last night. Still see no sugar beets or corn out of the ground very few soy's planted and the hay is coming on fast. Looks like rain all day temps in the low 60's.

  • 5/23 - Lancaster, Pa.: When will it quit raining? Seven days in a row has farmers wondering how the hay crop will get made and corn and beans finished. Still have corn to spray that is coming up and needs nitrogen applied. What a difference from last year.

  • 5/23 - Marion County, Ohio: We are in north central Ohio. Started planting May 11 got rained out on 13th. 45% of corn planted and 15% of beans planted. Most big farmers in 70%-30% range. Some smaller farmers have not turned a wheel. Nobody turned a wheel last week, Maybe can get back in on 23rd,but rain in forecast today and 50%chance every day this week.
  •  5/23 - Lenawee County, Mich.: Not a kernel in the ground yet…getting worried.
  • 5/23 - Marion County, Kan.: This past week, we received 1.7 inches of moisture.  Prior to this rain, we were losing bushels every day as prior to this rain, our tally of moisture received since planting last fall was only 1.6 inches, with .7 inch in snow and two light .4 & .5 inch showers.  Some white heads were showing up, especially in one variety not as well tolerant of drought.  Leaves and stems were drying up.  Some fields may not make normal production.  Others that looked like they could have done very well may make average yields for this area.  All in all, this last rain was a life saver. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
    5 23 11 KAN

    This is of the 2137 K-State variety and looks to do okay.

    -- Marion County, Kan.

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  • 5/23 - Billings, Mont.: Corn has been planted since the 7th of may and some is out of ground, but the majority of it is still under, and now its rained 3 inches, wet wet wet and cold ! we need some warm weather, only stuff that looks good is small grains and they really need warm weather too. Hope the sun is coming!

  • 5/23 - Brown County, Mich.: See a video of muddin' beets in.

  • 5/23 - Perkins County, northwest South Dakota: Had about 15 acres of wheat left to plant and rained out yesterday afternoon. Have received 1.5" of rain so far since yesterday afternoon. We are wet wet wet! Have mudded quite a bit of the crop in so far. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 5/23 - Uniontown, Summit County, Ohio: It has been a continued rain here for weeks although we are getting some sun today, Friday, it still seems as if it will take several good days of sun to just get into the fields.  I was able to get about 75 ac of corn in a few weeks back, and it seems to be holding its own right now.  I was also able to get about 85 ac of beans in about the same time.  I will have to wait and see how things turn out here over the next week or so. This video is of me strip-tilling corn a few weeks ago. Best of luck to all who have crops to get in.

  • 5/20 - Eaton County, Mich.: We have excess water and rain today. We haven't moved in a week due to it raining daily. Rain is to end tonight but rain in the forecast in 3 days. Not enough time to even think of doing any fieldwork.
  • 5/20 - Hettinger County, N.D.: We are in southwestern North Dakota, usually done with canola and small grains around may 5, but this year we are quite far behind, I would say 30% of wheat is in and now forecasting 2-4 inches rain for rest of week. North Dakota is gonna be in a real bind if the whole state gets this amount of precip, hopefully they will be off on the amount of rainfall. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 5/20 - Antelope County, Neb.: Corn is mainly all up. Beans all done and sprayed may 18th. Hoping for some sunny days. 

  • 5/20 - East central Iowa: Planting on top of dike built for Mississippi flooding (didn't need it, thankfully). We were supposed to have sun every day thru Friday night, but yesterday we had rain showers and heavy fog this morning is putting a big wrench in getting hay dry enough. Rain is forecasted every day thru next Wednesday. Bean planting is still in high gear.75-80% done. Corn is coming up and looking good.
    5 20 11 Iowa

    -- East central Iowa

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  • 5/19 - Perry, Pa.: No planting in central Pa since last Friday! First corn planting for the season was May 11, only 3 days not wet all spring! Have 275 acres corn in, no beans. Had 4 inches rain since and no dry days forecasted. Hay is old and going down. Latest and wettest spring ever!!

  • 5/19 - Ward County N.D.: Still no planting. Have one small field that might go today. Rain in the forecast this weekend. Ward County is under a flood warning from up to 2" rain in the forecast. If that happens that will push our start date to June 1st. Not looking good in central ND.

  • 5/19 - Logan and Menard counties, Illinois: Bill is showing an area of the field that was replanted because of too much rain. Video courtesy of

  • 5/19 - Huron Mich.: Have not turned a wheel all week and another 1/2 in. of rain last night. Still see no sugar beets or corn out of the ground very few soy's planted and the hay is coming on fast. Looks like rain all day temps in the low 60's.

  • 5/19 - Livingston/LaSalle counties, Illinois: Last week was a very productive week for corn planting, and had temps in the 80's, so the wheat finally grew very well. Have had plenty of moisture. Field work started full speed on May 7th and had a good 7 day run until 1-3" rains slowed things on Friday the 13th. This week's temps have fallen into the high 30's overnight. Cold and wet is not a good scenario for newly planted corn, or wheat growth. Most of the wheat is at or approaching "flag leaf" stage. Some fields are uneven because of too much water early, but appear to be evening out as the heat units accumulate. Contemplating  applying fungicide later this week. Most growers are done with corn or have a minimal amount yet to plant.  Alfalfa is almost ready. Some growers were going to mow this week which didn't make sense to me to lay hay down on wet ground and have highs in the 60's. Not the best hay drying conditions.  Hoping to get back into the field on Thursday or Friday to finish corn planting, and maybe start on soybeans. Some may return on Wednesday for some spraying! Corn that was planted on the 7th has emerged in 6 days! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 5/19 - Williams, Ohio: Had a good week started on Monday, May 16, with corn and beans. Most fields good shape some of the no-till corn fields were a little sticky. 1.5-2.5 inches rain sat through Monday not much drying. We’re very lucky here so far. Good luck to all that are waiting for better weather

  •  5/19 - Beaman, Iowa: Farm Journal Conservation and Machinery Editor Darrell Smith -- “We got one small field planted in mid-April,” says Steve Anderson of Beaman, Iowa. “Then the weather turned wet, and we waited. Eventually, we had to replant that field. We started planting again on May 1, and, since then, it has been a really good planting season.” Anderson finished planting commercial corn by about May 10.
    5 19 11 Steve Anderson 1
    5 18 11 Crop Comment
    5 18 11 Iowa

    On May 17, Anderson was planting seed corn (middle photo), while employee Daryl Dreesman planted soybeans (bttom photo).

    -- Beaman, Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/19 - Reno, Kan.: Some wheat is turning white with no grain in the heads. 2 weeks ago it looked like 40 bushel wheat. 2 weeks ago it looked like 40 to 50 bushel wheat. Today it looks like 10 to 20 bushel wheat. We haven’t planted any soybeans or milo yet and wont until we get rain. We have had one quarter of an inch of rain in the last two and a half months. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 5/19 - Coleharbor, N.D.: Paul Anderson is planting a new seed from Syngenta. Visit to follow videos and posts from these and other Voices Across the Plains growers as the season progresses. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's



  • 5/19 - Hancock County, Ohio: O% planted. 5" - 11" of rain in the last week.

  • 5/18 - Posey County, Ind.: Planters are starting to roll full speed in the higher ground, some guys got corn out in early April with a window of 2 optimal planting days. The next time we had a chance to plant was May 9. In the lower part of the county waiting for the Wabash River to leave us and pick up the great stuff (drift) it left us with.

  •  5/18 - East central Iowa: Started cutting hay, finished corn, planted beans Tuesday. I really hope the rest of you who haven't been as lucky as we've been here for the last 2 weeks can catch a big break.
    5 18 11 Iowa1]
    5 18 11 Iowa

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/18 - Henry, Ohio: One third of the corn planted and one tenth of soybeans planted. Feel very fortunate to only receive one inch of rain this past weekend. Although this cold weather hi temps in upper forties has me thinking I wish it was all in the bag yet. Go 15 miles in any direction from me and rain has been two on up to six inches.

  • 5/18 - Monroe, La.: Baby cotton in north-central Louisiana.
    5 18 11 LA

    -- Monroe, La.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/18 - North central Illinois: When filling up the airseeder I was lucky enough to catch a short video of the 9520 going to another field. Video courtesy of

  • 5/18 - Eastern Colorado: It is very frustrating hearing about all the precipitation problems in the Midwest - we have received less than 1 1/4 inches since the second week of August.  Of the 1500 acres of wheat planted last fall, over 1000 have been zeroed out without even sprouting!  In over 50 years of farming, I have never seen it this dry. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 5/18 - Brown County, Mich.: Been rained out since last Thursday. Here is a walk around of our planter.

  • 5/17 - DeKalb County, Mo.: Lots of corn and beans being planted. As usual I go until I break down. Hoping to start on corn the end of the week but looks like rain. I've never seen so much pasture ground being planted. Land that had been in pasture my lifetime-55 yrs- is being burned down and planted to beans. CRP the same way. If we have a decent crop, looks like there will be plenty of beans. Most of this ground has been selling for $2800-3000/a. Most of it will end up in LA with big rains. 32 degrees here this morning.

  • 5/17 - Pipestone County, Minn.: Finally started corn today. It's plenty wet yet, but we only have a 3 day window before its supposed to rain again Thursday night.

  •  5/17 - East central Iowa: We hope to finish corn today (Tuesday). Some guys have started cutting hay. I will start cutting mine today. A lot of beans are going in 75% done. Rain over the weekend helped to get everything that was in the ground already off to a good start.
    5 17 11 Iowa 1
    5 17 11 Iowa road

    Road to get to another "in the middle of nowhere fields"

    5 17 11 Iowa acres

    43 acre field (custom work). GPS worked part of the time.
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/17 - Southwest Kansas: It is looking real tough out here. We have only received 0.50" of rain since last September. There are others that have received less. Wheat crop is all over the board. Lots of acres never came up. Some fields a third of the wheat came up, others it came up real thin and some the stand is descent. The wheat that is up is real tough looking and a lot is starting to die because of lack of moisture. It is real short and is going to be tough to harvest. That is if it makes it to harvest. The irrigation wells are running hot and heavy trying to water up the corn that is in the ground. The corn is real slow about coming up. We will have three days in the 90's with wind. Then we will have 50's and 60's and nights down around freezing. There is no moisture for dryland milo to come up yet, but we still have a month before we run out of time for it. The cattle men out here have no grass for there cows and now there is no feed to be found. The dairies out here are buying up all the alfalfa standing in the field. I think a lot of cattle herds will be going to market if we don't hurry up and receive some moisture. Hope you guys flooding away, dry out and can get your crops in. I think our cracks in the ground could soak it all up for you. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 5/17 - Jefferson County, N.Y.: Had 4.5 days of good weather last week. Planted 900 out of 2200 acres of corn along with 110 acres of spring wheat and 60 acres of beans during that time frame. Then 3 inches of rain from Sat. thru Monday and rain in the forecast 8 out of the next 10 days. Hay needs to be chopped. A real mess now.

  • 5/17 - Huntington County, Ind.: Finally got in the field and planted about 110 acres of corn Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13 until we got rained out.  Conditions were marginal but we felt we needed to get started.  Over the weekend we received 5.1 inches of rain.  We now have huge ponds of standing water and have no idea if what we planted will survive.  Also it was 40° this morning and predicted for that cold again Tuesday.  Talked to my seed rep about switching to earlier corn or to beans if we don’t get corn in the ground by June 1.  We won’t do anything this week and rain is in the forecast 7 of the next 10 days.
  • 5/17 - Stoddard, Mo.: Been doing this since 1975. The entire bootheel region of southeast Missouri has the least amount of crop for May 15 I have ever seen. This area and going straight up the Ohio River Valley from here is where all the water causing the problems in the south came from. It’s by far the worst start on corn and cotton any one could have dreamed up. Looks we might get a couple days in this week before rain again Friday and Saturday.

  • 5/17 - St. Clair/Madison counties, southwest Illinois: Compared to last year we are way behind.  In general corn planting in our immediate area is in the 10% range.  A few are further along, some have none in the ground.  It is getting to the point that the crop needs to go in the ground in the next 2 weeks.  Ground that had preemergent chemicals applied to keep the winter annual growth away and tiled ground has paid huge dividends. 

    I have heard of one field of beans planted, but nothing widespread. 

    Wheat started to look rough last week, but now the cooler dryer weather should help.  But we still don't have a great wheat crop in the makings.  Even with a perfect finish I can't imagine wheat being much better than average.  Any extended heat and/or wet will cut yields quickly. 

  • 5/17 - Huntington County, Ind.: We finally started planting corn Thursday evening and by Friday afternoon had about 110 acres planted (25%) and got rained out with a little shower.  On Saturday it started raining and we ended up with 5.1" for the entire weekend.  4.75 of it came in about 4 hours Saturday night.  We have water standing in places that have never had standing water.  Water is still running down side ditches and through culverts.  With the weather forecast we are probably finished until at least Memorial Day.

  • 5/16 - Fayette County, Pa.: Had 3 good days of planting last week, first corn is popping out of the ground. Had 2 and half inches of rain since Thursday night. 50 degrees and raining today. Everything is back to mud. Rain back in the forecast 9 out of the next 10 days. Lots of acres yet to go, but who knows when.
  • 5/16 - Fayette, Ohio: Farm Journal Technology Editor Rhonda Brooks -- Good corn planting conditions finally greeted farmers in northwest Ohio earlier this week. Rodney Rupp, of Fayette, estimates that planting in the area is roughly four weeks behind schedule.  Even so, Rupp says there is still a good window of opportunity to plant corn and see strong yield results at harvest.

  • 5/16 - Wabash County, Ind.: We were about a day or two from starting. Received 5+" Friday and Saturday, have no idea when now with rained called for 4 of next 5 days. Some planted in area but conditions were not right.

  • 5/16 - Medina, Ohio: Nothing done nothing planted 9 inches rain in April so far 4.5 inches for May. 

  • 5/16 - Redwood County, Minn.: 1.6 inches rain Saturday. Haven’t turned a wheel. When fields get close to planting we get more rain. Last year we were all finished by May 5th.

  • 5/16 - Northeastern Oregon: Our spring is wet like the rest of the country here. It has been a tough spring to get ground worked, crops in and spraying done. Some ground has been fairly dry and we are still waiting for more to dry. Not real sure what to do next!!

  • 5/16 - Huron, Mich.: Looks like all the early sugar beets have been replanted some still being planted for the first time, corn 60% planted, a few soy's going in wheat looks good but looks like another week of rain will not make it back into field if the forecast is correct until the week of 5/28 also next two nights with lows in the 30's. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 5/16 - Haxtun, Colo.: Just finished planting irrigated corn Wednesday evening before an inch of rain overnight into Thursday morning. Couldn't have had better timing. The wheat can be summed up by two words - highly variable. Some fields look good and one right across the road will be spotty and thin. Overall most fields have decent yield potential with some more rain but in no way will it be a bin buster this year. USDA put Colorado at a 65 million bushel crop right now which is under our long term average but I think probably in the ballpark.  It has a higher chance of getting smaller rather than larger at this point in the game.  Hopefully everyone can get some rain to help their spring crops get off to a good start. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 5/16 - Western Walsh County, northeast North Dakota: Saturday, May 14...finally a bright sunny day with some wind. Got about .4 inches last two days on top of ground that was just beginning to look close to going. We haven't done any field work yet. Some areas on light soils have been able to get started, at least a little bit. The fertilizer dealers are going to have big time trouble delivering product to us considering the horrible road conditions we are facing. Frost boils are showing up on roads that have never had soft spots before; and the regular bad spots are all but impassable. The transport wheels on our 50'-60' air seeders could easily break right thru the road surfaces-and there one would sit-stuck in the middle of a road. 
  • 5/16 - Meeker County, Minn.: Just read the comment from our adjoining county of McLeod. He sure hit the nail on the head. There is only 2-5% of the corn planted here. Mostly sandy ground that is planted. They are talking nice weather for 5 to 7 days. So hopefully 75 to 80% of the corn will get planted. They are talking rain out 7 or 8 days. If that happens, there will be corn acres that will go prevented planted or soybeans up here. This is the worst spring since 1986.

  • 5/16 - Grand Ledge, Mich.: In Eaton County Michigan we have received over 2 inches of rain last night and it is still raining. We are about 40% completed on corn planting and 1% on soybeans. We just get dried out for a couple of days and then it rains again.
  • 5/16 - Union County, N.C.: Corn is looking very good due to perfect moisture with high humidity and a temperature range from the mid 60's at night, to the low 80's during the day.  This corn was planted 24 days ago and has grown a great deal in that period of time, poultry litter, moisture, and warm soil temperatures really push growth.
    YOUNG CORN GROWING (5 13 11)

    -- Union County, N.C.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/16 - Clark, Ohio: 80% of corn finally planted. One of the lucky ones. 20% will have to wait and see, I see a claim coming. Our spray at end of March paid off so we could move quickly now. Dumb Luck. A few other guys starting to move. More rain ahead. 
  • 5/16 - Martinsville, Ohio: My wheat is fully headed out now without an extra shot of N or fungicide.  I got a decent kill on the weeds but not total control.  The barley headed out a week ago. It looks tough.  I lost half the wheat due to water.  It looked so good in March and then 13-19 inches of rain since April 1 took its toll on it. I sold too much so I hope one of my dear friends can help me fill my contracts.  I should only need a thousand bushel or so and the price I sold it for should be no problem in today's market but who knows what it will be at harvest time.

    There is some decent looking soft red winter wheat around here on the rolling fields but everyone is concentrating on corn and soybeans. It's another interesting year to say the least.  I need to scout and pull flag leaves for tissue tests to finish this crop off. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 5/16 - Bottineau, N.D.: This is a view of our fields in northern North Dakota. It doesn't look like we will be getting much seed in the ground. This photo was taken in the middle of April, since then we have gotten 6 inches of snow and on the 10th of May we got 2 more inches of rain. 
    5 16 11 ND

    -- Bottineau, N.D.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/16 - East central Iowa: Planting beans Thursday before we received 3/4 to 1.5 inches of rain on Friday/Saturday. They are talking about scattered frost for Monday, Tuesday morning. Will resume planting today (Monday).
    5 16 11 Iowa
    5 16 11 Iowa agronomist

    My agronomist checking corn that was planted on May 4.

    5 16 11 Iowa 1
    5 16 11 Iowa no till

    No-tilling into sod.
    -- East central Iowa

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  • 5/16 - Northwest Ohio: Farm Journal Technology Editor Rhonda Brooks -- While most northwest Ohio farmers focused on planting corn this week, the Planson family rushed to get their annual, 90-acre tomato crop in the ground.  Jay Planson shares some highlights on planting tomatoes, a crop his family has produced with pride for more than 30 years.

  • 5/16 - Central Missouri: Farm Journal Livestock and Production Editor Sara Brown -- Several dry, 90-degree days were welcomed by farmers in central and northeast Missouri. Dust was flying as farmers charged ahead with corn and even some soybean planting.
    In central Missouri, farmers are putting full priority on corn planting. Tillage is key this spring for many farmers, including JP Curtis Farms in Laddonia, Mo.
    On the next gravel road down 54, Kenny and Bart Roth and their hired hand work ground and plant this mile-long field.
    In New London, MO, farmer Tim Flowerree completes the last rounds of his 2,000 corn acres for the year. “The last four days have been much better than the last four weeks,” he says. He and his farming partner have already started planting beans.

  • 5/13 - Roosevelt County, Mont.: We traveled to northern Saskatchewan, Canada on a specialty parts run. For 120 miles water, water, fields under water.  Hundreds of thousands of acres that will not be planted from southern Saskatchewan to Manitoba. The Canadian government forecast of 5 million prevented planted acres is too low. We received 3-4+ inches of rain in Eastern Montana will try planting Sunday, Monday. Suppose to freeze tonight and tomorrow. Spring wheat seeding 5-10% done. We are late. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 5/13 - McLeod County, Minn.: We received about 1" on Sunday/Monday. Now Today (Thurs) we got another inch of rain. Calling for cool temps, clouds, then more rain on Saturday.

    We will not have any corn in the ground before May 20th. None of the neighbors, and by neighbors I mean people within 40 miles have done ANYTHING. Corn planting for the area remains under 5%. No beans are done, and almost nobody got in to do any small grains. Manure spreading is way behind, the ones that are going in the field are destroying them. The ports have opened up for a couple hours per day and the guys hauling grain have long waits. I am switching a bunch of acres to soybeans. The ground will never make it by the end of the month, which is cutoff for ins. (May 31).

    On the bright side, things cant get much worse so there is nowhere to go but up from here.

  • 5/13 - Barnes, N.D.: Very little if any crops planted. Looks more like the great lakes than the Great Plains. I have seeded 125 acres of corn out of 2600 intended. Can’t get to many fields roads under h2o or too soft to hold a truck. Time is running out.

  • 5/13 - Renville County, Minn.: Planted yesterday May 10 from 3pm to 1 a.m. May11; now it is raining for 8 hours. Struggle to plant the crop. 
  • 5/13 - Lyon, Minn.: Finished corn 5/11/11 Rain all day 5/12/11.

  • 5/13 - Obrien County, Iowa: We finished up corn planting 5/7, probably 99% done in our area. Beans are about 70% planted. The alfalfa is really starting to grow (about 4-6 in. tall) so it might be ready by Memorial Day. I hope that all of you that have had problems getting in the field are to get started soon and have a safe planting season.
  • 5/13 - Hand County, S.D.: 5,500 acres of corn in and another 2,000 to go in wheat stubble that is gonna be a struggle. Calling for up to 2 inches of rain for us. Very little corn is in this area, I would estimate 30% and with this rain everyone is gonna be pushing the May 25th insurance deadline. County only got in roughly 10% of the spring wheat crop. Winter wheat looks poor for the most part on the ground that was planted into prevent plant, and good on ground that was seeded into spring wheat stubble. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 5/12 - Daniels, Mont.: Hello from Canada (lol) things really dried out until Monday (5-9-11) big farmers (10k+) are at 25-35% seeded (mostly peas/lentils). Durum is almost half done (not much going in). HRS, not much in-but most only need 2 weeks. The big farmers will restart Friday afternoon or Saturday. Most else by Monday. Canadian neighbors are talking preventative planting... we are lucky.(Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 5/12 - Clinton, Ohio: May 11 and NOTHING has been planted in our county and surrounding counties, maybe across the state. Farmers are in uncharted territory with decisions to make concerning planting options when it (hopefully) does dry up.

  • 5/12 - Mansfield, Ill.: “Planting progress is accelerating fast,” says Joe Plunk of Plunk Brothers Farms, Mansfield, Ill. “We’re 65% finished with corn, and plan to start planting soybeans tomorrow.”
    5 12 11 IL

    -- Mansfield, Ill.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/12 - Juneau County, Wis.: Not much done, it won’t stop raining.
  • 5/12 - Warrensburg, Ill.: Farm Journal Seed and Production Editor Pam Smith -- I found Rich Lehn, Warrensburg, Illinois, out planting corn today. He's planning on transitioning right into soybeans as soon as the last kernel is planted. May 5 is his favorite day to start soybean planting. He'll miss it by a few days this spring, but he's not worried about the spring running too late yet.  Rotary hoes have made a reappearance on the landscape too as farmers try to give early planted corn a hand through crusted soils.
    5 12 11 IL corn

    -- Warrensburg, Ill.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/12 - Lewistown, Mont.: Finally feels like spring. Winter wheat looks like it made it through the winter fine.  Very little winter kill, some worm damage, but all and all it looks fine aside from being late.  The late spring has definitely set it back, but still grateful to have as much winter wheat in as I do.  We did manage to sneak a little spring wheat in, before the last rain.  But there is very little spring crop that has gotten put in around central Montana, and a lot of farmers are starting to get very worried.  Most of area receive a couple of inches of rain the other day, on top of already saturated soils, so even in the best of circumstances it will be a week or so, before any planting gets done here, which is getting very late for spring wheat.. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 5/12 - Ward County, N.D.: No planting here yet it was just starting to get close to starting then rain for six days. 2 1/4" of rain. 45 degrees cool and wet. Forecast next week looks good. Maybe a May 20th start if we are lucky. We are about 5 weeks behind normal.

  • 5/12 - Ontario, Canada: Some corn and canola going in, not a lot of dry land. We’re having chilly nights. The weather better straighten out!
  • 5/12 - East central Iowa: We got the old 8 row out of the shed to get just about done before it rained (have 40 acres left, 10 to haul manure on and 30 that nh3 was applied on Monday). We started beans Wednesday
    5 12 11 Iowa 4
    5 12 11 Iowa

    My new relief drivers... I was planting field by my girls’ daycare and they wanted to help.

    5 12 11 Iowa 3

    Switching planter over to plant beans.

    5 12 11 Iowa 2

    My brother-in-law hard at work.
    -- East central Iowa

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  • 5/11 - Wilbur, Wash.: If wheat has nine lives, then the wheat in the Highway 2 area of Washington has used seven of them.  The snow laid on it in the Wilbur area from Nov. 20 to March 15.  It was snow molded, winter killed, and just beat up.  It has frozen hard every night through April with above average rain.  Moisture isn't a problem for the PNW.  Growing degree days are what we are short of!  Fungicide sprays are being applied for rust and foot rot along with broadleaf herbicides for all the weeds that just keep coming with all the rain.  It's been nice with no frost at night now for a week, and the winter wheat has taken off.  Just in time too!  The spring wheat crop went in a little late by the calendar. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 5/11 - Farmer City, Ill.: Farm Journal Conservation and Machinery Editor Darrell Smith -- Tuesday, May 10, marked the second full day of planting for Stewart Farms, on the family’s land near Farmer City, Ill. “Yesterday, the soil was a little tacky on top, but it’s really working well today,” says Craig Stewart, who farms with his sons Bob and Brad. By the end of their second long day of planting, Craig expected to be about one-third finished with corn on the family’s Farmer City operation.
    5 11 11 IL

    -- Farmer City, Ill.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/11 - Cass/Menard/Mason counties, Illinois: We finished planting corn on 5/7/11 and have moved on to beans. May have some small areas of replant where cold weather and wet soil has caused problems. Have spoken with other local farmers who also have some corn replant due to bad weather on corn planted in early April. Ground is drying out well now with rain in the forecast. Bean planting has started out well and hope it continues to be.

  • 5/11 - Wallace County, Kan.: As days go by w/o rain the crop suffers more and more. 95 degrees on Sunday and 93 on Monday. It’s just not good. No-till planted in mid September and we’ve probably had 40% of normal rain/snow since then. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
    5 11 11 Wallace County Kansas

    -- Wallace County, Kan.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/11 - Jasper, Ill.: Wet, Wet, Wet. Forecast is for more rain.

  • 5/11 - Texas: Crop and forage production has “pretty much shut down” due to severe to exceptional drought conditions, said a Texas AgriLife Extension Service statewide crop expert. “If you look at the U.S. drought monitor, about 26 percent of the state of Texas is an exceptional drought,” said Dr. Travis Miller, AgriLife Extension program leader and associate department head of the soil and crop sciences department, College Station.
  • 5/11 - East central Iowa: I really hate to hear of the struggles you other guys are having (some to wet and some to dry). We will finish corn today(wed.).90% of corn is in and a seed dealer told me he thought 40% of the beans are in, started last Monday. Last Monday temperature was 50F and today it was close to90F.planted 1150 acres with 16 row planter(a lot of you are probably laughing).1000 acres around here is like 2000 acres of flat ground.
    5 11 11 Iowa
    5 11 11 Iowa 2
    5 11 11 Iowa 3
    5 11 11 Iowa 4

    -- East central Iowa

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  • 5/10 - Divide and Williams counties, N.D.: Have heard of two farmers that have planted a few Dry Edible Peas. Most Farmers are still waiting for snow banks to melt and now we have received close to two inches of rain the last couple of days with an inch or more expected today. Gonna be a washout season! The picture was taken May 3.
    5 10 11 ND

    -- Divide and Williams counties, N.D.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/10 - Putnam, Ohio: Still two days away from getting in the fields.

  • 5/10 - Cuming, Neb.: Most are done with corn and onto beans. We’ve had a nice stretch of weather.

  • 5/10 - Ransom County, N.D.: May has not been kind rain, 6 days of rain in the first 10 days of the month. Wheat is planted but only 70% of what I had hoped for. No corn planted yet but everything is all set to go once the fields dry out. Soybean ground is closer to being ready so I may start with that project, it is mid May. The furnace is still running and we need it to be. Frustrating! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 5/10 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Most corn is in. Should finish most beans in our area within the week.

  • 5/10 - Ontario, Canada: Nothing is planted. Soil conditions are just starting to be fit.

  • 5/10 - Franklin County, Ind.: No corn or beans planted may be 10 more days before we start.
  • 5/10 - Pipestone, Minn.: Our oats were planted the last week of April. 20% of our corn is in.
  • 5/10 - Mercer County, northwest Illinois: Finished corn today. We planted 1800 acres of corn in just 7 days, and two days were filled with delays and breakdowns. It amazing what today’s large equipment can do. Starting on seed beans tomorrow.

  • 5/10 - Wright, Minn.: May 9 – nothing planted. It has to quit raining. 1991 was late start. We planted corn on May 15 and finished soybeans on June 17. This year might be the same kind of year.
  • 5/10 - Chippewa, Wis.: We have our corn 20% planted- after one inch of rain today fields are saturated and flooded again. Hay is 2-4 inches only.

  • 5/10 - Clarke, Iowa: Corn 87 acres done. We’re ready to make hay.


  • 5/11 - Coleharbor, N.D.: The rain has cleared out and good weather has given Paul Anderson the chance to clean wheat again. Visit to follow videos and posts from these and other Voices Across the Plains growers as the season progresses. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's



  • 5/10 - Ingham, Mich.: Wheat looks good, corn and beans are getting planted here. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 5/10 - Canadian Count, Okla.: Some areas are very poor and then some look fair. It all depends on the amount of rain that was received in Feb. Corn is planted in the irrigated fields and is looking good. Non-irrigated land is struggling but is coming slowly. ZumMallen Ranches - Okarche, Okla.

  • 5/10 - Hendricks Ind.: No corn planted as of 5/9.Too wet, 10 inches of rain since 4/26.
  • 5/10 - Yuma County, Colo.: Corn mostly planted. Very dry, most are irrigating, due to drying on top. Will need moisture soon to make the wheat crop.

  • 5/10 - Yellow Medicine, Minn.: About 20% planted, half in terrible conditions. Switching to earlier corn. Worst I have seen in fifteen years.
  • 5/10 - East central Iowa: Planting gumbo bottom in Bellevue, Iowa (caught one of my neighbors going down the highway).75% of field was good, the rest wasn't. Some guys have finished, I would guess 85% done. I should get done wed. If the rain holds off or don't break down. Finally got warm around here Friday. I hope the rest of you can catch a break. Some of the corn around here will need a drink to alleviate some sidewall compaction.
    5 10 11 Iowa

    Dodging rain showers on Monday.

    5 10 11 Iowa 2
    5 10 11 Iowa 3

    Left a small track (only 6-8 inches) in gumbo (silly puddy!). They have rain in forecast, may never get back into this field. So it's done now.

    5 10 11 Iowa 4

    -- East central Iowa

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  • 5/10 - Chattanooga, Okla.: We need rain.
    5 10 11 Need Rain

    -- Chattanooga, Okla.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/9 - Chester, S.D.: Keith Alverson of Chester, S.D., was planting corn on ground he farms north of Humboldt, S.D. (photos taken Friday, May 6).
    5 9 11 SD
    5 9 11 SD2
    5 9 11 SD 3

    -- Chester, S.D.

    Photos courtesy of Randy Hascall, South Dakota Corn Growers Association

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/9 - Billings, Mont.: Corn planting mostly done in our area, really warmed up last week, now its raining , first planted corn already rooted down , now we need the warm weather back, snow pack hasn’t came out of mountains yet the Yellowstone is really gonna run this year.

  • 5/9 - McLeod County, Minn.: Field work for much of this area has been non-existent. I would say that within a 40 mile radius there is less than 5% of the corn in. That was all planted on sand or unfit muddy fields. We received about half an inch of rain today. Some places had more, and some less. They are calling for more rain and then storms until Wed. Hopefully by the weekend we can start something. Lots of low spots with standing water yet. Heard from some relatives down towards SW MN that said the crop was really mudded in this past week. Compaction is going to be a real issue around here this year. I saw a field that looked like a glazed brick after the guy planted it. I had relatives from 4 states come for Mother's Day today. We all agreed that 92 million acres is laughable at best. We are all sitting in the same duck boat waiting for dry weather and time is running out.

  • 5/9 - Leroy, Ill.: Farm Journal Conservation and Machinery Editor Darrell Smith -- Storm clouds rolled by to the north and south, but no rain fell to halt the planters on McLaughlin-Dooley Farms, northeast of Leroy, Ill., on Saturday afternoon, May 7. While Mike McLaughlin ran the farm’s 24-row planter, Farm Journal Staff Agronomist Ken Ferrie planted a field-scale study involvi ng starter fertilizer in an adjacent field.
    5 9 11 IL
    5 9 11 IL 2

    -- Leroy, Ill.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/9 - Boone Couunty, Mo.: Farm Journal Media Assistant Editor of Advocacy & Social Media Anna-Lisa Giannini -- Spraying on a Sunday afternoon.
    5 9 11 MO

    -- Boone County, Mo.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/9 - Grant County, Ark.: Last week's flooding covered our river bottom pastures and wiped out a few fences. Rotational grazing will put on hold until waters recede and we get some moisture to wash mud/dirt off grasses. Warm season grasses like Bermuda are starting to come on strong, but as of right now we are just keeping the cattle on hillsides and taking in the view of our new lake.

  • 5/9 - Teton, Idaho: All I read and the markets go down! Rained out again today farming around 4ft snowdrifts on north slopes, 2 weeks behind. Pray for sun and little wind.
  • 5/9 - East central Iowa: We’re looking at no-tilling into bean stubble. So far I really like the spiked closing wheels from Lofquist Welding. They seem to close and loosen the ground at the same time. They will also let you know weather or not you should be planting that field (dirt will stick to tines).
    5 9 11 Iowa 6

    We’re folded up and ready to move to another field. 50% done with corn (Friday night).  This field was in real good shape.

    5 9 11 Iowa 1
    5 9 11 Iowa 3

    My son checking out my work. Most fields are in real nice shape. Some are still a little sticky. I would guess corn is 75% done as of Sunday night. Some beans are going in. We received a little rain on Saturday.

    5 9 11 Iowa 4

    My mother's day brunch! I am sure a lot of wives and mothers spent the day alone. Sorry just trying to catch up.

     5 9 11 Iowa 5
    5 9 11 Iowa 2
    5 9 11 Iowa 7

    No-tilling corn into bean stubble using auto steer.

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/9 - Henry County, Mo.: We could not start until about 10:00 because of the heavy fog this morning. The ground was very tacky. I would guess everyone is about 60 or 70% done. We decided to plant more corn then beans. I think there is more profit in corn. We are rising our seeding and fertilizer rates, hope it works.

  • 5/6 - Renville County, Minn.: We planted Corn Wednesday; it was not 100% fit and Thursday we received 9/10 rain. Cold and wet.

  • 5/6 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa: 2011 Planting Corn - Ride Along 1. I magnet mounted the camera to the planter. Video courtesy of

  • 5/6 - Henry County, Mo.: It is 2:50 p.m. just walked in the house because we got rained out. Finally got fertilizer on yesterday and started field cultivating had to go around a couple wet spots. Started planting last night. This is the first corn we have planted. The guys that planted 3 weeks ago the corn is not up except hill ground.

  • 5/6 - Central Missouri: Farm Journal Livestock and Production Editor Sara Brown -- Several farmers in Boone, Callaway and Audrain counties were finally able to make some corn planting progress on Thursday morning. But, showers started shortly after lunch which pushed many farmers out of the field.


  • 5/6 - Northeast Iowa: The "large farms" half done planting corn right now. "Moderate" farms two-thirds - many will be done by Saturday afternoon.

  • 5/6 - Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada: Corn planting started on the lighter soils today. It has been very wet and cold this spring. Hopefully I will start planting next week.

  • 5/5 - East central Iowa: We had to dodge light rain showers Thursday. Conditions are still hit and miss (some fields are real good and some are still tacky). We still have to wear a sweatshirt, it just doesn't want to warm up. By Friday I would guess 40-50% of corn will be planted.
    Late night, we are trying to catch up.
    Planting at higher rates???
    This is a typical Jackson County, Iowa farm.

    My kids call me a slob....I would agree. I try to have everything with me, I don't want to stop.

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 5/5 - Northeast Missouri: Looked at corn we already planted a couple of weeks ago. About 60% stand and the rest is leafing out under the ground. It will be total replant. Wish we would had nothing now. Just has been to cold.

  • 5/5 - Logan and Menard counties, Illinois: Bill takes a look at the first planted corn emerging during a wet, cold spring. Video courtesy of

  • 5/5 - York County, Pa. and Carroll County, Md.: First time in 31 years that i have been planting corn and never planted a seed in the month of April. Still very wet here. A few guys have mudded some corn in last week up on some hills. Starting to get concerned around here if we don’t plant some soon then we might run out of old crop corn since we did not have a big crop around here last year. Not a lot of farmer owned corn sitting in bins and elevators are not overly blessed for this time of year. Rain in the forecast 1 day of the next seven maybe i will be able to plant soon.

  • 5/5 - Nobles County, Minn.: Planters rolling full bore here today. We will have most of the corn in the area planted within a week if the forecast holds true.

  • 5/5 - East central Iowa: Everyone here is planting. Most of the ground is in good, but not great shape. I hope the rest of you who are still waiting to start will soon be able to get into the fields. I think we are somewhat lucky around here, just about every year we seem to get a small window to get something planted, maybe 20%-30% of corn is planted.
    5 5 11 Iowa
    5 5 11 Iowa 2]
    5 5 11 3
    5 5 11 Iowa 4

    Planted my biggest field Wednesday, 105 acres. Most of the farm fields around here are chopped up and have hills on them. Planting straight back and forth was a real treat for me.

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/5 - Jefferson County, N.Y.: Another 1.5 inches of rain in the last 36 hours. Ponds everywhere. Unsettled weather forecast for the next several days. Even the ducks won't land for fear of drowning!!

  • 5/5 - Lancaster County, Pa.: Soil temp at 4:00 pm yesterday (5/3) afternoon was 48 degrees at 2”.

  • 5/5 - Sangamon County, Ill.: Farm Journal Machinery Editor Margy Fischer -- Lots of machinery in the field.
    5 5 11 IL

    -- Sangamon County, Ill.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/5 - Southern Cavalier County, northeast North Dakota: Last year at this time we were about 40-50 % done. This year we are at 0 %. Accuweather 15 day forecast isn't looking good-lots of rain. We had a nice slow melt and the fields were starting to shape up, but with this cool and wet weather, we may not get in the field until the last week in May -- if we're lucky...

  • 5/4 - Liberty County, Texas: 0.56 in of rain since Feb. 1 (93 days). Corn is 3 feet tall and tasseling, it will be a zero. Milo is fading fast!

  • 5/4 - Clay County, Ark.: About 19 inches of rain in the last 10 days, not much will happen around here for a long time. Many other counties around here got the same or more.... a HUGE mess!

  • 5/4 - East central Iowa: I think just about everybody stated today (Tuesday) if they didn't start already. Hope it works, we had temperatures in the upper 30's again last night. Reminds me of 1993...
    5 4 11 Iowa

    Crossing a creek, praying that I made it through before and after.

    5 4 11 Iowa 2

    Putting on spiked closing wheels in outdoor shop (50 f) in field

    5 4 11 Iowa 3

    Planter CAM

    5 4 11 Iowa 4

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 5/4 - Sanilac County, Mich.: Not much planted in April. Two neighbors got some sugar beets planted in April. No reports of any corn in the ground yet. Wet, Wet, Wet! Every time we get close to workable conditions it rains! Estimated 1/2 of wheat has not had N yet. Some flying N on yesterday. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
    5 4 11 Mich

    -- Sanilac County, Mich.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/4 - Texas: Strong storm cells swept through parts of East and North Central Texas on April 27, bringing tornadoes along with some much needed rain, reported Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the same storm complex that gave rise to the tornadoes brought as much as 5 inches of rain to parts of extreme northeast Texas. Central portions of East Texas in the Tyler and Longview area received 3 to 4 inches. More common was the 1 inch to 1.5 inches that was received in parts of Central and North Texas and the Rolling Plains region. Parts of the Panhandle received a trace of rain to 0.5 inch, while the drought worsened in South and West Texas. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
    5 4 11 cattle on wheat

    With forages in short supply, many farmers were turning cattle in on failed wheat, hoping to recover some of their investment from grazing. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo)

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 5/3 - Robeson County, N.C.: Wheat looks to be a fine one. Corn is all up and planting beans today. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 5/3 - Kossuth County, Iowa: Its 27 degrees this morning! Time to hitch up the long johns, scrape the frost off of the cab glass, ether up the diesel, and plant some more corn.
  • 5/3 - Clear Lake, Iowa: Hope to try it today. But frost on the ground 28 out.

  • 5/2 - East central Iowa: Finally got started. The ground was ok, but seemed to dry out later in the day. Some guys started sun, some Monday and it sounds like a lot will start today.
    5 3 11 Iowa Crop Comment
    5 3 11 Iowa Crop Comment 2

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 5/3 - Jefferson County, N.Y.: Clouds all weekend, but no rain. Planted 7.7 acres of corn on Sunday. Only corn planted in our area. Now we have a flood watch up for the next 2 days. Rivers are all at flood stage. This is getting bad.
  • 5/3 - Bartholomew County, Ind. (south central): 9.6 inches of rain in last fifteen days, creek bottoms and river bottoms full of water with lots of damage
  • 5/3 - Wallace County, Kan.: We had 1” of moisture during April. That was most welcome, but since planting no-till in September it has had less than 1/2 of normal (around 2”). The moisture we’ve had has happened at the most fortuitous times. The subsoil moisture that was present not long ago is disappearing, so with almost two months till harvest, more will be needed to get there. AccuWeather’s 15 day forecast has only about 0.50 to 0.60”. It was 84 degrees yesterday (4/29) and the normal is only 66. The field is in the far SW corner of the county, about 1 mile from the Colorado border. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
    5 3 11 Kansas Crop Comment

    -- Wallace County, Kan.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/3 - Northeast Iowa: I’m planting corn in 29 degree winds
  • 5/3 - Mississippi: By Bonnie Coblentz, MSU Ag Communications: April’s heavy rains have been devastating Mississippi’s agriculture, as they delay planting, postpone management and flood fields. Heavy rains that accompanied the late-April storms added to already soggy soils and are pushing some planting dates dangerously late.
    5 3 11 Miss

    Ongoing rains are flooding fields, delaying planting and postponing needed management such as weed control. This south Monroe County corn field was flooded by late April storms. (Photo by MSU Extension Service/Scott Corey)

    5 3 11 Miss tornado

    Timber took a beating from several tornadoes that went across the state April 27. This timber along Highway 403 in Mathiston was in an area among the hardest hit that day. (Photo by MSU Ag Communications/Kat Lawrence)

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/3 - Richland County, Ill.: 11" to 12" rain for Apr., 1.94" this month, as of noon on May 2nd. Wheat has started to head. None to little field work done.

  • 5/2 - Billings, Mont.: Barley planting done in our area, some up some still in ground, few guys planting beets but still cold and windy. We’re thinking about planting corn later this week but want ground to warm up a little more.
  • 5/2 - Obrien County, Iowa: Field work started here Thursday April 28, with planters rolling Friday. If this week stays dry we will have 80% plus corn planted in this area.

  • 5/2 - East central Iowa: We’re hoping to start planting today (Monday). Heard of some guys starting Sunday. worked up fall tilled ground Sunday, fields  seemed to be in good shape with some soft spots. We hope to get in 3 good days before wed night when rain in forecast. The ground is colder than I like and temps don't sound a whole lot better for extended forecast but I don't think we can wait (right or wrong!).
    5 2 11 Iowa Crop Comment

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 5/2 - McLeod County, Minn.: Just wondering when the markets are going to WAKE UP, and realize that this corn crop is in real jeopardy???? It is so wet up here that fish are starting to drown! Soil temps for most of the state are under 40 degrees. I talked with some friends in ND, west of Fargo and they said there is no way they will plant ANY corn this year. We had over an inch of rain added to our saturated ground last week, and they are predicting more for Wed/Thurs, and then more again for the weekend. If that’s true that puts us out to 12th-14th of May to start planting. There is still corn to combine from last year north of here. Other than a little NH3 and some small grain I have not seen one single tractor in the field.

    When planters do roll the crop will be mudded in. Lots of low spots have had standing water on them since our 90+ inches of snow melted. There has been plenty of fall-applied N lost already, and I think we all know from last years crop in Iowa and IL what happens to N in water-logged soil. Its not just around here, that is all the way to SD and down towards IA. There isn't enough seed to go around up here for guys to switch out of 100+ day hybrids. From all the reports I am hearing from MN and Dakotas there is now way we will get anywhere close to 92 million acres. It will be closer, if not under 90 million. Agweb long-range forecast for us up here calls for a cool wet summer. This crop will not mature and will be low test weight and high moisture again this fall if that holds true.

  • 5/2 - Langlade County, Wis.: 37 degrees and winds at 20 mph at 10 a.m. No field work has been done here, only know of one person that has been able to put nitrogen on wheat. Supposed to be no rain till Friday, but we need heat to help dry things up.
  • 5/2 - Ward County, N.D.: This picture was taken this morning on 5-01-2011. Storm dropped 1/2" of rain then 6" of snow here last night. 50 mph winds banked the snow up deep in areas. 22 Degrees here this morning. Tree groves still really deep with snow. We have now seen large sink holes in fields and hillsides falling off from water seeping out from underground. We have never seen this before around here. Rain in the forecast for Wed-Thurs, and rain again Fri-Sun. No planting at all. Roads that are under water now, county says they will probably stay under water until fall. This limits the movement of equipment. A late start just got worse. I took a trip across the state and the state of North Dakota is not looking good at all right now. If it dries up we are looking at a 5-22-11 start now.
    5 2 11 ND Crop Comment

    This picture was taken this morning on 5-01-2011. Storm dropped 1/2" of rain then 6" of snow here last night.

    -- Ward County, N.D.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/2 - Lincoln County, S.D.: Started planting today after dinner.  Planted 110 acres of corn on well drained soils with tile before rain settled the dust, needed 2 more hours to finish the field.  Very little corn planted in SE SD.  Expecting ½ to ¾ tonight.  Next week looks good!
  • 5/2 - Wayne County, Ohio: Farm Journal Technology Editor Rhonda Brooks -- We have had record rainfall this month in northeast Ohio near Wooster in Wayne County.  Fields are saturated, and more rain is forecast for this weekend. Farmers are still fairly optimistic but are getting antsy to get in the field and little to no work has actually been accomplished. Right now, henbit is about the only thing growing in them. Temperatures are a bit on the cool side, too.
    5 2 11 Ohio Crop Comment 2
    5 2 11 Ohio Crop Comment

    -- Wayne County, Ohio

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 5/2 - Franklin, La.: 5 in rain in last 10 days. Corn is looking very good, waist to chest high. Early dry weather allowed earlier planting. Wheat starting to dry, not liking winds from storms. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


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